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This page is provided for those who want to go deeper into the Word of God for self improvement and wisdom.

"Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them,
for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you."

1 Timothy 4:16

1 Corinthians 12:1-11

"Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant: You know that you were Gentiles, carried away to these dumb idols, however you were led.  Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed, and no one can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit. There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills."

In July of 2013 the LORD (YHWH) started to move and speak with us at LFM. These "Words of the LORD" are reprinted here for your reading and study. Please scroll down the page for the date of the "Word."

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July 28, 2013 -- "I am tearing down the walls..." 
August 18, 2013 -- "Stir yourself up..."
September 22, 2013 -- "You're standing on holy Ground..."
September 29, 2013 -- "I do not have mercy, says the LORD, I AM mercy..."
October 6, 2013 -- "Praise is not an interlude..."
October 13, 2013 -- "I AM the LORD thy God that healeth thee..." (song)
October 27, 2013 -- "Many would look at My Son, and many would say..."
November 3, 2013 -- "You can stay in this (secret) place..."
November 10, 2013 -- "Why do Christians act the way they do?..."
November 17, 2013 -- "I am demonstrating..."
December 22, 2013 -- "For the world looks and they wonder..."


July 28, 2013 -- Listen
Through pastor Gordon L. Brubaker

“I am tearing down the walls says the LORD. I am tearing down the walls of separation between men and Myself. I am tearing the walls down of separation between man and man. I am tearing down the walls that have separated you from one another and from Me for so long. How am I doing it? People would ask, ‘How are You going to do these things?’ By praise, by praise. When you enter into worship you become of one accord with Me and with one another, and as you stay in that attitude of worship, as you stay in that place of praise, as you stay in My glory, says the LORD, I will draw you together for you cannot remain separate, you cannot remain distinct from one another when you are in My presence; for I have brought all people, all those who would come, all those who desire, all those who are hungry, I have brought all of you to Myself and in Myself, says the LORD, you have become one. And if you are one in Me then that means you are one with one another, and there is no color, there is no background, there is no language that will cause separation again for you have come into the place of unity, you have come into the place of harmony, you have come into the place of oneness, says the LORD, and that is in Me. For man can strive and strain and struggle, they can do all kinds of political things and all kinds of natural things trying to create unity but until you come to Me you cannot know unity. For I am tearing down the walls, says the LORD. I am tearing down the walls of division, of separation. I am tearing down the wall of your healing, for many will come into My presence and say, ‘Oh, today’s the day, today’s the day,’ and yet they will not become part of Me for they keep the walls up. How do I get down the wall? How do I tear down the wall that separates me from my healing? It’s through praise again, says the LORD. It’s through worship of Me. As you worship that fear is removed, in that worship in Me, says the LORD, those worries, those concerns, just evaporate away. And you will say to yourself, ‘Oh, I wish it could be like this forever.’ It can be! It can be that way, says the LORD! You can walk in Me, you can walk in healing, you can walk in abundance, you can walk in prosperity, you can walk well, says the LORD, if you walk in Me. For in Me there is no sickness. In Me there is no lack. In Me there is no poverty, says God, for I am all things, and I have more than enough to bless you, I have more than enough to bring you out. I have more than you can think, I have more than you can ask, I have more than you can imagine but you’ve got to come to Me, says the LORD. You’ve got to open up your heart and worship, for in that place of worship there is that place of unity, for in that place of unity I dwell, and in that place is peace and fullness of joy. So worship Me, worship Me, says the LORD, and enter into that place where you can have all those things that you long after and you can have peace in My presence, says God. 

August 18, 2013  -- Listen 
Through pastor Gordon L. Brubaker

“Stir yourself up. The world is going in a downward direction, and you will go the way of the world unless you stir yourself up. You’ve got to stir yourself up in who I am, stir yourself up in the things that I have given to you, to the promises, to the blessings that I have placed in your presence. For if you don’t stir yourself up, the world isn’t gonna do it. Culture isn’t gonna to do it. Sometimes your church won’t even do it. But you gotta stir yourself up for it is Me, the Almighty God, where all things are possible. It is Me in you that you are stirring! And you’re not stirring Me up because I am inactive, but you are stirring Me up to come into your soul, to come into your natural realm, to break out of that bondage that you put Me in, to break beyond the limitations that you’ve placed upon Me. But stirring yourself up releases Me into your soul, it releases Me into your life, it releases Me, says the LORD. So stir yourself up, for the days that are coming you will look at and will cry and weep and wail, but yet I am with you. And I will never leave you, and I will never forsake you. So stir up in yourself now and get accustomed to stirring yourself up, for the days that are coming are darkness to the world, but it is the glory of God, it is a time of My manifestation, it is the time of My coming forth, it is the time of My breakthrough says the LORD.

Ha, haaa! Yes! Yes, yes, LORD. Yes God, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Praise you God! Hallelujah. Hallelujah, glory to God. Praise you, praise you, praise, praise you God. Praise you Father. 

“And as you stir yourself up you will find yourself walking in the realm of the miraculous, to where others will come to you and they ask and seek of you and you will be able to reveal My nature to them, says the LORD. And you will draw them into the kingdom of God, for if they walk in the world they have nothing but depression and confusion; but I have peace and I have joy in the Holy Ghost in My kingdom, says the LORD. And I will grant that all who come before Me, and come before Me openly and honestly, who open themselves up and say, “LORD, pour out, pour out upon me. Pour out through me. Pour out upon me and through me.” and I will do those things says the LORD. For I am about to reveal Myself in ways that the world cannot understand, but My body, My body should know My ways! They should walk in Me saith the LORD, they should know these things because this is how you ought to live all the time; not just in the tough days, (but) in the good days! Live in Me, let My joy come out in you and it will prepare a surround around you, and a barrier around you that the confusion of the world cannot break through! And you will cause them to fumble and to stumble, for the traps that they have laid for you, they will begin to fall in them themselves, because they cannot get to you, they can’t reach you because you are in My joy, says the LORD. Oh, and the enemy cannot come into that light for it will burn him up, but you walk in it on a regular basis. So, come to Me. Come to Me. Let that joy be alive on the inside of you all the time, all the time, all the time. 

Hallelujah! Hallelujah, glory to God! 

September 22, 2013 -- Listen
through Pastor Gordon L. Brubaker

“You’re standing on holy ground, says the LORD, holy ground. For wherever I come that ground becomes holy. And those who come and stand before My fire, those who seek Me like Moses, find that holy ground. It’s not the ground that’s holy but the presence is holy; for I am that ground, I am that solid foundation for you, says Jesus. I am that stability in your life, I am that root that goes down deep, and all who come to Me attract My holiness. 

“All those who come to Me and stand on that holy ground, My nature, My person, My strength, flows from Me unto you. My presence makes that which is weak strong. It makes that which is sick well. It resolves doubts because you’re standing in My presence. Things that cannot be grasped by the wisdom of men can be understood in My presence, says the LORD, for I come and manifest Myself among you and I reveal things of the heart and things of the world that you would have clarity, that you would have wisdom and understanding, that you would begin to move beyond the seeking and the questing of the things of the world and realize I am the answer. And without Me there is nothing you can do, for flesh cannot inherit the kingdom, says the LORD. But those who will seek Me, seek My righteousness, seek My kingdom, I will give it to them. It is by My grace that you receive, says the LORD. It is by My mercy. This isn’t a weak thing, for when you stand in this mercy , when you stand in this grace, power flows, virtue flows, from heaven to earth. It flows into your person, it flows into your understanding. This nature, this divineness, that the world is seeking can only be found in Me, says Jesus. For when you receive that grace, realize I have overcome the devil, I have overcome the flesh, I have been to hell and led the enemy in triumph, for I triumphed over them. I took away the keys of death and of hell. They belong to Me says the LORD.

“This grace that I give to you came because I fought the war and I won; and today, all things, all authority in heaven and on earth have been given to Me. By My grace, by My mercy, says the LORD, I give it to you! I give it to the sons and the daughters, I give it to the children of God, I give it to you that you would walk and do the things that I’ve done, that you would receive this mercy, this power, this dunamis, this virtue, that you would receive it, that you would begin to rule and reign over life. I’ve done this for you. I’ve done it for you. So come and walk with Me, come and spend time with Me, for I’ve got all the time. And you will find that as you spend time with Me that you will not lose time, but I will add to you length of years, I will add to you increase of wisdom and understanding, I will add to you that which I have. So come and drink, come and receive that which you haven’t paid for, that which cannot be bought, that which man cannot achieve by his own self, but come unto Me, I have these things for you and I will freely give them to you, says the LORD.

Thank you LORD. Thank you Jesus. Go ahead and worship...

Jill Bruckey: “As we were praising, God said, ‘Picture this. As you praise and you see a bride come down and the flowers that fall down and then the bride walks down on the flowers. When you praise God,’ He said, ‘When you praise Me I walk down on your praises.’ So when you come up and you show Him how much you love Him, He said, ‘I am walking on your praises.’ He said, ‘That’s why it’s so anointed, it’s flowing down,’ but it’s so heavy up here, He said, ‘Because I’m walking on your praises like a bride walks on her flowers coming down.’ “ 

”To you it seems I am so far away, says the LORD, when you think of Who I AM you often think of the outer most recesses of space, but I’m not that far away, for I have chosen to live within those who invite Me in. That means I am right with you, the things that you need I’ve already given to you. Your healing isn’t out ‘there,’ it’s in you because I AM your healing and I dwell in you. I AM THAT I AM dwells within you. All that you need dwells in you. All that you seek dwells in you. If My people would understand how close I am to them, the things that you face would not seem to be so difficult, they would not seem to be so incredible, they would not seem to be so far away that you have to strive for them. 

“It’s like when you wake up in the morning, you don’t lay there in bed wondering if your eyes are going to open, you don’t wonder if you’re going to be able to take the next breath, you do it instinctively. You open your eyes, you breathe, and you understand it’s day. In the same way, if you would get rid of the darkness of the things of the world you will receive My blessing; you will understand how close I am, how near I am, that if you whisper... I hear. I AM so close I know every thought that you have. If you would understand how close I am, the things that you strive for would come so much easier. Faith doesn’t say, ‘who will go up to heaven and bring God down for me,’ or ‘who will go into the depths and bring God up to me,’ but faith says, ‘Oh, it’s right here, it’s right here, it’s right here.’ So call on Me, call on Me, from the least to the greatest, call to Me and I will come, says the LORD, for it is My love and it is My provision, for they are one and the same. Many say, ‘I know God loves me,’ but you don’t trust Me to make provision for you. But if you would understood My love you would understand My provision comes with it, it is not two separate things for I AM not divided, says the LORD. Everything is in Me, everything is in Me, and I AM in you, says God. So open your eyes, take a breath, and know that I AM with you, says God, to the end of the age. 

September 29, 2013 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon L. Brubaker

"I do not have mercy, says the LORD, I AM mercy. I do not have love, I AM love. The things that people look at, they pick Me apart and they say, ‘God does this and God does that and God does this.’ I don’t "do" those things, I AM those things. I AM your Healer, I AM your Deliverer, I AM your Financier, I AM your gifting, I AM all that you need. That’s why I said, ‘Come unto Me, come unto Me, come unto Me," because what you need I AM, and when you receive the I AM, you receive all that you need, for I AM THAT I AM, and I desire that I AM in you, that I fill you, that I consume you, spirit, and soul, and body. Oh, don’t leave out the last, for I begin in your spirit, and as you seek after Me, as you hunger after Me, as you, as you cry out to Me, says the LORD, as you do those things you yield more and more to Me and you’re looking less and less to yourself; and I am able to move from the spirit realm into the mental realm. I am able to move into your thoughts and into your emotions, I am able to flow into your daily activities, and as that increases what began in My Spirit that now resides in your spirit that is now filling your mind begins to manifest the I AM in your body. Yes, I AM concerned about your natural things, for didn’t I create it all? Didn’t I make you to live in both worlds? What you call the spiritual and what you call the natural are not that separate from one another, for the spiritual influences the natural, and it was meant to be that you would rule and reign and have power from the spiritual over the natural things, and you would bring those things and keep those things in My I AM. But rebellion said, ‘No, We’ll, we’ll do it our way,’ and you chose to do things out of the mind instead of out of the Spirit and that brought death, and it brought separation because I desire you to walk with Me in the cool of the garden, to walk with Me in the light of the day, to let Me be the I AM in your life. It is still what I desire, says the LORD, that you would come unto Me, that we would fellowship, and as we fellowship you would be conformed to the person of Christ, to be like Him, that you would be one with Jesus, and one in Me, says the Father."I have called and called and called, and yet many still oppose Me, they say bad things about Me because they don’t know who I AM, because they have chosen to reject Me for the wisdom of this world. But who created the wisdom of this world? I did, says God, I created it all. I AM the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning and the end. Oh, come to Me, come to Me, that you would be in that Alpha and Omega, that you would be with Me where I AM.

October 6, 2013 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon L. Brubaker

“Praise is not an interlude. Praise is not that time when we come into rest. Praise is warfare. I’ve designed it to put your enemies under your feet. I’ve designed praise to be a continuation and expression of your faith, that as you praise you don’t praise Me for the things that have already happened, that is remembering My works, but you praise Me for that which you see coming at you, for My victory, for your healing, for the manifestation of My presence among you. This is what praise was intended to do, not to just say ‘Thank You, LORD, for all the good things of the past,’ but ‘LORD, thank You that You are manifesting Yourself in me now, that You are quickening My mortal body, that You are stirring up the gifts of the Spirit within me.’ This is what praise is. It is warfare, it’s warfare. It is putting the enemy under your feet and declaring all things to belong to Me, saith your Father. For I have given them into your hands. I‘ve given you the victory. I’ve given you the land. I have given you the territory, and praise is entering into that place that I have prepared for you.


“Praise was never intended to be passive. The word... “

I’ll just share this out of myself. This is of the LORD, but it’s easier to share it out of myself. Hallelujah, isn’t a quiet thing. We, we... In Western Civilization we interpret Hallelujah from Messiah’s Chorus, from the Messiah. You know, from where that great crescendo Hallelujah Chorus and all that. Hallelujah, in the Hebrew, means to be clamorously foolish. Clamorously foolish. Heavens, I don’t care if anyone sees me or not! I don’t care what I look like to anybody else, is to be clamorously foolish now. How can you be clamorously foolish... (tongues)

“How can you be clamorously foolish if you’re thinking about yourself? You can only be clamorously foolish as you walk in My Presence, says God. You can only be clamorously foolish when you see the Egyptians already drowned in the sea, when you see the cloud setting on the temple, when you see the glory manifesting! Oh, now you can be clamorously foolish. Now you can raise your hands. Now you can shout, because you’ve seen the glory of the LORD, and His Presence is upon you. And in that time you can’t sing, ‘Hallelujah (real soft),’ no, you’re shouting ‘Hallelujah.’ You’re acting Hallelujah, you’re acting clamorously foolish, because ‘The LORD, the God of our strength is nigh upon us,’ in My battle gear, says the LORD. 

“I am returning, says Jesus, as the conquering King. I am not coming back as the sacrifice, I have already done that. I Am your sacrifice and have opened up the way of glory for you. That you would walk into those things that I have prepared for you from the foundation of the world. But when I return, says Jesus, when I come back, I shall come back with the host of heaven, with the glory of God and I shall put all of His enemies under My feet. And they shall all declare that I AM the LORD, says Jesus. I am not coming back as a sacrifice, I am not coming back as a lamb, I am not coming back as... as the servant, I am coming back as King. As LORD of all, because all things in heaven and earth have been given unto Me, and I give them unto you. Does not My word tell you that you are seated in heavenly places in Me? That’s where I rule and reign. That’s where I’m in charge, says Jesus, and I have called you to sit in heavenly, heavenly places, far above the cares, the worries, the fears; far above the spears, the darts, that the devil can throw at you. You’re sitting in My lap, says God, and I will defend you, I will cover you with My cloak, with My robe of righteousness, where there can be no harm come to you, for I AM the King, I AM the Glorious One, I AM God, says Jesus, and you, as My children, are in Me, saith God. 

“The only position that the devil should have in your life is under your feet. He can’t even look you in the eyes. He is under your feet. That’s where I have placed him. That’s where you need to keep him, is under your feet. Declare My victory, for I declared it from the beginning, from the foundation of the world I declared that I will raise My Son from the dead and He shall have triumph and have victory. I declared it from the very beginning, at the foundation of the earth, when I laid everything out, I knew My Son would come, I knew He would be raised from the dead, I knew all these things and I knew I would put you in Me. I knew. I knew. That’s why I haven’t let up on you! (Laughter) That’s why I am still calling to the world! I have many more to bring in, I have many more and they have not yet recognized Me, but they will! And they will come unto Me and I will heal them and I will deliver them and I will strengthen them and I will uphold them for I AM the lifter of their heads, saith God! 

Debbie Brubaker: “...it is a place of security for us. And to me it seems today that He is saying, He had to do that first because we have got to know His love, we have got to have that intimacy with Him, we’ve got to be close with Him because we are just about to the time of storming the gates of hell. Because this is the last time and we are His army in the earth. And we are going to be a glorious Church, there’ll be the times of precious glory and the presence of God, but He is calling us and preparing us for war, and if we don’t have our intimacy right with Him, if we don’t have that straight we won’t listen to Him on the battlefield. And you can get hurt when you don’t listen on the battlefield, you’ve got to know, you’ve got to pay attention to the commands. But we are about to storm the gates of hell, and it is a time of strength, a time of warfare, of charging through and breaking through and there’s already people in here that God’s... He’s been storming the gates of hell in your life. He’s been storming the gates of hell and tearing things down that have had you trapped for years and years and years, and He’s getting us ready that we can storm the gates of hell on behalf of others to rescue them, because once the door is shut, there won’t be any more time, so we’ve got to do it, we’ve got to do it.” 

October 13, 2013 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon L. Brubaker

“I AM the LORD that healeth thee. 
I AM that I AM to all who will believe. 
I AM all things that you need and even more. 
I’m more cause I AM the overflow of your life. 
When you look at Me, when you can see My glory, 
you’ll catch the fire, the fire that burns without destroying. 
That fire will burn deep with My cleansing, says the LORD, 
so come, Oh, come to My fire that you will burn bright. 
Oh, come, catch the fire, catch the glory. 
Receive of the I AM in your life. 
I will light you for the world to see My glory. 
I will burn away all the chaff that remains. 
And My fire will fill you full to the brim, 
cause all you have, all you have is found in Me. 
I long to fill My children. Oh, I long to fill my people with My praise, 
with My power and sufficiency. 
Come and drink, come and drink, Oh, come and drink, says the LORD, 
come and drink for My fountain is overflowing. 
Drink the waters of life, drink the waters that flow from My side, 
drink My waters and be healed. 

October 27, 2013 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon L. Brubaker

“Many would look at My Son and many would say, ‘O, He led the perfect life, for He never had to deal with the things that I have to struggle with.’ O, but you don’t understand My Son, but neither do you understand His purpose if you think that way; for religion has painted a portrait of My Son that is not real, for they have portrayed Him as never being tested, never being tempted, that He just easily and effortlessly throw off every care, and then He was able to endure all these things with really no pain and no suffering, but that is not how is was. For My Son became flesh, and in that flesh He dealt with every thing that you deal with. He walked like you do, He walked in the world, and yet He knew within Himself, ‘I am not part of it.’ So He never yielded Himself to the world, but Ohhh, My Word says He endured the contradiction of sinners, those who would say one thing and mouth the words of religion and yet throw rocks and stones at My Son. Those who claim, ‘We believe and we’re waiting for the Messiah,’ and yet when My Son appeared to them and said, ‘I AM He,’ they shook their heads and walked away and said, ‘He must be mad.’ And still the world looks at My children and they say, ‘You must be mad. You must be beside yourself, you must not be in your right mind because...’ well look at you... You don’t do things the way everybody else does it! The world loves uniformity, I love creativity, says God. I love that which is unique, that which stands out from the other, for every flower that I make, every one is unique! Oh, they may on the surface look alike, but they’re each a unique creation from Me, says God; and as you look at people, everyone is unique. You can’t find two alike. O, scientists look at the DNA and they look at all these things and they examine cultures and they examine family lines and trying to find all the similarities and trying to predict the future, but I’ll do what I want to do, says God, above the wisdom of men, above what they are able to comprehend, I, I will still do My thing because I love to confound the wisdom of the wise. I take pleasure in it, says the LORD; that men can figure all things out and yet I will just throw in just a little nuance and they can’t explain it, they can’t understand it, for they think they are so wise in themselves, and yet they cannot grasp Me, says God. For in all their wisdom, they look only within themselves for the answer. But I’ve created you to look to Me, says the LORD, for I AM THAT I AM. I AM your answer. I AM all that you need, for I have created you to seek after Me. When Jesus went to pray alone, many think of it being a somber prayer, a lonely prayer, and yet in that prayer time My Son rejoiced and praised Me. And He danced, where no one would see Him, for if they had seen Jesus worship Me, if they had seen Him seek My face, if they had seen Him struggle against the things of the world they would have said, ‘He’s mad.’ Only insane people laugh at the tragedy around them! Only insane people can push the things and the attacks, and the abuse that come their way and say, ‘But I’m not going to let that control my destiny.’ My Son worshiped Me, My Son sought My face, My Son rejoiced in Me in the presence of the enemy; knowing that He was being watched, knowing that He was being observed and yet He proclaimed My name above every other thing. And as He proclaimed My name, My strength was renewed in Him. Even when His cousin John was murdered, Jesus went out to find Himself a lonely spot to where He could pray, and yet the crowds followed Him, never giving Him a moment’s rest, and as He’s out there seeking Me, people came to Him, and Jesus got beyond Himself, and beyond the pressure to mourn and to weep, and He healed people. And He broke the power of the enemy over their lives. 

“I’ve called you, each and every one of you, to be conformed to the image of My Son, to be like Him, to not let the world get you down, to not let the world push you into a corner of which you think you can’t get out of; because when you feel like you are in that place you need to be like My Son and have My mind. And you need to learn to rejoice in those hard times because that will put the devil and keep the devil under your feet where he belongs. 

“I said recently, there is no position the devil should have in your life except under your feet; but you need to see him under your feet, you need to see him as already defeated because you already know that My Son has done that to him. My Son has taken upon Himself every disease, every sickness, every weakness, every infirmity. He has taken upon Himself all grief, all suffering, all pain, because He endured them. You hurt for a while, but tomorrow it’s going to be gone; but My Son took all the hurt of all people of all times upon Himself. This would overwhelm anyone, and Jesus was tempted to be overwhelmed knowing what He was going to go through, not even experiencing it, but just knowing what He was going to go through would have overwhelmed Him but He kept His eyes on Me, saith the Father, that I would not abandon Him, that I would not see His soul perish, and he held onto that and began to rejoice and began to dance before Me. He began to dance and celebrate over His circumstances knowing that He was the One that would gain victory for all. He would suffer in your place, that you could get aside, get away from suffering and carrying all the junk of this world that you would be free in Him, that you would be free from the constraints and the limitations of the world, that you would know who I AM, says the Father. That as you seek My face I will come. I will show Myself. And many would say, ‘Well, that’s deep study.” What if it were praise and worship. What if it were just that simple? To magnify Me, to glorify who I AM, says God? Because didn’t I say that, ‘I inhabit the praises of My people.’ If you are seeking after Me, and you are hungry and thirsty, if you will seek Me with all of your heart knowing I reside, I inhabit your praise and your worship, you would find the things of this world would fall away from you, like old clothes that you disrobe from that you step out of. The guilt, the accusations, the pain, the suffering that you think you have to endure would just begin to fall off of you, because I’m with you, because I’ve set you free. 

“ O, how do we experience that? How do we... Again you think, you think it is study, you think it is so hard. All I am saying is praise and worship. Seek My face, I will come, I will inhabit your praise and I will make Myself known to you and you will be set free. 

“When they came to the prison and opened the doors, even Peter said, ‘Well, we can’t go out.’ And so My angel had to take him by the hand and lead him out because he thought it was a dream. He thought this can’t possibly be true! So I had to send an angel and take Peter’s hand and I lead him out. And when he got outside the compound, cause... cause he still would have thought it was a dream if he hadn’t left the compound, but when I got him outside the door, then I let him go. And there he is, standing there outside the prison, eyes open, and suddenly it hit him! He thought he had imagined it. He thought he was probably crazy for experiencing this. But when his eyes were opened and he found himself outside the prison gates, O, he began to celebrate because nobody knew he was gone! I brought past the guards, I opened the doors, I opened all that needed to be done and he found himself free. Well he rejoiced, and he went to the disciples and said ‘Look, I’m out of jail!’ And the girl closed the door in his face because she couldn’t believe it! She went back and told the others, ‘Peter’s here! Peter’s here!’ And they looked at one another, ‘Let’s go see for ourselves.’ And they went and they opened the door, and there Peter is, standing outside the door, just waiting. This is what I’ve done for you! If you will praise Me and worship Me I will lead you outside the gate, I will bring you into a place of freedom that you’ve never known before; and when you go and begin to tell others they will have disbelief because they cannot imagine that God would do such a thing. But I am more than willing to it, says the LORD. I am more than willing to set you free, to bring you out of captivity, to set your feet on solid ground, I am more than willing to do this for you because I love you, says God, because I love you. 

November 3, 2013 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon L. Brubaker

“You can stay in this place, says the LORD. You can stay in My secret place. You can stay in the palm of My hand. You can stay in this, in this right relationship with Me, saith God. If you will not come out, if you will not remove yourself from this place, all that I’ve promised will come to pass, every word, every dream that I have given to you will come to pass, says the LORD. For I am with you, and I’ll never leave you, I will never forsake you, I will never walk by you and say ‘I’m too busy today to stop in and visit.’ No, I won’t say those things, but I will come with healing in My wings. I will come by My Spirit of grace, says God, and I will give you grace and I will let My grace linger upon you. As you stand in that grace all that I AM is yours. All that I have for you has been poured out upon you, says the LORD.

“Do not withdraw. Do not hang back. Do not hold onto the things that you know that you need to let go of. But release those things to Me, and let My peace come in. In time of fear, let My peace come in. In time of trouble, let My peace come in. In time when everything is stirred up around you, let My peace come in. For you are allowing My grace to operate in you. You’re allowing My strength to renew you, to heal you, to deliver you out of all the things that the world would put upon you. And you shall know Me says the LORD, you shall know Me by My grace, you shall know Me by My, by My strength for you, for I sent My Son to make provision for you. He is your bread. He is your wine. He is everything that you need. And when you allow My Son to come in, when you give Him place, as you are this morning, when you give Him place, Ohhh, what I can do. I can do more exceedingly above all that you can think or ask or imagine. Step over. Step over into that place, not to visit, but to live there, to abide in My holiness, to abide in who I AM, says the LORD. Come on over (laughter), come on over. The water is fine, the water’s fine, for there is healing in My waters, says God. There is strength in My waters, there is newness of life in My waters, for when... for when I baptized you, I baptized you into the living water, the life giving water, that you would be immersed in Me, that I would fill you up to the overflowing. 

November 10, 2013 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon L. Brubaker

“Why do Christians act they way they do? Why do those who say and call themselves Christians, why do they behave in ways that are contradictory to My ways, saith God? It’s because they don’t really know who I am. For if they knew who I was, they would change. 

“For if you really knew Me, you would know that I have secrets and I hold secrets that no one knows but Me. But because I know these secrets I am surrounded by joy, says God. I am surrounded by peace because I know things that others don’t know, and I have given to My children the ability to know secrets. The world says, ‘O, it’s a mystery,’ but My people say ‘It’s a secret.’ For I knew from the beginning that I would send My Son, and I knew My Son would break the cords of death and hell, and I knew He would set My people free. The world didn’t know it, they couldn’t even begin to grasp it, for if they had they would not have crucified My Son, because His crucifixion meant their defeat. I knew a secret. And those who know Me know my secret. They know they’re free. They know they’re at liberty. They know the things that others would wish to know. And they walk in that secret. It... It’s why My children can be in a room with unbelievers and... and laugh and smile to themselves because, they listen to all that is being said and they disregard it, because they know a secret that I am with them, that I’ll never leave them, never forsake them. 

"See,.. In Me, says the LORD, the sick know they’re well, cause it’s a secret. The world will look and say, ‘Oh, but you’re, you’re so sick!’ Oh, oh, oh, but I know the secret, I know you’re healed. That’s why I can rejoice over My children, because I know your outcome. I know things can change, and I know that in a twinkling of an eye you will be caught up to glory. And I know that you will lay this old body aside and I know you will be clothed with a new glory that the world has never seen. See, I know these things. 

“I have desired for you to be with Me... forever; to be seated in heavenly places... forever. The world doesn’t know this, they cannot grasp it, they don’t see into the spiritual because they are blinded by that which is natural. But I have a secret, and I’ve given that secret to you; that even when all hell rages against you... I know you’re free. I know you’re not limited by the things of this world, for I know a secret. And when you come into that knowledge of that secret, you’ll be free because that glory that the world hasn’t seen begins to manifest itself in you and through you and it will raise you up above the things of this world, it will raise you above the attacks, above the persecutions, it will raise you to where you can see My face. 

“Stephen was being stoned to death. All the other people stood around and said, ‘Oh, Look at all this man must endure.’ Many cried that day. Many mourned that day, and yet Stephen saw My heavens opened up before him. He saw My face. He didn’t feel the rocks because he was already transformed. He didn’t feel the pain. See, many people think death is a painful experience, but for you it’s as easy as blinking your eyes. You close them in this world and you open them and... and you’re with Me. See, I know a secret. No man, no enemy can take you out of My hand for I have protected you and I am with you.

“I know a secret, and it’s up to you to discover that secret, to seek it out. But when you know that secret, man shall not be able to dominate you anymore. That’s why the world is so scared of Me, says God. They thought they had My Son, they thought they had killed Him, they thought they had Him out of the way, that hell rejoiced that they had won. Oh, but I knew a secret! Jesus knew that secret, He understood it, He walked in it. That’s why sickness could not have any hold with Him around, that’s why blind eyes were opened, that why the deaf ears were unstopped, that’s why the lame man walked, that’s why the people rejoiced and danced before My Son. Because they had found that secret. Oh, that you would find it, that you would know those things, that you would live above the things of this world; for though you are in it, you are not of it if you know the secret. If you know those things that I have hidden away, and you discover the secret you will never be enslaved again. You will be free. 

November 17, 2013 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon L. Brubaker

“I am demonstrating that the enemy is under your feet. For too long My people have given the devil more preeminence in them than they have given to Me. You ask, ‘Well, why is this happening?’ ‘Cause you went to the world, ‘cause you tried to solve it by your own ability, by your own effort, when you didn’t even know what you were dealing with. But I am demonstrating , no matter what your condition, no matter what surrounds you, the enemy is under your feet. For I have nailed all of your sin, all of the junk in your life, I have nailed it on a cross, and I declare, says the LORD, says YHWH, the Lord of Hosts, the God of heaven, I declare that you are free! 

December 22, 2013 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon L. Brubaker

“For the world looks and they wonder, ‘Where is your Lord? Where is the One you say is coming?’ They mock Him, they laugh at you, but, says the LORD, My Son’s return is nigh upon you. And when He returns He will put all those who mock Him under His feet, for they laugh now, and they rejoice now at what they see to be the impotence of God; but when I return, says Jesus, we will see who is impotent. For all their words and all their sayings and all the things that they’ve prophesied over themselves will fall to nothing, and it will be as dust on the ground and My wind shall blow it out as the chaff that it is. For I am coming to reset My kingdom, and I am coming to take My rightful place among all the kings of the earth, for I am the King of kings and Lord of lords, and all will bow their knee to Me, says Jesus. 

"But I praise you that you have not waited till the end, but you have bowed your knee today. You have given yourselves over to Me and I tell you your reward will be rich, for whatever the world promises that it will deliver, it can not! For it does not have My resources, says the LORD. It cannot give to you the things that I give to you, for what I give to you can never pass away. For I will lift you up and I will hold you to Myself, says the LORD, and we will come back as one after I come back to receive you to Myself. You will come back and reign and rule with Me, and together we shall exalt the kingdom of God in this world. 

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