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This page is provided for those who want to go deeper into the Word of God for self improvement and wisdom.

"Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them,
for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you."

1 Timothy 4:16

1 Corinthians 12:1-11

"Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant: You know that you were Gentiles, carried away to these dumb idols, however you were led.  Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed, and no one can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit. There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills."

In July of 2013 the LORD (YHWH) started to move and speak with us at LFM. These "Words of the LORD" are reprinted here for your reading and study. Please scroll down the page for the date of the "Word."

You may also listen to these "Words" by clicking on "Listen" or going to our MP3 Sermon page. Look up the date of the Message and listen!


January 1, 2017 - "Am I not the God of the Resurrection?..." July 2, 2017 - “It’s not over with yet..." 
January 15, 2017 - "Do you not know that I see all things?..."  July 9, 2017 - “The wheels are coming off!..."  
January 29, 2017 - "Peace, peace... for all the world seems to be in tumult." July 16, 2017 AM - "I’ve come to lift you out of the chaos..." 
February 5, 2017 - “I’m washing My people with My presence..."  July 16, 2017 PM - "...covet the gifts, and more especially that you would prophesy?" 
February 12, 2017 - “Fear not, fear not..."  July 30, 2017 - “Oh, the world is in chaos..." 
February 19, 2017 - “I have prepared a place for you..." August 6, 2017 - “...I came to give life..."
March 5, 2017 - “For yes, the Kingdom has come..."  August 20, 2017 - “...when My Kingdom comes..."
March 19, 2017 - "there are those... (who) say I have not come in the flesh." September 10, 2017 - “For I am able to take that which you consider to be small and enlarge it..." 
March 26, 2017 - "For there are those in this world that can sense My Kingdom..." September 17, 2017 - "It is My desire to give bread to My children..."
April 2, 2017 - "What the devil meant to destroy you..."  October 1, 2017 - “The world is afraid of My goodness..."
April 16, 2017 - “For I will not be mocked..."  October 8, 2017 - “Oh, that My people would know My grace..."
April 30, 2017 - “For My light dispels the darkness..."  October 15, 2017 - “Many are asking Lord when are you coming again?
May 5, 2017 - "...halting between two opinions..."  October 22, 2017 - "...My power is within you..."
May 14, 2017 - "I have prepared things for you..."  October 24, 2017 - "The spiritual Babylon is coming down..." 
May 21, 2017 - "...I don’t think the way you think..." November 5, 2017 - “For there is a breakthrough..." 
May 28, 2017 - “There has begun a move of My Spirit..." November 12, 2017 - “There is an outpouring of My power..." 
June 4, 2017 - “There has been a gross darkness that has covered the earth..." December 3, 2017 - “There are many voices..."
June 18, 2017 - "...call Me Father..."  December 10, 2017 - “...these are tumultuous times." 
June 25, 2017 AM - "...My breath is covering the land..." December 17, 2017 - “Things are not always as they seem..."
June 25, 2017 PM - "...teach My people in the ways of royalty..."


January 1, 2017 - Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Am I not the God of the Resurrection? Am I not the One who brings that which was lost back to its owner? Am I not the seeker of the lost sheep, the discoverer of the coin that was misplaced? And yet am I so small in your eyes that I could not resurrect your dream? For this is the time I am bringing back those things that many said were lost. Many of those things that man has put away saying we have become greater than these. We have become more knowledgeable then these things. Oh I am bringing those things back. For I am bringing My truth back, that all men everywhere need to repent. That all men everywhere need to acknowledge Me and come to Me for I am their life and I am their salvation, and I am their deliverance and I am all that they need. And yet they have gone so far astray that many may not find their way back and yet I will call them as I am calling My church. As I’m calling those who are called by My name who declare themselves to be believers and Christians. I’m calling you back to a faith, a faith that many have said will not work any longer. But it’s a faith that will deliver you out of destruction. It is the faith that shuts the mouths of lions. It is the faith to bring My children out of a fiery furnace without any touch of smoke. It is a faith that brings the dead back to life. It is the faith for signs and miracles and wonders. It is the faith to believe and trust in Me says the Father, above all the things in the natural. For those things in the natural are no longer making sense. For those who claim to have truth, their truth is literally falling apart right before them. And they have no place to turn because they’ve already chosen to not believe in Me. But I Am He who reveals the path that has been hidden, and that path is through My Son, Jesus Christ. And His name will be exalted and His name will be proclaimed again in the earth with a fresh revelation to a new generation that is looking for a Messiah, is looking for a deliverer, is looking for the one who is greater than they are, but yet they have been taught that there is no such thing. But I AM. (laugh) I AM that I AM. I AM He. I AM Yahweh. I AM Your Savior, your Deliverer, your Healer, your God. So believe on Me, trust in Me, for this year will be a year of shaking and of great outpourings all at the same time. For as the temple was shook and the earth quaked, so My life, My Son, was raised from the dead, and His glory began to be revealed that had be hidden. For I raised Him from the dead and I am raising My church from the dead back into My glory! 

“For I am not coming back for a weak church, but I am coming back for a triumphant church. I’m coming back for a church that is full of glory, that is full of manifestation and for that to occur My people must shift their thinking from escape to occupying. For I have created you to take authority, to take control and put everything under My feet declares God. And you’re the generation, you’re the ones that will see this, all things being put under My feet, all things restored to the Father. And when everything looks like it’s finally working out, oh, that’s the time you least expect it, then I’ll come for My glorious church and we’ll celebrate and we’ll have a wonderful time. But the earth will mourn the very thing that they sought for. For it shall escape them who do not believe. But you are those who believe, you are those who call on My name. You are not those who listen to the news and listen to what the world is saying, but you look to My truth and My word that says I have saved you and delivered you out of all these things.”

January 15, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

Isaiah 54:16-17 were shared as a prelude to the word

"Do you not know that I see all things? Do you not know that I hear all things? I am not like the dumb idols of the world that (have) no eyes and (have) no ears. Neither am I a dumb idol that has no mouth that I cannot speak. For I AM a living God, and I AM the God Who has created all things, and I know those things that are coming against you, and I know what it takes to overcome those things saith the Lord. And I have prepared you for this hour to walk in My victory. I’ve prepared you in this hour to walk in faith toward Me says God. But you must get your eyes off the things of the world, off the news media, off of all those other things. You can be aware, but keep them from entering into your heart, for I am confounding the wisdom of this age. For if they knew what they were doing, they wouldn’t do it, just for the sake of embarrassment. But I’m letting them go, and they’re doing what they want to do, and I will reveal the truth says the Lord, and I will raise up those who will diligently follow after Me, because I am bringing the confusion of the world to the forefront, that it may be wiped away, that it may be removed, that truth will be clearly seen. And it will be seen in My people says the Lord. It will be seen in the things that I do, for I am not a God of inactivity, for I do not say one thing and let another thing happen. For I will bring to pass the things that I’ve spoken. And I have called this to be an age of revival, and I’ve called this to be a time of the manifestation of My glory saith God. And I am revealing things hidden from ages past, and they will come to the forefront again saith God, that it will be seen and evident to all that have eyes and have ears, that they will see and hear Me saith God. For I will speak plainly in this age, and the doubter will be shown to be what he is saith the Lord."

January 29, 2017 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Peace, peace I speak to you says the Lord, for all the world seems to be in tumult. All the world seems to be going upside down right now, but I speak peace over you. I speak peace that you will not be moved by the things that move the world, for the world is moved by the things of the flesh. But I move the world by the things of My Spirit says the Lord, and My Spirit is overriding the will of men right now. And My Spirit is doing a work in this earth, a starting of the revival of God where once again people are at liberty to say My name and to declare who I am. For you have the first president in years that has said and declared that I will defend this nation. And I have defended it and I am defending it says the Lord. For the time is not over, it’s not done, but I am pouring out Myself in a freshness says God, where even those who have decried My name and those who have run the other way will begin to hear and they will begin to come in to My grace and My mercy says God. For I will reveal Myself in such power that man can no longer deny that I am at work says God. For I am moving the things to come in line with My will, moving things to come in line with My Spirit, moving things for the protection of My people says God. It’s not the end, it’s the beginning. It’s not the closing hour but it is getting close to it says God. For I am doing these things to reveal Myself to all the earth for My name in these days will be lifted up and I will draw men to Myself declares God.” 

February 05, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“I’m washing My people with My presence says God. I’m washing My people with My love. For they’ve sought My presence and they’ve sought love from so many different ways, and yet they have not come to Me. But in this day, in this hour, in this time, I’m pouring out a newness of My love that you would walk in My love. Not your love for Me, not the things that you do for Me, but that you would comprehend the length and the height and the breadth and the depth of My love for you. For when you understand that love, you will know what it means to come boldly into My presence. When you understand My love, that I first laid down My life for you says the Lord, then you will come running to Me because you know that I will never turn you away. The world has sought for this and they’ve come up with free love and they’ve come up with all these other ideas but yet they have never found My love. For you can’t fake it, you can’t imitate it. For it’s a love that transforms, it’s a love that goes in the depth in the heart of men and changes lives. For My love has brought you through and My love has paid the price for you. And My love has died and come back from the dead for you. I did not do this for My sake says Jesus. I did not do it so that I could have accolades, but I did it because I knew the Father’s love and that active love is giving. And to know His love says Jesus, I can do no less than to become flesh, to lay aside all the glory of heaven and be like you and walk with you. To not only touch you but to have you touch Me says Jesus. It brought joy to Me when I saw My kingdom manifest. It brought joy to Me says Christ, when you called on My name and could walk in the liberty that I had brought into the earth. Oh that men would still walk in that liberty, that they would choose to follow after Me, that they would know what love, what liberty, is really all about. For it’s being free from the dominion of sin. It’s to be free from the accolades of people and the adulation of men. It is to be free, to be all that God has created you to be. That is freedom. That is liberty. To know the author, to know the creator, to know the sustainer of all things and know His love for you. That is freedom. And I came says Jesus, that you would have this for yourself, to not just not hear about it from others, but to have your testimony that you have known the Father even as I have known Him says Jesus........... So step up into that realm. Step up into what is called the supernatural because it is so much greater then what you have experienced. It is so much greater than what you can grasp or comprehend, but yet it is a reality that you can walk into. So come to Me says the Father. Come to Me and learn of Me and yield to Me, that you would know Me even as I know you. That you would know My freedom and know the power of My love saith God.” 

February 12, 2017 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Fear not, fear not. For I’ve already overcome the world. When you fear you watch the things of the world. When you fear you have taken your eyes off of Me and you are watching the events around you. For the devil works through fear, he works through intimidation. And when you fear not, you have broken the hold of the enemy. For without fear he has no entrance into you. For My love is an all consuming love. My grace is an all consuming grace. And when you walk in My love and walk in My grace the fear leaves. For again it has no place. For where grace abounds there can be no fear. For My love wraps you and My love holds you and My love is more than able to sustain you in every circumstance. So get your eyes off the world. Get your eyes off of those things that pull you away from Me and look to My grace. Remember My mercy, remember My sacrifice for you. For it was not in vain that I went to the cross. It was for your glory, it was for your salvation. For I’ve made provision for you declares God, and that provision has no limitations. It will not run out, but, it’s what the world was created with, was provision. So My provision says God, is greater than the world can give, and it’s greater than what fear can rob you of. For I’ve already moved to meet all of your needs, all of your desires through My son Jesus Christ. So look to Me, look to Me and let Me be your satisfaction. Let Me be your glory says God. Not the elementary things or elemental things around you, but let Me be that source for you says God. For I will never let you down and I will never leave you declares the Father.” 

February 19, 2017 -- Listen
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“I have prepared a place for you says God. I’ve prepared it. That means it is full of wonder. It is full of blessing. It is full of Me saith God. For it is a place within Myself. My Son said ‘I go and prepare a place for you’, and He says if you believe that, I will return and bring you into that place. I’m the place says the Father. My Kingdom is that place, that place where I want you to reside. It’s not ‘up there’, but Jesus said ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.’ It’s a place you can walk in now. It’s a place that you can receive now. For I have said I will be with you forever! I will never leave you, I will never forsake you. I will always be there. This is that place, where you abide in Me and I abide in you. It’s a place of dwelling. It’s a place of habitation. It’s a place of residence, where this becomes your home. That’s why those who followed Me in scripture said that they looked for that home, because they saw themselves as aliens and foreigners and strangers in this world, because they had already seen into My glory. They had already seen into My presence, and they were already beginning to dwell there. Enoch knew that place. And Enoch, as a man, walked in that place until he was no more of this world.

“Jesus lived in My Kingdom. He lived in that reality, therefore He could say ‘Fear not!’ For He knew of where He was speaking from, and He was not speaking from the conditions of the world, He was speaking of My conditions in My place. For in Me says the Father, there is no fear. In Me there is no hesitation, because I already know the end from the beginning. I know how it’s already gonna turn out, and I’m telling you, I am establishing My Kingdom. I am establishing that place where I rule and reign, declares the Father, in the earth. Not up in Heaven. It’s already there! I don’t need to establish My Kingdom in Heaven, it already exists. But it’s in the earth, in the earth that I need to establish it. It’s in this sphere that I need you to bring that Kingdom in. And you bring it in by abiding in Me, by abiding in My place, by abiding in My presence. There are those who look at the outside and they say, ‘Oh, that’s so different!’ Yes it is! Because it’s a way that the world cannot understand. They strive for it, they search for it, they cry, they scream, they try to steal it every which way they can, but they can’t have My peace because they don’t have Me! Therefore they’re continually upset, they’re continually stressed, they’re continually at odds with who I am says God. Because they’re trying to produce My Kingdom in the natural. And Jesus said ‘My Kingdom is not of this world.’ Oh, it’s of Heaven, it’s of My glory, it’s of My presence. But you can bring it into this world, because it is greater than the things of this world. So enter into My peace. Enter into My presence. Enter into that secret place where I abide, ‘cause I call you there. I call you to enter into Me, says God. You’ve touched Me. There’ve been times you’ve been in My presence, but for many it’s still a strange place. For others, it’s a place of refuge. It’s a place they seek when all the things in the world seem to be uptorn, and seem to be moved and shaken. Because, see, My Kingdom cannot be shaken says God. It cannot be shaken, for I cannot be shaken. I will shake the things of the world, and they are shaking right now. They are shaking because they are built on sand, and it’s about ready to collapse says God. The turmoil, even the terror that you see cannot sustain itself, because it has no firm foundation. But My Kingdom, My Kingdom, endures forever!

“And those who will build their life on My Kingdom, they will dwell forever with Me. And they will have My peace, and My power, and My strength, and they will not be moved by the things of this world. For this world is fading away. But My glory is being manifested, even in the fallen world in greater and greater measure every day. The breakthrough’s come! The turnaround has come! Enter into the joy. Enter into the peace. Enter into that presence of Mine says God, of where you can appreciate and appropriate these things for yourself.” 

March 5, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“For yes, the Kingdom has come declares the Lord. It came in Jesus, it came and walked the earth and was among you that you could see the effects of the Kingdom in the life of One. But that Kingdom has now been given to those who would dare to believe for it in the earth. To those who would dare to be called My sons and My daughters, to those who would not be ashamed to be called by My name. To those who would not be ashamed of My sacrifice. 
To those who would not be ashamed of the ridicule that the world offers. For if the world had understood who Jesus was they never would have crucified Him, for they only increased His authority in the earth. Being made that sacrifice and being received, He cleansed an entire new race of people, those who are called by My name. And the Kingdom began to spread just from, not just from one Man, but it began to flood and to spread into all who would believe on Me. So as you believe you have received the Kingdom for yourself. Walk in this Kingdom. Walk in this privilege of your rights says God. Walk in the declaration of what I have done for you, says the Father, and the world will stand back in fear because they understand the authority of My Kingdom says the Lord.”

March 19, 2017 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Oh, there are those says the Lord, they say I have not come in the flesh. Oh, but they will be so disappointed, so disappointed, when I come back again on the clouds! For if I have not come the first time, I cannot come the second time says Jesus. For the fact that I did come in the flesh, that I walked in the earth, that I stood at the fountains, that I laid My hands on the sick, that I cast out devils, that I did all these mighty works, and yet they say I did not come. Oh, when they shall see the Son of Man coming on the clouds, and they shall see the holes in My hands, and the spear hole in My side, oh, then the reality shall hit them! And they shall cry and they shall weep and they shall mourn, but it will be too late for them declares God. For those who deny Me now will deny Me in the future, and they will not receive My second coming, let alone the first. But I have come, and I declare to you, My children, I am coming again on the clouds of glory, that all men may see. From every corner of this earth, all men shall see the appearing, and those who have hungered after Me shall rejoice! And those who despised Me, despised My salvation, despised My grace, despised My goodness, oh, they shall know My wrath says God. For that day is coming, has already begun, where there is a separation of the goats and the sheep. There’s a separation of those who believe, those who cry out for Me, those who hunger and thirst, and those who curse Me. And I’m dividing between the two says the Lord, and My blessings are on those who hunger and thirst. My blessings are on those who cry out for My Name, who seek after My face says God. For I will bless them and I will cause them to triumph over conditions that the world says ‘How can they do that, how can they endure, how can they survive?’ But you will do more than survive says God, for you will conquer those things and you will become the head and not the tail. And there will come a day before you leave, when even the sons of evil men will say ‘Truly, there is something about these people.’ For I will set My glory upon you, and it shall be seen in the earth. For My glory will no longer be shut up, but it will be displayed again saith the Father, that all men may see, that all would have that opportunity to come unto Me and worship Me says God.”

March 26, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“For there are those in this world that can sense My Kingdom saith the Lord. For My Kingdom is nigh upon you and it is beginning to burst forth in the earth again. For all these years have led up to this moment, and this moment will not be lost says the Lord. But there are those in the world that they can sense the coming of My Kingdom and it causes fear in their heart. Fear of exposure. Fear of being disappointed. Fear of losing what they thought they had attained. For what they had attained has only been done through the force and the power of the will of men, but it is not My will says the Lord. For My will is that men would come to a knowledge of My salvation. Not in the glories of men, of what men can or cannot do, but in the glory of My salvation. For My salvation comes as a gift to all those who would call, to all those who would yield, to all those that would let My Kingdom come, there I will be saith the Lord.

For this is that day of the outpouring. It’s already begun, but it’s in its early stages yet, and there’s more to come. And there’s more power to come. And there’s more salvations to come. And there’s more glory to come than what you have seen yet. So don’t limit Me in what you think can be done, for I am able to exceed your expectations saith God. And I am able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than what you can think or ask or imagine. So let your imaginations go wild. I’ll exceed them. Let your thoughts go out to the extreme and I will exceed them saith the Lord. For this is the hour of My glory. For the glory of men has risen once again, but it has failed as always, and it has not succeeded in the great utopia that they have sought after. For they do not have the power either to create it or to sustain it says God. For that power is reserved for Me and My house says God. So lift up your eyes, look to the hills, begin to look to the sky. For I am on My way and I am coming and I’m going to bring all these things to it’s fulfillment says the Lord. And men of all nations, of all creeds, of all tongues, of all colors will stand and see the salvation of Me saith God.

“This is not the day to fall back, this is not the day to say ‘Whew, we can rest now!’. No, no, no, no, no! Enter into My rest saith God. For in My rest there is activity. In My rest, there are things that are being done and accomplished, but it won’t be by the striving of man, it will be by My grace and My strength saith God. For it is a busy time. For it is a time that Iam calling laborers to go out into the fields and reap the harvest. For it will be great saith God, and there will be need for many harvesters, for many laborers in My Kingdom saith God. For I will bring many in. And those who have prepared, those who have set their heart for this purpose, I will reward them saith God, for they shall see the harvest brought into the house by My Spirit saith God.” 

April 2, 2017 -- Listen
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“What the devil meant to destroy you, I have come that you might conquer those things. And as you conquer the things that the enemy has brought against you, you will find a fresh release into a higher realm of living. But you must be willing to overcome. You must be willing to let the past go, to deny the enemy his work, and say ‘I receive My Lord Jesus Christ.’ To receive My blessings says God is to receive My Son as Lord. For His blessing always comes with Him, and if you will follow Him and follow Him into those blessings and overcome the hindrances of the enemy, ohh you will see such power and it’ll take you from one level of faith to another level of faith. It will take you from one glory into another glory, from one dimension into another dimension. For as you exert power over the god of this world, you will receive the dimension of heaven on earth. And you will receive My divine right to hold the enemy at bay. For those areas that you’ve conquered he can’t come back in. Those areas you’ve overcome, they are sealed off to the enemy and he no longer has access to those areas. So let Me heal you. Let Me deliver you. Let Me set you free of all those things by the name of My Son Jesus Christ. And you will walk into the realm of the Spirit in a new fresh way, for you will know what victory tastes like. So many people strive for victory but they don’t know what it tastes like because they haven’t fully overcome. They’ve overcome to put the enemy at bay, but not to defeat him, to not to shut his mouth, but the enemy still has access. That’s why you struggle because you still give him place, you still think on his level instead of My level says God. For on My level the devil can’t come. In My level the devil doesn’t have access. For I have overcome him and I have stopped his mouth. As with Daniel he spent all night in the lion’s den. Those lions were hungry. Those lions wanted to be fed, they hadn’t eaten for days because they knew that they were preparing the lions for a feast. So the lions were hungry, but I shut their mouths says the Lord. And they could not devour one of My own. Because he put Me first place and he obeyed My word and he believed what I had spoken to him more than what the king of Babylon had spoken. And so the mouths of the lions were closed. And after Daniel was released, they threw the other men into the lions’ pit and suddenly their mouths were opened and they devoured those men who had sought Daniel’s destruction. For see, this is My will says God, that I would stop the mouths of the lions and I would close them, that they can not have authority over you, because I am the one who has authority over you says the Lord.” 

April 9, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“For I have many celebrations prepared for you saith the Lord. For I have reasons for you to celebrate. As you see My victories, as you see Me conquering death, as you see Me conquering the things of this world, ohhh you will celebrate. And you’ll say, ‘When Lord, when shall we see those?’ You can see them now says God. For I am demonstrating Myself across this earth. And I am showing Myself strong in behalf of those who are called by My name. I’m doing it now in the realm of the natural but I’m still doing it and planning more in the spirit for the future. For the birth pangs are now. Those things that are coming to pass are beginning now. And, ohhh, the world cries with pain, but My people rejoice for the glory that is coming.

“For I have celebrations planned for you that you can’t even see right now. My word tells you I am able to do abundantly more than you can think, ask or imagine, and I’ll do those things saith God. I will do them because I am God. They’re beyond you because you can’t imagine it. But I’ve already prepared them for you saith God. That you would walk into these things, these areas of your life that I have prepared for you. For I have prepared victory and I have prepared for you to walk over death, hell and the grave. For I have given you My authority in the earth and it is time, saith God, when My body rise up and takes their authority and commands devils to let loose, commands people to fall on their knees, commands them to hear who I am. It’s time to take authority. For too long My people have just drifted, and you’ve gone this way and you’ve gone that way and you try to be politically correct and you’ve tried to do all the things that the world says you ought to do. But you haven’t heard My voice. But you’ve been following the voice of another, but I am making My voice clear in this day saith God. For the separation has already begun and the sheep and the goats are going to be divided. The sheep will know My voice and they will follow My voice. The goats will hear My voice and they will buck, and they will cause confusion in the camp because they don’t want to obey the voice of their God. Don’t be a goat. Be a sheep. That’s what dedication is about. That’s what consecration is about. That’s what the celebration is about that we can celebrate the things before we see them come to pass, because we trust our God Who is able and willing to deliver us out of every snare of the enemy. That’s why you celebrate now says God because you already see the victory. You don’t know how it’s coming, you don’t understand how it’s going to operate, but you see the victory, you see yourself coming out of your circumstance and as you see yourself coming out of it you will walk out of it. For I am the God that leads you saith God, and I am the Lord that knows the path that you are to walk, so all you have to do is follow Me. It’s not up to you to figure it out, I just ask you (to) follow Me. Follow Me. Follow Me.” 

April 16, 2017 --  Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“For I will not be mocked says the Lord. There were those in Jesus’ day when He walked the earth that mocked Him. There were those who said, ‘You claim to destroy the temple and to raise it in three days!’, and they mocked Him. They said, ‘You say you’re the Messiah, the Son of God!’ They mocked him, they spit on Him, they spat on Him. Ohhhh, but when He came out of the grave, those that mocked were in shock. For this they had not counted on was a display of My glory in the earth says God. And there are still those who mock today. When you talk about Me coming back again says Jesus, they will mock you; when you talk about judgment they will mock you; when you talk about My great love they will mock you. But, ohhhh, one day they shall see Me on the clouds. And they shall see the Son of Man coming from afar, and now they will no longer mock but they will cry to the rocks and the trees to hide themselves, because they know there’s only One that is coming back in this style, and that is Me says Jesus. So prepare for that day. Don’t be turned away or taken off base because of the mockery of others, but stay true. Stay true. For as you stay true, I will justify you and others shall begin to weep. Where they made you cry now they will cry in shame and in terror, but you will put on the gowns of rejoicing, the robes of righteousness declares God.”

April 30, 2017 -- Listen 
through Gordon Brubaker

“The thing that you have feared will not come upon you says the Lord. The thing that is causing confusion in your mind right now is broken. The curse has been lifted and you are redeemed from that situation by My name says Jesus. So, receive what I say, don’t just say I hope so, receive it. Receive your liberty, receive your freedom, receive those thing that I give to you today and walk in them, for as you walk in them they will manifest, they will become brighter and brighter and your darkness shall fade away, and one day you’ll wonder what happened that you were ever in that darkness to start with.”

“For My light dispels the darkness declares God, and in My presence there is no room for sickness or disease. There is no room for weakness or infirmity, for I have cast all those things out says Jesus. I bore them on the cross and I bore them away from you that you would not have to bear these things, that you would not have to be burdened by these things and yet, you must receive what I say unto you that you could walk in My kingdom says God. For I have transferred you from one place into another. The world cannot see the other. The disciples asked Jesus, ‘Where do you go?’ Jesus said, ‘You know where I go’, because He came to be with Me says the Father. And I have called you to come and be with Me, to leave the things of this world, to leave things of your past, to leave your sickness and disease and to be with Me. For where I am says God, there is peace. Where I am says God, there is wholeness. So come and be with Me and let My light fill you, that the glory of My Spirit would radiate out from you. Let it become a ‘normal’ for you to walk in health instead of sickness. Let it be normal for you to think good things instead of entering into the fear of the world. Come unto Me all you who labor and are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest declared Jesus. Those words still are true today. If you will come unto Me, if you will come unto Me, if you come unto Me, if you will enter into My kingdom, all those things shall be put away from you. For I have given you life and life more abundantly than what any thief can take. I’ve given it to you as a gift says God.” 

May 05, 2017 PM -- Listen
Word of Knowledge through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“I’m not going to ask you to bear witness one way or the other, but I just feel in my spirit that there’s someone here, you’ve been halting between two opinions. And it’s not the opinion that you think it is, but the opinion that you’re halting between is serving God. And the alternate opinion is having God let you do what you want rather than you serving Him. And the reason you haven’t moved forward is because you’ve thought God is your servant and God has called you to follow Him. He doesn’t follow us, we follow Him. Jesus told the disciples ‘I’m going before you to Galilee.’ Whether you follow or not is up to you, but He was going forward. And I’m guessing that probably everybody who heard Him say that did not go to Galilee, but they prayed for the Father to bless them where they were, or where they are, rather than going where the anointing is. And as long as you’re caught between those two opinions of you serving God or God serving you is why you haven’t progressed. That’s why you’re stuck and you said that to yourself recently. ‘I’m stuck. I can’t seem to move from where I’m at.’ And the difficulty is you haven’t surrendered yet. Even though you think you have, you haven’t surrendered to the will of God.”

May 05, 2017 PM
Sung through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

For I am God
I’m the One who has delivered you
So, come out of the darkness into My light
My glory has been poured out
Come into My presence
Come and walk in My light
For your life is caught up in Me
Oh, My Son has died for you
That you would overcome
Not little by little
But in victory after victory
For the battle belongs to the Lord
And He has defeated every foe
So, come walk in the victory and be free

May 14, 2017 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“I have prepared things for you saith the Lord, things that eye (has) not begun to see, things that your understanding has not begun to grasp. And yet I have these things prepared for you. For from the foundation of the world I had your salvation planned, and yet it took you thousands of years to begin to realize the love that I have for you, and the grace and the strength that I’ve offered to you through My Son, Jesus. And there are things, oh if you would only believe, if you would only believe for these, if you could begin to see into the realm of My Spirit says God, what I have prepared for you, oh you would leap for joy! You would run with excitement! You could not contain the things that I have prepared for you. Yet it is because you are afraid to peer behind the curtain, for fear that you would invade My space, that you have withheld yourself from being able to see some of these things I have provided. But I am the One who calls you, ‘Come unto Me!’ Why are you afraid to peek beyond the veil? Why are you still caught up in yourself that you would imagine that you could offend Me when I say ‘Come!’? For if you will come unto Me, oh I have blessings for you. I have strength for you. I have power for you. I have My love for you saith the Lord. And I will gladly give you all of these things, and still My people, My children hesitate to come into My presence, because you’ve listened to the words of men who were afraid to come before Me, for fear that I would reveal their hearts. And they have preached to you a false gospel that says ‘You must beware!’ For My love has consumed Me saith God, and it is My love through which I sent Jesus for you. And it was through His love, the love of Me in Him, and His love for you that has opened a door for you to come into My presence with joy, with thanksgiving, with praise. Oh that you would come to Me. Oh that you would open up and come unto Me that you would begin to dare to look behind the veil. For not only have I called you to look behind the veil, I’ve called you to enter in beyond the veil, to abide with Me where I reside saith the Lord. So come, break away from the fear that restrains you. Break away from the fear that withholds you from My presence says God. For I want you to come in, and I want you to enter in to My goodness, that it would flow through you, that you could see, see and experience, what I have prepared for you saith God.”

May 21, 2017 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“..........this world understands, that you would be able to walk in My glory says God. That you would be able to come up to My level. For I don’t think the way you think and I don’t act the way that you act. Come into My realm. Step over into My goodness, into My glory, come over and step into the realm of the Spirit and you can walk in the things that I have provided for you. For I’ve given you all these things, but you must walk in them. You must make the decision to not just walk around them, and not just to exercise them occasionally, but you must make it a way of living. That you live in My realm, you live in the way that I think says God. You live in that which I have given to you and that which I have provided for you. And when you begin to do those things, you’ll find yourself walking at a higher level. You’ll find yourself beginning to receive the things that are in your heart, but you’ve never allowed to come out for fear. You’ll begin to have those things come to pass that you’ve dreamed about, and you’ve said ‘If only, if only, if only.’ But I am the only One says God, for I AM the I AM. I am the Alpha, the Omega, I am the beginning and the end, I am all that you need. All of those things are found in Me saith God. That’s why I said seek first after My righteousness, My kingdom, and all these things shall be added to you. But to seek after Me, to seek after Me, for I am all those things that you’re searching for. They’re not in the world, they’re not in the natural, but they affect the world and they affect the natural things, but they come from My presence, from My person declares God. So walk in Me. Make the choice to come up to a higher level. Make a choice to come up to a higher realm of living, that you could receive all of My benefits, and not just an occasional one here and there, but that you would walk in My realm, that My kingdom would be done in the earth even as it is done in heaven.”

May 28, 2017 -- Listen 
through Gordon Brubaker

“There has begun a move of My Spirit says the Lord. It’s a move that is already resounding around the earth. It’s not just local, it’s not just national. It’s a move of My Spirit declares God. There are many voices in the earth, there is much confusion in the earth, but I am not found in the confusion says God. I’m found in the clarity of the voice. For where there is chaos now, I am moving to silence those voices. And those who are seeking to create confusion are going to be stilled. For they have gone almost to their max, for I’m bringing a silence and the silence will almost be deafening, because suddenly as the voices of confusion reach a crescendo and where My people will almost feel overwhelmed at all, all of the anger and the hostility, it will suddenly stop. For I am going to shut it down. For they will go so far that they find themselves in a stupor of where they realize they have nothing to say because their voices are empty. They are hollow. They are mere shells that have expanded to the point where they hold nothing of value. Hearts are already beginning to shift, but they haven’t stopped their voices yet because they don’t even understand the shift. But within themselves declares God, I am bearing witness, and there is a stirring within them to find something true. And when they look hard enough they will find Me. There’s not going to be a stillness as some would expect, but it will be an opportunity for the clarity of My voice to rise above all the other voices. And it will be a time of ingathering again and you must be prepared for this. For I will gather those who are distraught, I will gather those who have found no answer in the world and they will come to My church. See that you do not oppose them, for they are the Gentile, they are the unbelievers, they are the haters, but they will come looking for Me. So be prepared. Learn to walk in the strength and the power of My Kingdom. And I will give you the words to speak at the right time. And as you speak the words they may seem simple to you but they will be profound in the ears of those who hear; and, they will turn and they will come into My body saith the Lord. Not just in the United States but around the world, around the world. For the hollowness will be exposed, and when they crack open the egg hoping to find a birth, they will find only emptiness because they have no life within them, for I’ve put My life in My body declares God. And I’ve put My Spirit within those who will call upon Me, and will change their thinking from one kingdom into My Kingdom, that they will give up darkness for My light declares God. So choose to walk in My light. Don’t get caught up in what is on the news, for the news doesn’t even know what’s going on. But I do, and I’m orchestrating the events right now to bring those voices to nought that oppose Me.” 

June 4, 2017 PM Service -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“There has been a gross darkness that has covered the earth, and that darkness has become so overwhelming that many have believed that the light has gone, and therefore they believe that they can do whatever they please and no one would even notice. For in darkness dark works are done. For they are concealed by the very darkness in which they do them. But My word says that in the dark places I make My light to shine. In the dark areas My light comes into the manifestation of those realms and reveals them for all to see. And this is what is going on right now declares God. My light, My people, are rising up and they are saying, ‘No more, no more, no more!’, and their light is beginning to shine into the earth again. And those that have done these things for years and years and years are suddenly being caught, and they are without excuse. For they know what they have done, but now it is being exposed when they thought no one would ever know it and they could do these things without any problems at all. But no longer says the Lord. For I will hold men accountable for every idle word that they speak. They may have done these things to gain accreditation with their friends, but it is an offense to Me says God. So I am bringing these things out and I am revealing them. And in the area of terrorism, I am shining My light into the darkness of those cells to where they will be exposed and they will be rooted out as rats are rooted out of the holes in which they hide. For those things are coming to light and they are being exposed for what they are. And there will be a rise of righteousness across the world that will say ‘No more!’, that will put a stop to many of these things to where the enemy can no longer operate in the security that they’ve had in the darkness of the world. For as the light shines, so their darkness is revealed, and it will be dealt with declares the Lord.”

June 18, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“I’ve told you, I’ve told those who believe in Me saith the Lord, to call Me Father. I have even sent My Holy Ghost to live and dwell within you by which He cries out through you ‘Abba Father’. This is not a light thing, it is declaring before all the hosts of Heaven, it is declaring forth above all the things of this natural world that you belong to Me. Jesus told the hypocrites your Father is the devil. He was saying your characteristics emanate from the characteristics of the devil, the deceiver, the liar, the fraudulent one. But I have called you to call Me ‘Father’ declares God, the Almighty, the Everlasting, the I Am that I Am. I’ve called you to call Me ‘Father’ because you that call on Me, that recognize who I am, you are of the same nature as I Am says the Father. For I have brought you up from the earth kind to the God kind. Even (in) My prophets say that you shall be gods, you shall never come to My level declares The God. But yet I have raised you up to My kind, that you would walk in My Kingdom, in My goodness, that you would walk with Me declares God. That you would know the things that I have in store for you. Abraham saw this and he walked in it. Enoch saw it and walked in it. And if you can see it, you can walk in these things saith God. For by faith we see the things that are not and we declare them as though they are. So walk by faith. Don’t walk by the things of this natural world that you see, for the natural world is passing away. But My Kingdom is growing stronger and stronger and stronger. So seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness and all the things of the world that you long after, they’ll be given to you. But My command to you, My instruction to you is seek Me first. Seek My Kingdom to live in My glory, to dwell in My goodness, to walk before Me says God. When that becomes your highest priority, the things of this natural world will pale in comparison. For those who have seen My glory have seen My face. Those who have seen My glory have seen My goodness, they’ve seen My blessing in which I have called you to walk into those things and not the things of the world. For you must leave those natural things behind that you can cleave to that which is My Spirit, that which is of Me declares God. And cling to those things you shall, for the world is falling apart. And the only stable things in this world are soon to become those of My Kingdom. For everything else will begin to shatter, and everything else will begin to fail, but yet My Kingdom will endure forever, for it is the solid rock on which you stand. It is the solid rock on which you build on My Son Jesus. And He will establish you for all of eternity.”

June 25, 2017 AM  -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“There’s a fresh wind blowing declares the Lord. For My breath is covering the land, and I am breathing out of my Holy Spirit what has not been seen for a long time. Even the enemy is aware of this and it is showing more confusion in their camp. It says Gideon approached, and as they broke the lights, broke the lanterns and they cried for the Lord. Oh, the enemy was routed, the enemy was put to flight. And so it will be again this day, in this hour, in this time. For the enemy shall be moved and not the way that they want to be moved. For I am moving them declares the Lord. For there is a fresh wind, a fresh breath across this land. And those who are My people step over into My Spirit. Step over into My breath, for this will not last long. And it is so crucial for My people to step over into what I am doing declares God, because if you don’t it will pass you by, and you’ll say ‘What was that?’. For you will miss it. But for those who would step into My Spirit, oh You’ll catch the flow, you’ll catch the momentum, you’ll catch what I am doing declares God, and you will be caught up into higher realms and higher places then you ever thought imaginable. For too long My people have looked at the world and you’ve diagnosed what I’m doing according to the pattern of the world, but I am shaping the pattern of the world at this time declares God, so the world now only begins to reflect what I have already begun. So you must look to My Spirit. You must look into My realm, declares God, to see what is going on, for I am causing the things in the world to change. So, come on over. Come on over into My Spirit, for it’s open for you to just come on over into My realm, into My Being declares God. And I will open your eyes and open your ears that you can see and hear what I am doing today.”

June 25, 2017 PM -- Listen
given through Woody Woodson

“I want to teach My people in the ways of royalty. They do not understand yet what it means to be in the royal family. I am going to teach you kingdom authority, so that you will realize the dominion you have been given declares the Lord, and that you will take authority over everything that does not line up with the will of the King. I have made you kings to rule and reign in this life on the earth declares God, just as I rule in Heaven. And as you are tied to headquarters, you’ll begin to proclaim and decree a thing, and it will be performed. I am waiting for the church to get out of the natural realm and into the realm of the Spirit, where they can be supernaturally positioned and supernaturally empowered, and can speak My wisdom to the heavenlies and begin to proclaim things I’m about ready to do. I’ve already declared it in Heaven, but until someone declares it on earth, there will not be a performance of it declares God. I’m waiting for the redeemed to ‘say so’, and I literally will take you from a mentality of servanthood to a mentality of sonship which will serve humanity greatly, because you will come from a place of the ‘know’ which is in the now of faith declares God. I’m shifting the church out of a normal mode, into a kingdom mode declares God, that literally it will not be the church mode as much as the kingdom mode. For the church was always established to be the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, as the branch office. And now the shift will begin to take place. And as My people begin to get this revelation, they will begin to basically occupy key positions, and My favor will be released, for it has been waiting for a revelation of the Father in you. When you recognize Who the Father is in you declares the Lord, you will begin to operate as I operated on the earth; ‘cause I came to reveal the Father, and as you operate the way I operate, the Father will be revealed. And the fatherless will come into the Kingdom because they’ll see a good, good Father declares the Lord!”

July 2, 2017 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“It’s not over with yet says the Lord. I’m not done. I’m still exposing those who would rise against Me. I’m still shedding light in the darkness. I am still bringing out of My goodness the things that belong to Me. And I am restoring them to My body saith the Lord. But now the body must receive the things that I am pouring out. They must learn to open their arms. For too long they have learned to walk according to the flesh, according to the natural things that they see. But I am moving in the realm of the Spirit, and many of My children will miss this movement because they’re looking to the natural to understand the things of My Spirit. And the natural only reveals My Spirit, it does not give wisdom of My Spirit. For I showed Moses My ways, and the people only knew My acts. And so it is with many in the church. They will see My acts but they won’t know My ways. For I am bringing things to pass that’s been spoken over this nation, things that I have spoken, things that My prophets have spoken, and I am bringing them to pass in these days saith God. For there is a great outpouring of My Spirit again in this nation. And it will not be limited to this nation’s borders, but it will go beyond as My people travel, as they go to different places, and they will begin to broadcast the good news here in your Jerusalem to the uttermost part of the world. And others will see and they will take heart as they sense the moving of My Spirit again. And those that have been silenced and those that have been still in many nations shall begin to find their voice, and they shall begin to pray and to intercede. And they will see the kings pulled down, they will see the rulers of this world come to naught and they will see My glory return. And for a brief time it will be heaven on earth.

“So keep your eyes to the skies. Keep your eyes on Me saith God. Do not be drawn to the left or to the right, but keep your eyes on Me and you will see My works and understand My ways. And you will walk in revelation that Abraham saw but never entered into; that Enoch saw and did step over into some of this realm. But I am bringing those things to pass in these days declares the Lord of Hosts.

“For the word that has been planted will come forth, and the seeds that have been sown, both good and bad, will come up for harvest. And the tares, the tares are beginning to be removed declares God. And My kingdom will go forth.”

July 9, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“The wheels are coming off! For Pharaoh thought he had the children of God where he wanted them, and He thought ‘I will run them into the ground’. They think, he thought, that they have what they have sought after but he planned to take it away from them. Oh, but My word says don’t lift your hand against My anointed. Pharaoh pursued after the enemy, they pursued after Israel when they were in the water of the Red Sea, but I parted it. I brought them through dry shod, but Pharaoh tried to move in the same anointing that opened the sea. And as he drove into that sea, My angels literally removed the wheels from their chariots that they could no longer pursue. And the very trap that they thought they had Moses caught in killed them, and they all died that day. In a moment, in a flash, they ceased to exist, but My people where free. There are those enemies that have sought to pursue, I’ve taken their wheels off. And even now you can see them floundering, even now you can see them beginning to wonder what is taking place. But they have tried to walk into My anointing and only I can fill that place declares God. And those who would seek to remove Me from My office will find that they are ill equipped to do so. They have neither the wisdom nor the power, for I will confound the wisdom of the wise and I shall strip them as I stripped Satan in hell, and I will expose them for all the world to see. For I’m not just a God of individual salvation, but I have spoken to the nations, to the nations. Oh, that My people would begin to get their eyes into larger areas, and they would begin to see beyond their limited life, and they would begin to see that not only do I move in your individual life but I move among the nations. And what I am doing right now, declares God, is I am repositioning nations. There are goat nations and there are sheep nations and the division is beginning to be apparent between the two, for I am beginning to move among the nations, and they must decide where they stand. For in a short time all this will become apparent, and all of this will become visible for even the natural eye to see. And those who have sought to work in darkness, their darkness is being exposed, and they have nowhere to turn because they have already rejected Me says God. They’ve already rejected their Redeemer. They’ve already rejected their Healer, they’ve already rejected the One who can release them from the darkness that they’re caught in, and yet they will not turn to Me and they will flounder in their ways and they will be removed declares the Lord. But, for My people, oh, you’ll be on the other side of the waters, you’ll be over on the other side and you’ll watch the destruction of your enemies. Those who sought to persecute you, you will stand back and be aghast at their destruction. For it shall come suddenly, and you will say ‘Oh, we’re so glad we chose the right side to be on.’ And you have chosen the right side declares God for I am your victory in every area.” 

July 16, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“I have come to take you to a higher level. I’ve come to bring you into a greater dimension. I’ve come to lift you out of the chaos, out of the wounds of this world that have been created because of sin and rebellion. I’ve come to draw you out of these things into My level declares God. To bring you into My presence. To bring you from the kingdom of this world, from the kingdom of darkness, into the kingdom of My beloved Son. I’ve come to lift your sights that you would not just see the things of this world that are passing, but you would see My glory that is rising. To see that which I am doing declares God, not just now but in that which is your future, because your future is My present declares God. And when I can draw you into your future, into My present, oh we will meet and My glory will be shed abroad in all the earth. So to those who say it won’t come, to those who are the nay-sayers, to those who are negative, oh, I declare a new way of thinking for you. I declare you to lift up your eyes, look to the hills from where I come, from where My glory is. For that hill that you look to (is) not the natural mountains, but it is the hill of the Lord, it’s the hill of My temple declares God. It’s the hill that I’ve set aside for Myself. It’s the hill that Jacob saw the ladder, and he saw that connection between heaven and earth. It’s that hill that David offered the sacrifice on, and My glory shown ‘round about. It’s that hill that Abraham went and offered his son, and I made a sacrifice in it’s place. It’s that hill, that place, that dwelling, that I inhabit declares God, that I have desired to place it in the earth, that it should rule and reign. For it shall be the throne of My beloved Son, and I am coming declares God, to set it into it’s right place. And it will be that those who say negative things and those who declare the apocalypse, will be shown that they’re out of sync. For what they see, they see in part. For yes that day shall come; but oh, the days of heaven on earth will precede it. The days when My people will declare ‘Peace, peace, we’ve achieved all that God has declared.’ When that day comes, oh their eyes will be opened. And they will see that even heaven on earth is not as great as heaven in My presence. For I am bringing things to pass that will astound even men. And even the prophets shall stand back and say ‘We never thought about this. We never perceived what God is doing and what He is capable of.’ For you only see in part and you only see a little here and a little there, for if I would show you My fullness and My greatness, you would no longer be able to speak, for it would so overwhelm you. It would be so much greater than what you can grasp, that you would just be silent before Me. For have not I said in My word that I am able to do even more than what you can think, ask or imagine? But I’ve thought these things says God, and I’ve said these things, and I have seen these things declares God. For they are of Me, they’re of My ‘super’ natural. For all this world and all the glory that you see in it, is still a fallen world. And this world that you see, I’m going to cause it to pass away and it’ll burn up. Oh, but I have a New Heaven, I have a New Earth that I’m going to bring about, and then you’ll be able to understand the fall and the contamination of sin. For then you shall see everything as I intended for it to be, and it will endure forever declares God. And you will be a part of this New Heaven and this New Earth.

“But you can begin to enter in now. You don’t have to wait for the old things to be dissolved. You don’t have to wait for all that old to be taken care of, but you can walk in My kingdom now by faith declares God. For I’ve made a provision and a way for you to enter in, even though it may be just temporary in this life, but I’ve made a way for you enter into My glory and into My goodness, that you would behold the salvation of your God. So enter in, lift up your head, look at My kingdom. Look at what I have done through Jesus My Son, and let these things become real in you. For it is greater than anything that this world can offer. For it will exceed the presence of this world declares God.”

July 16, 2017 PM -- Listen 
given through Debbie Brubaker and Pastor Gordon Brubaker

through Debbie

“Did I not tell you in My word to covet the gifts, and more especially that you would prophesy? But if you don’t covet them, if you don’t desire them, they won’t manifest! They won’t manifest in you if you don’t desire them, because I am not going to force Myself on you. So you must yield to Me. You must desire them. You must open yourself up for the gifts to begin to flow. And you must be willing to accept that somebody’s going to see you! But if they don’t see you, they won’t see Me! So, open yourself to Me, yield to Me, and begin to desire the things of My Spirit. Begin to desire for My Spirit to choose you. You don’t make it happen. I choose. I choose. But I can only choose those that are willing to be chosen. So, desire. Desire these gifts. Desire that they would flow, and be a part of exposing Me to the world.”

through Pastor Gordon

“There are many who say they want to enter into the Kingdom of God, but yet the fear that they have of being seen does not allow them to enter in. For they fear men more than they fear God. They don’t see it this way, they don’t understand it this way. But that is the reason why so many do not enter in, is because they’re looking to the opinion of men rather than to My opinion of them saith God. For I choose who I will to work in the gifts, but yet you must will to be chosen for Me to be able to choose you. For if you do not choose Me above the things of the world, then I am tied and I am limited. But I don’t want to be limited in My family. I don’t want to be limited in My house says God, for I want to rule and reign and I want to use you to let your light shine so that others can see Me, that others can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But you must be willing to enter in. You must be willing to be a participant of those things that you believe for and you believe in, so that they will manifest through you; and, thus My kingdom will expand and will increase saith the Lord.”

July 30, 2017 -- Listen 
tongues and interpretation through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Oh, the world is in chaos. The world is whirling this way and that way. They don’t know which way to turn. They don’t know how to interpret the signs of the times. They don’t understand what is going on. But in My place there is peace. In My Kingdom there is a settledness, for I know the end from the beginning declares the Lord. And I am not shaken by anything that goes on. My people know they’re in a battle. My people know they’re in a war. And there will be risings and settings; there will be those individuals who come for a moment and who will leave. They will have accomplished their job. They will have done what I have called them to do, and then it’s time for someone else to step into their place. And this is what you see. The world says it’s chaos. Oh, it’s Me setting things in order says the Lord. For I am in the middle of raising up mighty men, men that will stand on principle, men who will stand on character, people who will take a stand for Me declares the Lord, and all the ‘P.C.’ of the world is crumbling and falling apart. Even the world recognizes this but they have no clue what is going on. For they thought they were in charge and they thought they could turn the horse which ever way they wanted it to go. Oh, but they didn’t reckon with My stallion says the Lord. They didn’t come to grips with My Lord says God. For I am the one who puts the bit in the horse’s mouth, and I turn it whichever way I want it to go. The world does not control it, I do says God. And I am pouring out My glory in this day and this age. Yes, it’s messy. Yes, it seems confusing but it’s not to Me says God. For I am orchestrating events in the world right now that My Kingdom would come. That those who have set up false kingdoms will fall and they will collapse literally under their own weight. For the trap that they have set for others they are falling into it themselves. That’s why they’re in confusion. Because they have said ‘Peace, peace. We’ve won!’, and there was never peace, there’s never an order to things, but it was always in chaos because the world can not bring order. Only I can establish order says God, for I am the order that has set the universe into motion.

“So don’t worry, don’t fret, don’t be like the world and be caught up in the day to day news, for all they can see is the moment. And all they can see is what they see with the natural eyes. But behold, look unto Me says the Lord. Look to My mountain, look to Mt. Zion from whence cometh your help. For I am on the move says God, and I will rescue all those who seek Me declares God.”

August 6, 2017 -- Listen 
tongues and interpretation thru Kathy Duckworth

“I tell you in My Word that I came to give life. Take life, don’t walk in the darkness anymore. Take life. Life is out there for you. Take it. Take My life. I have a higher, better way of living for all of you. Take that. I'm giving it to you. I love you. I love you. Take it. I love you. Hang on, hang on. Don’t look at what you see with your eyes. Look to Me. I have greater, better things for all of you. Look to Me. Stay with Me. Believe Me. I love you. I love you.” 

August 20, 2017 -- Listen 
through Gordon Brubaker

“Many think that when My Kingdom comes that it will bring a great reign of peace in the earth. But even My Son said ‘I did not come to bring peace’, but I came to set family against family, children against parents and parents against children. For when My Kingdom comes, there are those who choose to walk in that Kingdom, choose to walk in My righteousness and there are those who reject it and will walk away. So there is a conflict. When My Kingdom comes it will be peace for those who enter My Kingdom declares God. But for those that are outside, they will resist and they will struggle against My will being done in the earth. So, yes, there is peace but it is a time of conflict. For the world does not want My Kingdom. That’s why it’s called the world. They operate under a different system than My Kingdom operates in. But I am establishing My Kingdom says the Lord in the earth, and those who are of My Kingdom, they will become more and more separate from the kingdom of this world. For they will look at those things and they will reject them. As they grow and increase in My Kingdom, they will reject that worldly system of doing things. And those who are in the world will continue to walk in darkness, and they will continue to walk by sight, and they will continue to live by the works of the flesh. But they have no part of Me, says God, for that is not My Kingdom. For My Kingdom cannot be established by kings or by governors or by force or by those who would just choose to do according to their own choosing. But when My Kingdom comes, says God, My Word is law. My Word is life. And I have called My people to live by faith. Why must you live by faith? Because this world operates in a different level. They operate by sight, they operate by the things that they see going on around them. Oh, but My people walk by faith in Me says God.
For My people, they see a different sight. For they see My goodness and they see My glory and they see My Kingdom come, and they rejoice at that (ir)regardless of what is going on around them. So enter into My Kingdom and receive peace. Reject the things of the world and come out against those things says God. To reject them in your life, in your life, that you would come to live by a higher standard of living than what this world could ever attain. For I’ve come to set you apart and I have called you into My Kingdom saith God. So walk in it and bear the fruits of repentance. 

“For the kingdom of this world is passing away, and you’re seeing the death throes. Even as dogs will fight one another over the scraps, so you’re watching the world fight one another for the scraps, and they think this is gold; but it’s just scraps saith God. For My Kingdom is of greater value than silver or gold. It’s of greater things than anything that this world has to offer, for My Kingdom will transform this earth says God. As My people walk at a higher level, the blessings flow from them into their communities, into their countries, into their land, and My Kingdom will begin to permeate to silence the voices of this world for a period, and then I'll release it again. For there will come that time when the restrainer is removed. Then all those things that have been shut up, all those things that have been made to sit and withdraw, will be free to fight over the scraps once again. For they fight over worldly things, and they fight over things that are temporary, and they fight over things that will not endure forever. But you, My children, oh, you’ve seen My Kingdom that knows no end, that has no beginning and no end because it is in Me saith God, and I will rule over all things by My Son Jesus Christ.”

September 10, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“For I am able to take that which you consider to be small and enlarge it to such a capacity that you would never recognize where it started from. For I’ve given you the parable of the seed, and in that seed, even how small it is, everything that is needed for growth is in that seed. And if you plant it, a great tree can grow out of it. And out of that tree a forest can come. And out of that forest, animals and birds come, and they make their home in it. If I can do that with a seed, do you not think I can do it in you? To take that which you consider waste, to take that which you consider to be small of little importance, and yet by My touch says the Lord, I can cause increase to come in your life. I can turn situations around to where you don’t even remember how it began. For I make all things new, and I am the one who shines the light into the darkness. And when that light comes, all the darkness has to leave. But in order for the darkness to go, light must come in. I must have entrance into your life. I must have that entry point into you that I can cause you to grow. And the things that I place in you from birth, those things I can increase and magnify until literally you become a world overcomer. To overcome, to pull down, to destroy all those things that have been spoken against you. And all those circumstances that seem to be contrary, I can turn them around declares God. For I am the light, I am not the darkness. And where there is darkness, I sent My Son, the Light of the world, to dwell in that place, that the darkness would flee from His presence. So let My light have entry in you and let My glory, My goodness manifest in you, that you could take of that goodness on the inside and you can manifest it to the world. And the world will see your light, and many will come to your light, to My glory, My goodness. And they can enter the kingdom of My glory, even as you have, because they’ve seen your witness. So come unto Me and let Me take that which is small, that which you are willing to throw away right now, that dream, that hope, that desire that you have put on the shelf, give it over to Me and I will use it to reveal My glory and My goodness declares God.”

September 17, 2017 -- Listen 
Tongues and interpretation through Gordon Brubaker

“It is My desire to give bread to My children. It is My desire to give the Kingdom to My Sons and to be in health. And yet you must cooperate in all these areas. You must go and get the bread. You must seek first My Kingdom. You must be the one that longs after Me and longs after My blessings says the Lord. For though I’ve given it to all the earth, I’ve made the opportunity for all to receive what I have, yet many don’t for lack of knowledge, lack of understanding or lack of desire. For they’ve sought the things of the world and they say ‘I’m content. I have all that I need.’ But I’ve given to you more than what you need. Yes you can survive, yes you can get along, yes you can pursue after the things of this world, but I have a heavenly Kingdom to bestow upon you. And I have blessings from above to give to My children, if they would receive what I have to offer; but, it requires a discontent. It requires no longer being satisfied with just being satisfied. For there is a spiritual hunger that must be sought after. A spiritual desire to pursue more than what you have, for I have caused you to be a blessing to those around you. And if you only pursue that which satisfies you, you can not satisfy those around you, because they will draw from you. And if you have no more to give, then they have nothing to receive. So pursue after Me says God. After your needs have been met, after your goals have been attained, pursue after Me and long after who I am that you would attain the fullness of the Godhead in you, that you would have an abundance to give to those around you, so that life would flow from you to others, that they could tap into your reservoir and draw out what they need. For I’ve put it within you says God, all My blessings and all My glory, and yet you must draw out of these things in order to meet the needs of others. For out of your own needs, your own supply, you can not give to them. It must be My supply in you says the Lord, that you will meet their needs. For Jesus drew not out of His reservoir in the natural, but He drew out of that heavenly reservoir that I had put in Him. And out of that heavenly reservoir flowed healing, flowed redemption, flowed the power to brake the curse and to set men free. And this is what I would desire for all of My children, that you would not stay children but that you would become sons, that you would become fathers and mothers to those around you, that you would disciple them and grow them up in the things of Me says God; that they would know Me for themselves and not just for what you have heard or what you have spoken to them, but that they would know the power of what you speak and know the One who has come to set them free. This is your choice, it is your choice to walk into the greater or just be satisfied with where you are. But I’ve called you into the greater. I’ve called you into more glory, more abundance, more healing, more revelation. I’ve called you into these areas says God, that you would be able to meet the needs of others, because they don’t know how to meet their own needs. So don’t just stand back and say ‘Well they need to do it on their own.’ Help them. Show them the same love that I have shown to you. Show them the same forgiveness that I’ve shown to you. Show them the same mercy that I have shown to you. For this is drawing out of a deeper reservoir than your own. You will be drawing out of My kingdom and out of My glory says God to meet the needs of the many.

“(It is when you begin to live) for another that life begins to flows out from you. If all you do is live for yourself, you’ll never have more. You’ll have enough but you’ll never have the more. You need to live for Me says Christ. You need to live for My sake, not just for your own. Then you’ll find the Kingdom. Then you’ll find the satisfaction that escapes so many of My children because they’re only living for themselves, moment by moment, and they’ve not chosen to live for another. They’ve not chosen to live for Me says God. But step up into this realm, step up into this place where you live for another, and I will take you places and I will meet your needs and I will show the love for you, that I have for you, to others that they would walk in the same love. Walk in this level and you’ll walk and step into a higher realm of glory.”

October 1, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“The world is afraid of My goodness declares the Lord, because they don’t understand My compassion. They don’t understand how My love is so great and so vast. They don’t understand that My forgiveness is My entry way into the throne room, that My grace and My mercy have been poured out on the world. They’re afraid of it because they can not receive it. But they’d rather live in their own shallowness, their own limitations, because if they would receive My goodness, there is no more excuse. There’s no more reason for them to live the way they have chosen to live, so they’re afraid of My goodness. Because if people discover My goodness says God, natural men will lose their control over the lives of others. No longer can they dictate, no longer can they strike fear into the hearts of the people, because My goodness will meet all of their needs. My goodness has been poured into the earth says God. I will not draw it back. I will not say ‘No, no, no, you come back to Me.’ But My goodness is there to change; and those who would see, those who would behold My goodness, will be changed forever. For they will begin to see the things of this world fade and pass away into the nothing that they are. They will begin to see My fulness, the fulness of My mercy poured out. The fulness of My light that dispels darkness. The fulness of who I am that consumes even the flesh of men, to bring you into a higher dimension, a higher way of living. For the world promises these things, but they can not give them, because they are beyond this world. They are beyond the carnal understanding of things. Oh, it is the realm of My Spirit says God, that I’ve called you to inhabit, that I’ve called you to participate in. I’ve called you to walk in My goodness, in My glory. And all the other things will fade away. But you will know Me, for I will abide with you forever and ever and ever declares the Lord.

“So walk into My goodness. Walk into these things that I’ve provided for you says the Lord. They’re free. They’re free. You can have them by believing in Me. By knowing that I am the Greater One than the one in this world. To know that I am the all fulfilling, all encompassing God. To know these things about Me that they will manifest in you as you trust Me and as you yield yourself to Me says God.”

October 08, 2017 pm -- Listen 
Through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Oh, that My people would know My grace. Oh, that they would know My love. For you’ve received My grace to a certain point. You’ve received it to the degree that you understand, but I have more than what you know. I have more grace, more mercy, more power than what you can think, ask or imagine. I have more for you than what you have entered into so far, and even more for you than what you’ve been able to see through your natural understanding. For you see in part and you know in part, but I, say the Lord, I know the end from the beginning, and I know the plans that I have for you that you would walk in those things that I’ve already set out for you to attain. And yet you’ve become satisfied because of your pride, because of your ego. You’ve become satisfied, ‘Well I’m doing all I know to do;’ and that’s your problem. You’re doing all you know to do, but I know more to do. For I know those things that I have placed within you that you haven’t even begun to tap yet. For I have put My very essence, My very person within you says the Lord, through the new birth. And in that reborn experience I have come to inhabit you. For My grace, My power, My strength operates through a power of unity declares God, of oneness with Me. That’s why Paul said in Corinthians that you be of the same mind, you be of the same Spirit, because that releases My gifts in operation. But where there is envy, where there is strife, where there is bitterness, where there is discouragement, I am not free to move in the way that I would desire to move. For those are limitations to Me. Oh, I am moving in these days, declares God, to bring My body into a unity of My Spirit, not their understanding, but a unity of My Spirit declares God. And when they come into that unity of Spirit, I will begin to do things; and the church, those through whose hands it is performed, will begin to stand back and say ‘This has to be God.’ For it will no longer be the imagination of men. It will no longer be the desire of men, but it will surpass those things to where My Spirit is released in the earth to move and to have sway. Oh, that you would come into unity with Me, declares God, that you would come into unity with one another, that there would be no division in the body, and there would be no division between Me and you. For I have called you unto Myself says God. And I say again ‘Come, come, come,’ that we may walk together and the power of My Spirit would be poured out and glorified in all the earth. This is My will declares God. This is My desire for you and for My body in the earth. Not in Heaven, for it will be that way in Heaven, but I want to see those things manifested in the earth, in the natural realm declares the Father.”

October 15, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker 

“Many are asking Lord when are you coming again? When are you going to blow across this land? I already am declares the Lord. I am already showing myself strong. But even as Jesus came into the earth, many of those who believed, many of those who sought after Him did not like the way that He came. For He came as one of them. He came and walked among them. And they wanted a mighty king, one that’d just overthrow all the natural gods and kings that were in the earth. And they wanted to see Him set up a kingdom. He did, but it was a spiritual kingdom. A kingdom that lives and continues in the hearts of those who believe in Me says God. For I am blowing on this earth again says God. For evil has seen its day, and it has risen to such a level, but I am showing Myself in the midst of that evil. And there are many who say, ‘We want the Lord, and we want God to do this and God to do that.’ Well, I’m doing those things in My own way declares God. And those who have wanted this day, many are even rejecting it, for it has not come in the appearance that they desire. For I will do it in My way and My fashion says God. For My desire is to see men repent, is to see them come to the end of their own rope that they would turn to Me. I am even shaking up Hollywood. And like the crowds that followed My Son into Jerusalem, they will cheer and they will holler ‘Oh, Son of David.’ They will holler all these wonderful, good platitudes, and yet when it affects them, the shouting and rejoicing will wane away rapidly, for it’s not about others, it’s about them says God. This is about their heart. And although they want things to change, they don’t want to change their heart; and their heart is the issue says God. What they truly believe, what they truly yield themselves to they will be servants of. For I am revealing hearts in this day says God. And there are those, even among My own people, who will holler and cheer until they come before the fire and the citadel of the King. And there is someone who will point to them and say, ‘Aren’t you one of those?’, and then you’ll have to declare yea or nay. And many will deny Me, says God, like Peter; and they shall walk away ashamed. And yet My grace will reach out to them and I will still call them back. But there will be others, like John, no one ever asked him a question because his lifestyle and his mannerism was such that they all knew. And he was there with Jesus through the trial; and he was there through the beatings; and he was there when they carried the cross to the crucifixion; and he was there under the cross; and he was there when Jesus died. And he saw the whole thing and he endured it with Me, declares Jesus. That’s why I honored him with long life. Because of his countenance, because of the integrity of his heart, he lived long and prospered in the things that I had planned for him.

“So this is the day to follow after Me says God. It’s the day not to hide, not to shirk. It’s the day of the out coming of My body, My church says God. For you are My witness in the earth. And you are the ones that I am calling this day to display My power in you. And again, although many would desire this and many would seek after this, when it actually comes down to their choice, many will not stand. For they will have to make a declaration and it will be a declaration not of just words, but of commitment to whether or not you will walk with Me in the valley, whether or not you will walk with Me when all those around you are yelling ‘Crucify Him, crucify Him!’ And there will be those who will stand strong and there will be those who will see the glory in it fulness, and there will be others who wish they had done what they knew was the right thing to do. So prepare to make your stand. Prepare now to do the right thing, for it will come upon you. And you will have to make that choice and that decision. And when you do, it’s not going to be as hard as you think. It’s not going to be as difficult, for you’ve already set your face; and you’ll say along with the early disciples, ‘We must obey God rather than man. And we must acknowledge God in all of our ways, not just occasionally.’ And I will call you My sons and My daughters says God.”

October 22, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“There are those of My family who still come before Me asking Me, requesting Me to give them more. Give me more of this, more of that, more of the other. I have already placed Myself within you says the Lord God Almighty. All that you need is already present. My anointing is upon you as a believer. My power is within you as I dwell in you. And I have called you to rise to a new level to overcome greater devils. And I have placed within you all that you need, but you must begin to walk in Me says the Lord, that I can be free in you. For you’re still trying to do these things by your own understanding instead of My understanding says God. You’re trying to accomplish them through the works of the flesh instead of by the power of My grace. For My grace is greater than your works. For your works can not accomplish what My grace has already given to you. Therefore you must learn to walk in My grace, to humble yourself before Me says the Lord, that I can fill you up to overflowing. And when you walk in Me, My overflow will begin to run through you and it will cause overflow in every area of your life, but it will first overflow you. For I am the greater one. I am the one who has all things. I am Jehovah Jireh, and I have placed Myself by My choice within you declares God. So don’t look and say, ‘Well who’s gonna do this, and where’s God gonna come from, and when is this going to occur?’, for it is already within you. For I dwell within you declares God. And when you look to Me, when you draw upon My Spirit says God, the overflow becomes a natural way of living. For you are no longer living out of your resources, but you’re living out of My resources. And I am the more abundant One declares Jesus. For I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly than what you can produce by your own efforts.

“So step into My overflow. Step into those areas that I have already provided for you, for your provision is there. But you must go there to get the provision. For I’ve prepared it for you. It’s not where you’re at, it’s where I have called you to go. It is the ‘there’ that I’ve set before you, and as you go ‘there’ you will find the provisions that you need.

“Don’t be afraid to go there. Don’t be afraid to go into those areas that I’ve called you into. For again ‘there’ is the provision. And what keeps you out of My provision is the fear of the things of this world, that you will not receive that which I’ve said. But if you go there, there is the provision. If you break through the fear, there is all that you need. For I am there, for I go before you says the Lord. I am with you, but I also go before you, because I am drawing you up to a higher level and a higher way of living. And there will be many who will say ‘No, I’m content where I am, I don’t need the more.’ Why do you fight Me says God? Why do you fight My goodness? Why do you fight and struggle against My mercy and against all the bounty that I have for you? Why do you struggle? It’s because you don’t trust Me. You trust Me to go to Heaven, but I’ve ask you to trust Me with your life, with all that you have. For if you will give up those natural things, I will give you those natural things back and even more says God. For you will not walk in dependence upon the natural, but upon My Spirit. And My Spirit is greater, greater, greater than that which is natural.”

October 24, 2017 
through Curtis Anderson

The spiritual Babylon is coming down. It’s coming down fast, says the Lord. It’s coming down and there is many says the Lord, they are crying aloud, “Babylon is fallen. It’s fallen, that great city.” And they will mourn, they will wail, but my people, they shall rejoice, that city that has held my people for so long it is falling, it’s failing. It is only temporary. There is coming a time that My people will have to make a decision, will they follow Me, or will they mourn with the people of that city that has fallen. So stand firm, stand with Me, stand together in Spirit and in truth. Be united with Me, with My Body, become one mind. Don’t mourn, for I said that the things of this world are passing, and they are passing quickly. So remove yourselves from them before you get caught in the falling away. 

November 5, 2017 -- Listen 
Tongues and Interpretation by Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“For there is a breakthrough. My people all around are looking for it. They’re asking, ‘Is this it? Is this it? Is this it?’ Oh, but it’s all around you says the Lord. And many are those who do not see it, for they’re looking only into the natural realm of existence. But in My Spirit there has been a breakthrough. Stones are being removed. Stones have been removed and the wall is beginning to show the break in it that it coming. But the breakthrough is already here declares God. And for those who want to participate, they must look into the realm of My Spirit and not into the realm of their own flesh, or the things that are happening around them. For when My Son walked in the earth, many received the miracles, many received the bread, many received the loaves, many, many received the fishes, many received the words but until they received My Son there was not a breakthrough. There were only the signs, only the manifestations, only the things that they could see in the natural could they grasp and comprehend. But the breakthrough came when Jesus asked Peter, ‘Who do you say that I am?’ Peter says, ‘You are the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God.’ And there are many that will say that Jesus is a prophet, that Jesus is a teacher, that Jesus is even the lover of My soul, but they haven’t made the breakthrough because they don’t see Jesus as the Messiah, as the appointed one, as the chosen one. But there is a fresh move where the wisdom of men have failed and people are asking ‘God, who are you?’ And they are in the process of discovering the Messiah, the answer for all that they’ve searched for. And when they find Me declares Jesus, they will be set free for they will walk at a higher level.

“For they look to the flesh. And they look to the flesh thinking that they can find Me, but you can only find the leaves rustling in the wind when you look to the flesh. But I am the wind declares God. And if you look to Me you will see the wind as it blows and not be moved by the leaves in the tree, for My breath will be upon you says God. And I will turn what you think is a hopeless situation, I will turn it around for My glory, declares God, and for your benefit. So in these days look to My Spirit. Look to Me declares God. Get your eyes off the things of the flesh and look to Me for I have done and caused the breakthrough to already occur, and many are those who’ll walk through the breach in the wall, for they shall see the salvation on the other side and nothing will keep them back any longer declares God.

“For you have followed My Word as a duty, as an obligation, as something you must endure, but you haven’t served Me. And you’ve done all the things, what you think is the proper and the right thing to do, and you haven’t seen any results and you’re just about ready to give up. But it’s because you’ve been doing it as a slave rather than as a friend. You’ve just been doing your duty, but I ask you to open your heart and let Me love you. Receive what I am for who you are. Receive Me and you’ll see those things turn around. But as long as it’s just a duty, as long as it’s only a requirement, you’ll continue down the path that you’re on, and you’ll blame Me when you haven’t given yourself to Me. So give yourself today, give yourself today. 
Freely, voluntarily, give yourself.”

November 12, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“There is an outpouring of My power declares God, that has not been seen for a long time. And it’s not coming in the great waves like it was in the past, oh no, it’s coming on individuals. It’s My grace being poured out upon My body declares God. For there’s been leaders, and there’s been those who have passed on the anointing, and there have been those who have displayed the anointing, but the anointing is going to come down into the individual parts of My body declares God. And that anointing is going to flow from one cell to another cell, and those two cells are going to combine together and they will pour out the glory. And it will be a glory that covers, literally covers the earth with My goodness and My presence declares God. For it’s a glory that has never been seen in this way, not since the early days of the disciples, and they only began to walk in the edges of it, for they knew Me as the Messiah. And people will come to know Me as the Messiah, the Deliverer, the One Who has rescued them and redeemed them out of every situation. And when they get a hold of that wisdom, when they get a hold of that knowledge, and that revelation of Who I am, oh, they will be set free! And no longer will they look to one another ‘Tell me about God’, but they will know Me for themselves declares the Father. For I will let Myself be known, and I will reveal Myself to them, that you will hear testimonies of My outpouring everywhere you go. For where My Name is spoken, there I will be declares God, in My fulness!

“Fulness! You’ve known in part, but My fulness is on the way. My fulness is now beginning to overtake My church. And My fulness will take you into areas where you’ve never been before. And My fulness will fill you up to levels you’ve never known before. So open yourselves up. Get out of yourself and get into Me declares Jesus! For I am all that fills all, and I will fill you to overflowing. Don’t cling to the things that are past. Cling to that which I am holding out to you. Cling to My Word declares God. Cling to My Spirit declares God. For those things of the past that you are afraid to let go, they are weights, and they weigh you down to keep you from entering in to what I have already provided for you. So step over. Step out of your past and over into My glory declares God. For My anointing will set you free. It is release, release to the captives.”

December 3, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“There are many voices that go out at this time of the year; but there is only one voice that you need to hear and that’s the voice of My Spirit says God. For this is the time when the enemy likes to cause disruption; and this is the time he likes to attack people’s faith and attack their hopes and their dreams, because this is the season when hopes and dreams are celebrated. And the enemy wants to dash those to the ground, and he wants to trample over them, but not this year says God. Not this year. For this year My people have grabbed hold of My voice, and in My church among those who believe, they are not saying the things that the world wishes them to say. You see it in the media. You see it in the programs. Oh, they bite their tongue because they want to say things and I won’t allow it. And so they are beginning to declare My glory declares God. Even when they don’t, they acknowledge My values. Because if they have their way, oh they would have much to say of hate and bitterness and division and animosity . But I have brought it to the place, says God, that they are having to back up and apologize for what they wish they would have said, because My Spirit has stopped it. But for you My people, stay with My word. Stay with My council. For My word will get you through and My word will put you over declares God. For My word is the power of My Spirit, it is the expression of who I Am declares God. And in My word is My mercy and My power revealed to all who would hear. For there is confusion coming into the land. There is confusion as to which way to go and who to believe, and all the confusion of all the variety of voices, and yet My voice is ringing true. For thousands of years My voice has been true. And it is becoming clearer within My church declares God. For even there, there will come division and there will come that dividing line, that plumb line, by which I will judge all things. And those who are askew, and those who are wanting to do their own thing, some of those I am bringing back in to my plumb line, and I am lining them up. But others will refuse to return and they will continue in their own way and it will be to their own destruction. And even though they’ve seen the destruction of others who have refused My call, they still say ‘Oh, but it won’t happen to me.’ Oh, yes it will declares God. For the things that are hidden will be brought to the surface. And the things that men wish to declare of evil, I am exposing in their heart, and I will make it public unless they repent of those things, unless they return to Me. For it is part of My plumb line declares God, that you would return to righteousness. That you would return to the One who has created you in His own image. That you would return to a life of responsibility. That you would return to living Godly in this world declares God. For those I have a reward, and for those I have benefits of, but I will give it in these days and I will display it in this hour declares God.

“When the king would return from battle, the people would rejoice. For he would come in victory. And he would come with the spoils of the enemy. And so I am preparing you for liberty, for rejoicing, and for the sharing of the spoils that I am taking. For indeed the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just. And there is that transference of wealth, not as you would suppose in the natural, but a transference of wealth of those positions of power that the world has held, that those who oppose Me have held, are turning around, and I am putting My prophets, My priests, My kings into those positions. For it was created for them declares God. And it is that time when they return to their right owner, which is Me.”

December 10, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Some will say these are tumultuous times. Things are changing rapidly, things are going up and down and so many people don’t know which way to turn. It was that way when My Son was born. It was that way when Jesus came into the earth. For when He was born the kings shuddered. The kings wept. For they knew that if this is true, if this rumor of the Son of God born at Bethlehem were true, it would shake the foundations of their kingdoms, and they were right. But instead of looking to Me to deliver them, they tried to deliver themselves, and so they ensnared themselves through the very thing that they claimed they were against. And so it is in these days, those who would be free are so afraid of Me, so afraid of losing their position, that they have succumbed to the very things they claimed to be fighting against. And they’re confused because light has come into the darkness. And when the light comes there’s a choice that is being offered: whether you will walk in the darkness or whether you will walk in the light. For the ways of men are dark because they have no light except from Me saith the Lord. And My light, if they would give it place, would enlighten and illuminate their thoughts and their deeds. And so it is today that the light is shining and there (are) many whose darkness is being revealed. And they’re so shocked by it because it has been such a normal practice for them to walk in the deceit of their heart, and they walk in the corruption, and to walk in the lies that when they are found out, they don’t know what to do, because they’ve never looked to Me to start with. But for those who are looking for a deliverer , for those who are looking beyond themselves for help, oh they see what’s going on. And they have understanding of the times and they know what’s happening about them. And they rejoice, just as the shepherds rejoiced in the fields, just as the angels rejoiced in heaven, for I have come to bring peace on earth; but when that peace comes, it causes confusion and often turmoil. People say ‘This is not the peace that I thought.’ No, but I didn’t come to bring peace between people, I came to bring peace between people and Me saith God. And I came to deliver them out of their pettiness, out of their smallness, out of their limitations, to bring them into a glorious glory that they can only begin to fathom. For all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men can not do what I did in a baby in a manager. For in that Baby all the hopes and all the fears of the world are met. I’ve called you to be a savor, a fragrance. To those who are dying you are the fragrance of death, and to those who are living you’re the fragrance of life. For it’s My fragrance says God, and I am doing what I’ve always done. I’m separating the light from the darkness; and there are those who don’t like it because they’ve always walked in what they thought was light, and it’s turning to be darkness. For they have refused the light that has come into the earth. But I’ve said to you My children, that you are light. You are the light of the earth, and I say to you again, let your light shine and let not the darkness of men overpower it. But let your light come forth. For this is the day that My light is being revealed again among men, within men - the light of heaven, the light of My glory. For only that light can free you from the darkness of this world. So seek the light. Seek Me says God, and I will guide you and I will direct you and I will bring you out to a safe place. And others who are being destroyed will soon begin to ask, ‘Where do you get the stability, where do you get the light?’ And then you can shine. Then you can speak of My love, My glory, and they’ll give you attention because they’ve never heard religion like this. For I did not come to bring a religion, I came to bring life. I came to set men free who will hear of Me declares Jesus.”

December 17, 2017 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Things are not always as they seem, for some things start large and people say ‘Wooo, look at that!’ And sometimes those things that start large end up very small. And there are those things that start small and they go almost unnoticed, and yet they will grow and increase and increase til it fills the heavens. It was that way in the birth of My Son. Oh, the angels acknowledged Him, and we told the shepherds and we told the people that needed to know, but for the most part it was very insignificant. It was just a curiosity, even to the shepherds, and later when the wise men showed up. Oh, that was a curiosity, too. But it aroused the attention of the king, because the king understood what was happening, that his time was coming to an end. So he sought to kill the curiosity, that which was different, that which was unexpected. And yet that Child that was born....My Messiah, My Deliverer had come into the earth. And He has changed the course and the destiny of this world in a way that many have not yet begun to comprehend. But that Savior, that light in the darkness has saved so many people. And yet He’s still an enigma. He’s still a confusion to those that would pass by and not notice. And yet He is the Savior of the world. And He is the Messiah that was to come. And He is now the King that is soon to return. And when He returns many will say, ‘Ah, this is what they spoke of’, and they still will not know. For to them it will still be a curiosity, but for others they will see their redemption drawing nigh. And they will be caught up with Me, declares God, while others still wonder and others are walking in their confusion. But the confusion comes because they have rejected My Baby. They’ve rejected My Word. That which seems so small, that which is so insignificant. They’ve rejected My Word. They’ve rejected My calling, My message, My communication with them. And so they walk in the blindness, they walk in the darkness, not comprehending what I have done.

“But you are not of those. For you have heard My word, and you’ve received My word. And that word is the light of the world. And that word in you, that seems even to you to be so small and so insignificant, and yet it has transformed your life, not just for today, but for all time. For forever it has changed who you are and changed your destiny and changed you from death into life. Do not count it as a small thing, but see it as what it is - My entrance into you. And that little entrance has done great and mighty things. And you, like my Son, have become a wonder in the world, a curiosity that others look at and say, ‘Well, they’re peculiar!’ Yeah, you are. But to Me, I call you special. I call you a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, king of kings, lord of lords. I’ve called you to fill the heavens with My praise, to walk with Me and to know Me as the Mighty One Who has changed your life. So appreciate the little things that are going on, and let them become the large things in your life declares God.”

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