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This page is provided for those who want to go deeper into the Word of God for self improvement and wisdom.

"Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them,
for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you."

1 Timothy 4:16

1 Corinthians 12:1-11

"Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant: You know that you were Gentiles, carried away to these dumb idols, however you were led.  Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed, and no one can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit. There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills."

In July of 2013 the LORD (YHWH) started to move and speak with us at LFM. These "Words of the LORD" are reprinted here for your reading and study. Please scroll down the page for the date of the "Word."

You may also listen to these "Words" by clicking on "Listen" or going to our MP3 Sermon page. Look up the date of the Message and listen!


January 3, 2016 - "I will cover the earth with My glory..."  July 3, 2016 - "...a fresh wind that has begun to blow." 
January 10, 2016 - "I declare this to be holy ground..."  July 8, 2016 - "Iím about ready to reveal the hidden things..."
January 31, 2016 - "...this will be a year of turnaround..." July 9, 2016 - "I know whatís going on in the earth." 
February 7, 2016 - ďThere are new doorways opening..."  July 10, 2016 PM - "I stand before you as a warring God."
February 21, 2016 - "...this is the day of the outpouring of My Spirit..."  July 24, 2016 - "...the Lord thy God is one." 
February 28, 2016 - Song of the LORD July 31, 2016 - "My light... is breaking into the darkness..." 
March 6, 2016 - "...be still and know that I am God."  August 7, 2016 - "...you are so precious to me..." 
March 13, 2016 - "There is a release of My Spirit..."  August 14, 2016 - "You have joined in the assembly of the heavenly host..." 
April 3, 2016 - "When will the Lord loose His angels?..."  August 21, 2016 - "...I'm calling people..." 
April 24, 2016 PM - "I have planted good things in you..." September 4, 2016 - ďItís time to take another step..." 
May 1, 2016 - "miracles came because you first believed..."  October 2, 2016 - "...you sell Me short..."
May 8, 2016 - "The fire has begun to fall..."  October 23, 2016 - ďThe time of my story..."
May 15, 2016 - "...I AM rushing through this country as a mighty wind..."  October 30, 2016 - ďFor Iíve already begun to move..."
May 22, 2016 AM - "I AM sending a fresh wave..."  November 6, 2016 - "...the beginning of the final great revival..."  
May 22, 2016 PM - "There are those that want to be led by My Spirit, but they donít want to spend time in My Spirit..."  November 13, 2016 - "...horse and rider...thrown into the sea." 
June 5, 2016 - "...as the trumpet sounds..."  November 27, 2016 - ďThis is the celebration..."
June 19, 2016 - "...You must come into the glory..."  December 4, 2016 - ďThere is a release of power in My Spirit..."
June 26, 2016 - "...there is a revelation of God thatís going forth." December 25, 2016 - "... Let this year be a manifestation of My glory..." 


January 3, 2016 - Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďItís easy for My people to believe that I will cover the earth with My glory, but thatís not enough says God. For you need to believe that I will pour out My glory in your place. Itís one thing to believe what Iím doing around the world, it is another level to believe I will do it in your midst! Thatís where I want to pour out! Last week I said I want to manifest Myself in you, I want to pour out My glory in you. Yes, itíll happen all around the world, but it always happens when you will receive My glory for yourself, to where you are. So receive, receive it for yourself. Receive it not for just this year, but receive it in your life, that these things will follow you. Goodness and mercy will follow you all the days, all the days, all the days of your life. For My glory is among you, and My glory is upon you says God. So receive Me. Let Me come into your life in greater measure! Donít limit Me by what I did yesterday. Donít limit Me by what I did years ago. But only let My Spirit limit you, for My Spirit has no limits and has no boundaries. For I have created all things, and all things were created for your pleasure. They were created that you would walk into these things that I have created. Oh, Iíve created so much more than what you can see! I have created so much more than natural things declares God. But Iíve created them all that you would walk into them, that you would know them, that you would experience them. That means in this day, in this hour, at this time I will manifest Myself. I have chosen to reveal Myself to those who call on My Name. And those who will believe and receive, they shall walk in these things! Not just to receive them for a moment, but they will continually walk in My glory and in My Spirit says God.Ē 


January 10, 2016 - Listen
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďI declare this to be holy ground, for wherever My presence is, becomes holy. And when you come into My presence, you come before My face and you come into holy ground. Not only is the ground holy, but those who enter into that holiness are holy. For what has unrighteousness to do with righteousness? For if I am holy and Iíve called you into My presence, oh, your unrighteousness is gone, and your holiness is being established even as we speak. Even as you come into My presence, your holiness is established and will continue. For what I declare to be holy, let no man say is unholy. For havenít I said I have chosen you out of all the world to be My sons and My daughters, to come unto Me, to carry My Name, to carry My presence, My essence everywhere you go? For again I said I will not leave you and I will not forsake you. I will not abandon you, and I will not let go of you declares God. For not only have I called you into holy ground, Iíve called you into holiness. Iíve called you to live in Me, and let Me live in you says God. So come! Come and live in Me! Come and receive the freedom, the liberty that I give to My children, that I give to those who call on My Name and believe and receive what I have done for you, that you would know beyond the shadow of a doubt who you are in Me declares Christ, declares the One who was alive and dead and alive again. For as I live in you, I manifest the power of My resurrection in you, and I show forth My glory in you declares Jesus.Ē

January 31, 2016 - Listen
through Pastor Paul Allen

ďYea, and I would say unto you this day My people, have not I ordained and have not I told you that this will be a year of turnaround? And yea, what does that year of turnaround mean? You wonder in your hearts and you wonder in your minds. Well I have recorded it in My Word saith God, enlarge the place of thy tent, yea, put down thy stakes, yea, let them strengthen thy cords saith God. For yea those things that will come unto thee this year, yea they will strengthen you. Yea, they will make you, yea, they will perfect you. For am I not coming for the bride? Am I not coming for that one that watches after Me? And yea, My word is not only to thee this day, but yea, it is to those around about the world. For there are many that believe in Me, there are many in the army of God. Yea, there is no longer just a remnant, but yea, there is an army, and I say unto you, if you will allow Me, I will lift you into places that youíve not been. Yea, I will show you things that you have not seen. Yea, I will walk before you. Yea, if you will tread upon the path that I have set before thee, yea the Lord thy God will do mighty things. For yea, I desire to use you. Yea, I desire to place you in strategic places, that you might have a word in season. For yea, this is the season of the turnaround, yea, this is the season of the blessings of God. Yea, when trials and tribulation seem to come against thee, I say unto you let it strengthen thy cords. Let it enlarge the place of thy tent. For yea, ye are My people and I AM your God. And yea, I shall go before thee and do great exploits. You shall see them within this sanctuary, and you will hear of them around about you. For yea, the Lord thy God is marching. Yea, the Lord thy God is marching to and fro. Yea, yea I say unto you, yield thy selves unto Me, and yea, I will do these things that I have spoken to you of.Ē

February 7, 2016 - Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďThere are new doorways opening for My people says God, new ways to do old things. For the direction, the mission, has not changed, but yet this is a new day. And there will be those who will try to do the old things the old ways, and they will find that they will not work as successfully. But, if you will follow My Spirit, I will show you new ways to go into new areas, and the reward will be great. For the fisherman, Peter, went out on the water. And he cast his net over all night and never caught anything. While heís cleaning his net, My Son came and said, ĎPush out into the deep.í He said, ĎLord, it wonít work, but at Your word, at Your word, weíll go.í And he went out when it was not the time to fish, when the world said it is over, and he cast his net and had to call the other boats out to carry in the fish! This is that day, says the Lord! When the world is saying ĎNo, no, no! Itís overí, many in the church will say ĎNo, itís over, our glory has been spent.í But, I say I AM pouring out My glory in all the earth, on all flesh, and My sons and My daughters they shall prophesy. And they will show signs and wonders in the heavens. For My greatest day is yet to come declares God. And as My Great Day dawns, so will the day of the Church dawn and a new brightness will cover the land. And it will go out from sea to sea and across the seas into every continent, into every nation on this earth, for My glory is being poured out yet today saith God. Donít look at yourselves and say ĎItís over.í Donít look at yourselves and say ĎIím too old.í Donít look at yourselves and say ĎItís not my time.í I declare it is your time says God. I declare this is the time of new beginnings, it is the day of the turnaround, it is the day of the outpouring, it is the day of My glory says God! For I am still revealing Myself among those who believe in Me, and I will show great things in the earth.Ē 

February 21, 2016 - Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďThis is the day, declares God, that My church has looked for for so many years. This is the day, and youíre beginning to walk in these things. For itís not a day that you shall look ahead in the future and say ĎOne of these days it will come.í I declare it has come among you already! For this is the day of the outpouring of My Spirit again says the Lord. This is the time when I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters, they shall prophesy. Your children shall lead them as they hear My voice. For I AM again revealing Myself among My people. For this is the day that I have sought after says the Lord, when people would turn to Me with their whole heart, when they would come unto Me and say ĎLord, we yield ourselves to you.í When people would again pray what My Son taught you to pray - Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done IN THE EARTH even as it is done in heaven. This is that day, and I am again manifesting My heavenlies among your earthly. So lift up your eyes, lift up your hopes, lift up your dreams, lift up your faith unto Me declares God, and you shall see things coming to pass quicker than you imagined. For there are dreams that I have put among you, and youíve said ĎOh, Iím too old!Ē There are dreams you have pushed away and youíve said ĎOh, but the time has passed.í No, declares God! For this is that day of the fulfilling of dreams. Again, in the prophet Joel I said not only shall your sons and daughters prophesy, but I said you will dream dreams and see visions. Well these arenít just for the days ahead, theyíre dreams and visions for what I want accomplished now. So begin to step into these areas. Begin to trust Me that I will bring them to pass. And like Caleb and like Joshua, I will be with you. And youíll declare ĎThis is the mountain that God promised me to have. Can I take it?í And My Spirit will say ĎYes!í, for Iíve already given it to you. So begin to look at the mountains that have been too high, the mountains that have been too strong, for I am giving them to My people today saith God. Iím giving them to you, for I AM your help, and I AM your source, declares God.Ē 

February 28, 2016 -- Listen
sung by Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďI am Lord, and there is none that can stand by My side
But One, His name is ĎJesusí, bought and paid the price
That men would rise from death and take their stand with My Son at My right hand
And now, seated beside Me with all authority by Me
Will come and judge the just and the wicked by My power
My Son will come again on the clouds with the sun
And I shall be seen in all the earth by those who watch for Me
Iím coming says the Lord. Hold on tight and donít let go
For your faith shall rescue you as you believe and call My Name
Yeshua, God of Glory, Lord of heaven and the earth
The Lamb, slain from the foundation, the Lamb without sin
Has become My sacrifice to take away the sins of the world
If My people would call on Me, I will hear and send My grace
So call, call on My Name, call Yeshua the Mighty OneĒ 

March 6, 2016 -- Listen 
through Sue Thrasher

ďJust be still and know that I am God. Iím here in quietness and confidence will be your strength. I do a new thing. The old will pass away, but behold all things will become new. You will see My splendor and you will see My glory. I will walk with you, and I will talk with you. I will be beside you. Depend on Me for everything. Pray without ceasing. Talk to me continuously, for I can be your companion. I sent the Holy Spirit to be your companion. He will love you, and I want you to walk in love. And I want you to be a family, and I want you to express yourselves as a family. There are those among you sometimes that even in our own families that we do not like. But that doesnít matter to Me. Iíve made each one of you, and each one of you are different. But if youíll look through to them with My eyes, youíll see what I see. Thatís why I tell you to focus on the spirit and not on the flesh. If you stay and walk in the spirit, you wonít fulfill the lusts of the flesh. And you all have a part, and you all fit jointly together. Allow Me, as I said, I will build the church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail. But I know how to fit each one of you together and express Myself through each one of you. Just depend on Me for the days ahead. I will walk and talk with you in a deeper way than you have ever seen and have ever felt. I love you so with all My heart, and I wish that you would love Me with all your heart. But if you ask Me, I said you could do nothing apart from Me. So everything comes from Me - the air you breathe, the food you eat, your clothes - thereís nothing that you can do without Me. The umbilical cord is attached to Me. Itís your very life, and I want to express Myself through you. Allow Me to flow through you. Allow Me to love through you. Allow Me to speak through you, and I will speak to you, even through you, around those wherever you go. Not just in this building, and not just in this church, but wherever you go, when you go to Wal-Mart, when you go to Sheetz. Begin to pray and seek My face, for I will connect by the Spirit, by divine appointment, those that I want to bring into the kingdom. And watch what I will do, for itís going to be amazing to you what I am able to do, for I AM your God, I AM a supernatural God. Iím not just a man. I AM a supernatural God, and watch My supernatural power, and even in the days ahead in your healing, there will be those times it will come instantly. Youíve struggled much now in that area, but soon I will come and instantly I will perform, I will demonstrate, and I will show Myself to be strong and wonderful in these days. And many will be coming because they will be drawn. Once they see the love, and once they see the supernatural power of God, they will flock to see Me. And remember that Iím the Star. Thereís no other star. Remember itís all Me, and none of you.Ē

March 13, 2016 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďThere is a release of My Spirit in the earth says the Lord. There is a release of My holiness such as has not been seen since the early ages. For there have been manifestations here and there, but, oh, itís nothing like what is about to come. So prepare yourselves to be stunned, prepare yourselves to be shocked at the outpouring of My Spirit, for I am pouring out a freshness of My glory in the earth says the Lord. And there are those who are among you, that although they have My Spirit, they have never walked in the fulness of the release of the Spirit. But Iím telling you, says the Lord, as you learn to release of My Holy Ghost in you, that dunamis power will begin to explode on the inside of you and it will take you to places where you could never go without that power. Itíll take you into realms of My Spirit, walking in the natural life, that will cause transformation where you would never have expected anything to occur. But itís by My anointing, declares God, itís by that release of My Holy Spirit, of My dunamis, not yours Ė this isnít about you! Ė itís about Me says God. And I am releasing My power, and those who choose to flow with Me, they shall understand things and they shall see things, and they will be involved in setting the captives free, that others only talk about and others only observe from a distance. But My glory will change lives! And itís My glory that Iím releasing in you. Itís not just about tongues. Itís about My Spirit and My release, and your yielding to that release in your life to touch the lives of others.

ďTo this date, even in the Ďheavyí moves of God, you have only touched the surface of Who I AM, and only seen bits of My glory that I have poured out. But in these last days says God, My glory will fill the earth as I prophesied. It will fill the earth to the degree that no one can deny the power of the spiritual realm, the power of My kingdom, except that they refuse to bow their knee to Me. For this is the issue in these last days. For I AM God, declares God! I AM the One Who created all things, and I AM the One Who will end all things. And I will create all things new again says God. But this is the hour when the choice is clear, and the choice will be demanded!Ē

April 3, 2016 - Listen
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďOh, there are those who say, ĎWhen will the Lord loose His angels? When will the Lord send them forth? When will the Lord do all those mighty things that He said He will do?í Iíve already sent out My angels, says God. Theyíre among you today in this place. Theyíre among you right now, and they are angels to minister to the heirs of salvation. They are the angels that I have sent from My throne in heaven, from My glory, from My presence, to minister to you! So receive them. Let the angels do their work. Let them set you free. Let them lead you. Let them guide you. Let them cause a newness on the inside of you. Take joy, My people, take joy. Youíve got to receive this. Take joy that I AM for you and not against you. Take joy that every foul thing that raises itself up against you has already been defeated. You donít have to yield to those things any longer, for I have already set you free declares God. Iíve already set you free! And you belong to Me, saith God. You are holy ground, and I have planted My word on the inside of you. And if you nourish that word, and cherish that word, it will grow and it will produce a harvest that you can only begin to understand now. Oh, but itís creating a harvest in this earth declares God, itís creating a harvest of souls, itís creating a harvest of people who call on Me. For all over the world people are crying out and theyíre saying, ĎWhere is the real God?í And itís a shame that My people make the same cry. For I AM with you says God. I AM in you. The air that you breathe on that holy ground is the air of My glory. It is the air of My presence declares God. And as you breathe that and as you walk in that, My glory will be reflected through you. My glory will be poured out in you. So, My people, stop saying, ĎWhen, oh God, when?í It is now says the Father. It is now says the One who has given of His glory, and given it among men that men would walk in the glory of God.Ē

April 24, 2016 PM - Listen
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďOh, that My people would stir themselves up. Oh, that My house would stir up the things that Iíve planted within you, for I have planted good things in you. And yet when you watch the world, you will talk yourself out of the goodness that I have for you. But if you would stir up the gifts, stir up your faith, stir up those things that I have planted in you, stir up the memories of My goodness toward you. When you stir those things up, there is no enemy that can stand against you. Every sickness must flee. Every doubt must flee away from you says Jesus, because I am among My people and I inhabit My praises, the praises of My people, and when those praises are lifted up to Me, the devil has to flee! For I have defeated him through the praise of My people declares God, through the praises that I inhabit. Oh, stir up Myself on the inside of you says the Lord, for I declare that when you stir up, the enemy must flee and he will cease the attack on you. But stir yourself up. Stir up your faith to believe and trust in Me says God, and I will do what I promised to do. But stir yourself, stir yourself, stir yourself. Donít look to the natural things. Donít look to other people to stir you up. Youíve got to stir yourself up declares God.Ē

May 1, 2016 - Listen
through Roxann Kaiser

ď..... Do you not know that when the evil one comes, and he hears your praise of Me, says the Lord, that he draws to attention and says ĎMaybe I donít want to be here.í? Do not sit and fret. Do not moan and complain. Do not allow yourselves to drop into despair, but lift your voice. Lift your voice and let the enemy hear you! Lift your voice and let the enemy be scattered! For they do not like the praises of the Almighty. They do not like to hear the worship of the King.Ē

through Pastor Gordon

ďThe things that I have done in your midst, the signs and wonders, the miracles that I have performed, have not come because you have fleeced Me. They have not come because you set out a test and said, ĎLord, I will believe if......í. No, all these signs, all these wonders, all these miracles came because you first believed. For faith is in you. My faith, declares God. And because you acted on faith, I did all these things. Donít begin to think now, ĎOh, Iíve seen a sign. I have faith.í No, faith always comes first. Faith always precedes the miracle. The woman with the issue of blood, she came and she said, ĎIf I but touch the hem of His garment, I shall be healed.í, and, she did what her faith led her to do and she received total healing. The signs and wonders come because people believed, and the lesson is if you will believe, the same signs and wonders will belong to you! For faith reaches into My realm, says the Lord. It reaches into My throne, into My very presence and draws out My mercy and My power and My strength into your present. For Iíve already made provision. Itís already waiting for you, but itís waiting for someone to believe, to be firmly convinced, that I will perform My Word! And I will, says God. For My Word is not just a loose thing that I say. Itís not something that I just toss out randomly, but My Word comes out of My essence. It comes out of Who I AM, says God. Therefore My Word is true, because there is no deception in Me says the Father. I AM light. I AM love. I AM life. And faith taps in to that. It taps into Who I AM. And that faith transforms the natural things around you, because you trust Me. Not because you earn it, not because you deserve it, but it comes as an act of trust. For I do watch over My Word to perform it for you declares God! So believe. Release your faith this day. Not just for this moment, but release your faith to live by it, to guide you, to develop you. And you shall walk in realms that you used to laugh at. You will begin to receive things that you would watch it on TV and you would say, ĎWell, how can that be?í Oh, itís by faith! Itís by faith! Others have reached different levels, and Iím not asking you to walk into their level, Iím asking you to walk into your level of believing in Me for everything in life. Because I will bring it to pass. I will bless you in it, and with all those natural things you need, if only you would believe. So believe! Release your faith. Trust Me, says God. Trust My Word, for I have made covenant with you declares God. And that covenant cannot be nullified!

May 8, 2016 - Listen
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďThe fire has begun to fall, for the zeal of My house shall consume Me. Itís a fresh fire and itís a new fire. Itís not one that looks to the past, but one that looks to Me says God. For Iíve lit a flame and Iíve placed it again in My tabernacle. For the lightís flickered and the lightís been dimmed, for there are those who do not look at the light, but they look at themselves. And the fire had almost gone out, but Iím lighting the candlestick again says God! Iím lighting it with My flame, Iím lighting it with My glory says the Lord. And itís gonna spread, and itís gonna spread Ďcause Iíve heard the cries of My people, and Iíve sent My Deliverer to them. Iíve sent Jesus to them. For He is the Light that lights the way. He is the One Who shows the path to walk upon. And itís not by boasting, and itís not by lifting up oneís self, but it comes from those with a yielded heart to Me says the Lord. For men have looked to themselves and theyíve looked to their own abilities, and theyíve looked to the textbooks as to how to do these things. And theyíve given themselves unto men and yet have not given themselves unto Me. But this new move, declares God, itís from those whose hearts are right. Itís for those who will walk in My glory says the Lord, who shun themselves, who shun the accolades of the world, but theyíre humble before Me says God. And I AM drawing near to them! For men have known My ways, theyíve known My works, but I AM opening My heart to them, that they will know Me says God! And as Moses stood in My presence, so I am raising up a new generation that will seek My face, and I will speak with them face to face. For they shall know their God!

ďThere are new things being birthed, new things not seen since the day of Pentecost. Not seen since the day of the outpouring of My Spirit upon those first disciples. For they risked death even being together. And so it will be with this young generation. They will not bow their knees to the fear of men, but they will yield their hearts to the fear of Me says God! For they will know the Almighty God. They will know the God of power and of strength. And they shall know that greater am I than he that is in the world. And they will draw to Me, says God! This new generation, this young generation, not just in age but in spirit, for I will renew their youth as well as their strength. This is that day. This is that year of the turnaround, this is the mighty year, this is the great year when these things that belong to Me are being manifested in the earth once again. And people will look, and there will be confusion in the world, but not among My people says God, for they shall know what is happening by the moving of My Spirit in these days.Ē

May 15, 2016 - Listen 
through Roxann Kaiser

(thoughts shared) ....the Lord is saying that He is sending a fresh wind, a fresh fire, a new wave to flow over His people to fill us once again with His Holy Spirit. Heís sending again revival in this land to restore and to return us to those things that He has called us to. I believe Heís saying that we will open ourselves, hear His word, hear His voice, He will restore and return. He will refresh us by His Spirit. There is a new wave, a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, not completely like in the day of Pentecost, but better! But better! Heís going to pour out on His handmaidens and His servants. He will give us dreams and visions and miracles will flow. ........ That He will come in such a manner that we have never seen the likes of. We have never heard or seen such a flow of the Spirit that the Lord is going to pour out.

through Pastor Gordon

(shared) Itís not strong enough in me to give a word, but I feel like God is shaking foundations. And the things that we thought that weíve been built on, God is shaking those things, because He wants to be pre-eminent in all of them. And in this nation of the United States right now, things are being (shaken). And when you shake something, whatever rises to the surface usually gets scraped off. And thereís a lot of things coming to the surface right now. With the presidential election, itís not just that, but there are so many, many, many things. We have a President who has said that heís going to fundamentally transform this nation, but just recently, he said he is just about ready to unleash the things heís really wanted to do. And weíre beginning to see some of that now, and God is raising up an opposition to those things.

ďFor you have seen revival of the past and you say ĎOh, it will be like that again in this time!í No-no-no-no. Itís different this time says the Lord, for I never repeat Myself, but I bring a freshness into the lives of men. And I AM rushing through this country as a mighty wind, and I AM blowing in places where people have not thought about, for didnít I say I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh? So there are those who may not even be in My camp, but My Spirit is moving them. And they are beginning to rise up, not understanding from whence comes their momentum, but My Wind is stirring them up and they are coming out and they are declaring My word says God. And they are declaring My law. For My law is not for the righteous, it is for the ungodly. So why would you think it strange for the ungodly to be lifting up the law which speaks to them? Because they donít understand grace, they donít understand mercy, they donít understand My power, but they understand the law. So Iím pouring out My Spirit, and itís speaking to many, many people across all the spectrums. And I am bringing them together in a new man declares God. The new man being My Son, Jesus Christ. For I have begun to stand up, My body is beginning to stand up with Me says the Lord. Oh, this has not happened. For you have seen little revival, little fires, little this, a little here, a little there, but I AM beginning to sweep across a nation says God. And I AM pulling down strongholds, and I AM lifting up the humble declares God. For this is the day of My presence, says Jesus.Ē

May 22, 2016 AM - Listen & PM 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker, AM Service

ďI AM sending a fresh wave of My Spirit says the Lord. For I have decided and declared to wash over My people, to let My Spirit flood into the churches again. To let My Spirit flood into the lives of those who call on My Name. So reach out to Me. Let Me wash you. Let Me cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Let Me release you from the things of this world, that you would begin to flow in My Spirit; that you would flow in My goodness and in My riches; that you would flow in My mercy and My healing, My power for you. For I have all this laid up. For I sent My Son to you that He would set you free, not put you back into bondage, not put you back under trials and tribulation, but to release you from the fear of the world, that you could walk with Me. As you walk with Me, says the Lord, I will show you who I AM. I will reveal to you the depths of My person, that you could walk in My anointing, and to walk in My strength says the Lord. For your strength is weak. Even for this time your strength can only take you so far. And when your strength reaches its end, thatís where Iím willing to step in. Thatís where Iím willing to come. When youíve run out of your own power, Iím just waiting for you to call on My Name, and I will come and I will lift you up. I will lift you up with the wings of angels, and I will hold you in My arms says God. For this is the day Iím pouring out of My love on all the earth. And those who would receive My love, those who would receive My mercy, those who would receive My grace, oh, they shall walk with Me. For I AM a God of mercy. I AM a God of deliverance, and I have come to bring you out of the troubles of this world.Ē

given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker, PM Service - Listen 

ďThere are those that want to be led by My Spirit, but they donít want to spend time in My Spirit. I will lead you, I will guide you, I will direct your steps, but it would be so much easier if you learned to know the works of My Spirit. If you would learn to walk with Me on a regular basis, it would be easier for you to hear when I nudge you, instead of having to stop you and turn you. So learn to spend time in My Spirit. Learn to spend time with Me says the Lord. You need to study, you need to learn, but spend time with Me, for that will be your greatest resource. That will be your greatest time of growth, is when you spend time with Me. For I will show you things that you need to know, and I will open up the Word to you that you read, but learn to spend time with Me. For I will teach you how to be led by the Spirit says God.Ē 

June 5, 2016 - Listen 
through Pastor Paul Allen

ďAnd I say unto you this day, as the trumpet sounds, is it not a distinct sound? Is it not a sound that resounds in your ears and in your spirit? For yea I say unto you that the trumpets of heaven begin to blow. Yea, they are sounding as a distinct sound. They, they are saying, ĎYea, My people, yea the Lord thy God looketh for thee. Yea, the Lord thy God waiteth for thee. Yea, I have longed for thee. Yea, I have sought after thee.í And I say unto you this day, know that I, the Lord thy God, shall gather thee unto Myself. Yea, I shall gather thee from the four corners of the earth. And I shall gather My angels from the four corners of heaven. And, yea, ye shall meet together for I say unto you that yea, yea I am bringing My bride home. Yea, I am receiving My saints. Yea, look unto the Lord thy God, for you shall see a mighty thing. Yea, not many days hence, yea, I the Lord thy God will move in such a distinct way and in such a manner that youíll know that it is the Lord. Yea, youíll know that it is the Lord as I step out upon the heavens. Yea, youíll know that it is the Lord as I step out upon the clouds. For yea, ye shall see Me and I shall see you. For yea, the trumpet sounds, My people, I say. Yea, listen in the night seasons. Yea, listen in the day. For yea, you shall hear it. You shall hear My word say ĎCome!í Lift ye up into those heavenly places in Me. For yea, My work is coming to an end, but yet, but yet it shall never end saith God. For I AM eternal in all the heavens. I AM eternal and the only God. Yea, listen for the sound of the trumpet. It shall sound in thine spirit, and then it shall sound in thine ear saith God.Ē

sung through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďFor I AM the Lord, My nearness is nigh
My presence overflows the gates of heaven to the earth
My presence is My glory, My glory is My person
Poured on all who will believe
Come and seek My presence, come and seek My person
Come and let Me fill you, and I will come to you
With mercy and compassion My Spirit comes to men
My glory is poured out on all flesh
My glory goes before you, My glory gives you light
My glory will uphold you in the midst of the dark
For I am coming soon, My glory will fill the earth
My presence will be felt again
The earth will behold Me, they will sense My nearness
Many will come in to My family
And those who dwell in darkness, although a Light has shone
They will suffer completely the darkness that overtakes them
For though they see My glory, they refuse to let Me in
They seek not My mercy, but their own depravity
For those who would seek Me, to those I will come
With lightening and power they shall be known
For this is that latter day, this is that time
When the former and the latter rain will come at one time
So open your hearts to Me, let Me cleanse you thoroughly
And come and dine with MeĒ

June 19, 2016 - Listen 
through Roxann Kaiser

ďI say to you this morning, I will pour out My glory upon you, but you must walk into it. You must come into the glory. You must walk into the glory. I have poured out of Myself to you says the Lord, but you must walk into it. You must come to it. Just as the children of Israel, when they heard My voice, turned and they ran and said ĎNo, Moses, you hear for us.í I say to you today, donít wait for others to hear for you. Donít wait for others to enter into the glory for you. You must enter into the glory for yourself. I am pouring out My glory, I am pouring out My Spirit says the Lord, but you must enter in for yourself.Ē

through Pastor Gordon

ď For there are those in My body who will yet proclaim that I have left My people or I am soon to abandon them. That is not in My will, neither is it in My Word says God! But it says I will draw near to you if you draw nigh to Me. So I say, ĎDraw near to Me!í Put aside the things that draw you away and draw nigh unto Me. For this is the year of the turnaround. This is the year of the outpouring. This is the great year, and I am preparing to do great and mighty things among My people. Oh, but come unto Me. Lay aside the weight, lay aside the fear, lay aside the worry, lay aside all the things that worry and trouble you and enter My presence. Enter into My presence. Not what you think it is, not a presence that you can manipulate, but walk into My presence. For in My presence there is peace and fulness of joy, and there you will find the answer. For you will draw from Me, for I am more than willing to give to My body and to My children. For I have not withheld My bread! I havenít! But, I have said, ĎCome to the house of bread.í Come to My Son, Jesus Christ, for He is the Bread of Life.Ē

June 26, 2016 - Listen 
given through Pastor Paul Allen

ďYea My people, and I say unto you this day, have I not spoken to you in times past that I AM a mighty God? Have not I spoken to you in times past that I AM the God that shall tear down the strongholds of Satan? Yea, have not I even told you that I would use you to tear down the strongholds of Satan? And, yea, I say unto you this day that there is a revelation of God thatís going forth. Only His elect shall see it and only His elect shall know. For I say unto you this day, as My bride and My elect, yea, I go forth, a sword in one hand and a revelation in the other. And, yea, I say unto you, that as you begin to look around about you, and as you begin to see Me move, yea, you will say, ĎIt seems like itís every other day! Seems like itís every day that God is doing something!í But I say unto you, one day is as a thousand to Me. And yea, I shall move quickly, and I shall move swiftly. Yea, kingdoms shall fall and kingdoms shall arise. But yet I say unto you, that the kingdom of God shall stand. Because I AM coming, I have made preparation, and I AM coming for that which belongs to Me. Yea, I say unto you, My people, praise and worship Me. Yea, fall at My feet and worship Me, for I AM the living God. Yea, I AM your Savior. Yea, I AM the One that shall deliver thee from the throes of the enemy. Yea, he goeth to and fro, up and down in the earth seeking whom he may devour, but I say unto you he shall not touch the hair of one of My little ones. For yea, I have placed My presence upon you and in you. As you walk forth, you walk forth in My Name. As you walk forth, you declare the mighty God among them. For I say unto you, be bold, be brave, stand, for I shall stand with you. Yea, I shall lay My hand upon your mouth and you shall speak as a mouthpiece for the Living God. For yea, you know, yea, you have been taught, yea, you know My ways. And I say unto you, you are My hand extended unto this world. For this world shall fall, yea, this world shall fall saith God. And yea, I shall create, and I shall bring you a new heavens and a new earth and you shall worship and praise Me for the aeons of time. For I AM God! There is none other like Me. There is none. There is none saith the Lord thy God, for I AM Jehovah. I AM Jahweh. I AM (Elohim). I AM Raphe, Rohe. Iím El Shadddai. Any thing that you need, anything that you want, anything that you desire, if you desire it in Me, I shall provide saith God. For I AM coming, I AM coming, and it shall be soon.Ē 

July 3, 2016 - Listen 
tongues given through Kathy Duckworth
interpretation given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďThere is a fresh wind that has begun to blow. Itís blowing across the United States, but itís a wind thatís larger than what you are aware of. Itís a wind of My Holy Spirit. For I am moving across the face of this planet, of this earth. I am moving among all peoples, of every tribe and every language. Thereís a change. The wind has been blowing in one direction and Iím changing the direction of the wind. There will be those who will sorrow and grieve, because all they can see is the loss of their position, the loss of what they thought that they had obtained. But, they have built on false premises, and they are starting to fall declares God. For in the wind that I am blowing, in the breath of My Spirit, there is a fresh life. And there is a fresh desire for a spirit of liberty that only comes through Me. And there will be those who are My people, and they will rejoice! Even religious institutions are going to begin to crumble. They are going to begin to fall, and you will hear them crying and wailing, and you will even in some instances, begin to see the gnashing of teeth of those who have hung on to their religion. For I have not called you to be a religious people, Iíve called you to be My sons and My daughters. Iíve called you to walk with Me and My Spirit declares God. And in this new move, you will have to walk closer to Me than youíve ever walked before, because there will be what many see as confusion and up-turning the tables, oh, up-turning the tables in the temples that they have built. But their false temples will not stand in this new day declares God, for I am moving and I am tearing down those things that have been built of men, and I am establishing My Kingdom again in the earth. And it shall go to all corners, it shall go to all areas of this world, and they shall know Me declares God. Itís just the beginning. It wonít be in a year or two, or three or five or even seven, but I am doing it declares God. So keep your eyes on Me. Donít look to the newspapers and the news media to find out what I am doing says God. For they will not understand, and they will not be able to report the things that Iím doing, because theyíre going to walk in the confusion, unless they let go of the darkness. And there are some that will, and there are some that will rejoice in My coming; but, mostly they will cry and wail and gnash their teeth, because what they have built cannot stand declares God.

ďIíve shared with you in My word how Balaam was spoken to by his donkey, and youíve even jested that I will use that which is unusable, and I will speak through things that are incomprehensible to men, and yet I AM doing it again. And I am raising up people who are not refined, who donít know all the proper words to use, but theyíre following My Spirit to the best of their knowledge, and Iím beginning to seat them in places of authority and places of position. And there will be those who fight them and will struggle against them, and they will fail, because this is of Me, says God. And I AM defying the wisdom of men to bring in My counsel once again. For those who have sought after My heart says God, they will see and they will begin to rejoice. But donít fall into the fear of the world, but stay in faith with Me, says God. For you will see My hand at work, not only in the US of A, but also in many other nations around the world. For there is that time when the sheep nations will be separated from the goat nations. And the sheep nations will begin to be blessed, for they will follow Me and they will seek after My Spirit says God. And there will be those who will clamor, and they will seek to leave. Let them go. Let them leave. For darkness seeks darkness; but, youíre children of the light. And as you seek My light, I will give you even more light that you will not walk in darkness.Ē

July 8, 2016 - Listen
through Woody Woodson

ďIím about ready to reveal the hidden things declares God. As you begin to pray, Iíll begin to reveal the conspiracies of men. Iíll begin to make all things plain, all things evident. I will begin to shine My light in the grossest darkness. As you begin to rise and shine, as you begin to pray I will cause blinders to go off of peopleís eyes. And once again this nation will awaken and see Me declares God. It will be because of the prayers and the intercession of My people that blinders will be removed and My glory will be revealed. And even as I am revealing darkness and driving it out by My light, I also will begin to bring revelation knowledge like never before declares God. For we are coming into a season of a great awakening. Weíre coming to a season where Iím going to blow fresh all over this land. Thereís coming to a season where no system will be able to stop Me declares God. Weíre coming into a system of the Kingdom Age declares the Lord, where My Kingdom will be revealed, and My Kingdom will be revered and My Kingdom will even be feared by the enemy declares God. But once again you will see Me begin to move in fresh places, and Iíll break out to the right of you and to the left of you and in your midst, and youíll see a God breaking out all out over this nation. And places which would not allow Me in, Iím going to come anyway declares God. For there have been people that have been inviting Me in prayer to go where Iím not wanted by those in authority, but I am the ultimate authority, declares God, and I will shake up the authority to line up with My will and My ways declares God. And You will see things come in line for a season so that My purposes can be revealed and the knowledge of My glory will be world-wide. And people will have choices to make, there will be evidence that I am in the midst. It will not just be in this nation, it will touch the nations of the earth. And watch what Iíll do suddenly in your midst declares God. Things that I have spoken for years Iím going to watch over and Iím going to perform. And youíre going to see it, youíre going to experience it, and you are going to see a whole new generation walking in the newness of life declares God. You will see the people that everyone else has written off Iím writing in declares God. And Iím going to bring in some of the weirdest people you have ever seen, and Iím going to have unusual anointings on them declares God, so watch what Iíll do. Itís a new season.Ē 

July 09, 2016 - Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďFor I know whatís going on in the earth. Iíve seen whatís happening in the different cities. Iíve seen all these things and I am not shocked. I am not caught off guard as some would suppose. But I know these things says God, and I have already made provision in every circumstance to either avoid these things, or Iíve made the opportunity to overcome them when they do occur. But donít think for a moment that I have been caught off guard, says God, for I am still seated on My throne and I am continually making intercession for My church, My body, says Jesus. Iíve already done all that I can do, but Iím waiting for the earth to cry out to Me again as Israel did. Often when they went through hard times their hearts began to turn toward Me and as they cried out to Me, I heard and I sent My deliverer. And My people are beginning to cry out to Me. The voice is not that strong yet, but itís growing, itís growing, as people begin to realize what is occurring and they begin to realize that I am not in the midst of these occurrences and they begin to cry out, ĎGod, where are you?í I will show Myself and I will manifest Myself in ways that they donít understand, but they shall know it is Me. For I have not left anyone orphan. For I will call them sons and daughters when they turn unto Me says God. For I have heard their cries and I will meet them. So donít walk in fear. Donít walk in those things that the world is caught up in. But know, know My peace, know My glory, know My strength in the midst of these and worship Me and glorify Me, for praise will halt the enemy. Praise will cause him to cease his activities. When My praise reaches the heights, there the enemy will be stopped says God.Ē

July 10, 2016 PM Service - Listen 
given through Pastor Paul Allen and Woody Woodson

through Pastor Paul Allen

ďYea My people, and I would say unto you thee this night that I stand before you as a warring God. Yea have not I told you in the past that the angels were beginning to congregate at My call. And yea I say unto you this night that the captains of the host have been sent, yea across the heavens. I say unto you that the angels do begin a warfare. Yea they fight for the very earth and they fight for My people. And I say unto you yea, I shall lift My bride up into heavenly places. Yea and as you begin to pray and as you begin to war in the spirit, I say unto you, yea, yea, we shall prevail because I have willed it saith God. Yea, we shall prevail for I have willed it saith God. Yea, and as I stand before you I stand not critically, but yea, I stand to acclaim that My bride will be My bride. Yea, she will be lifted up. Yea she will fight and she will war, and yea, she will make battle, for she is battle ready saith God. Yea, there are many, there are many I say unto you, that have not let down the standard. Yea there are many, there are many saith I unto you this night, that fight the warfare in the hedges and the byways and the highways saith God. And yea, we shall prevail, for yea, it is My will. As I stand before you, I say unto you, put on the whole amour of God. Yea, put on the amour of God, because youíre going to need it My people. I say youíre going to need it. I say unto you, youíre going to need it. For yea, yea, the warfare will not be easy but it shall be sure. For yea, the Captain of the Hosts has been sent forth. Yea, He shall lead thee and He shall guide thee. Yea, My Holy Spirit shall lift thee, yea, up into places that thou knowest not at this time, but yea, I will reveal them unto you, for they are heavenly places. Yea, they are secret places that have been set aside only for those who belong to Me saith God. And yea, yea, be not dismayed and despaired because of the things that you do see around about you. Yea, I say unto thee close your eyes in the natural and begin to see in the spiritual, for theyíre out there just as they were in the days of old. They are out there, and yea, they war for Me saith God. And yea, yea, (I) carry My reward with Me and it shall be meted out unto thee, for those who are faithful and those who watch and those who stand, and yea, those who will pick up the banner of Almighty God. Yea, yea thou are a war-faring people saith God.

through Woody Woodson

ďFor I would desire to impart boldness to you, declares God. I want to make you bolder than lions. Iím gonna turn the chase. I speak to you, take courage. Courage is available, but take it. Take it. Take it by force. Take courage and receive the boldness I want to give. For itís time for My people to arise and to shine. Itís time for My people to live out loud. Itís time for My people to speak with a boldness and authority thatís not their own, but comes from Me declares God. Itís time not to be timid. And I am going to begin to remove the fear from your midst, declares God. For Iíve not given you a spirit of fear, but of love and power and of a sound mind. And I will literally begin to impart a greater boldness on you than ever before. A boldness so that you can show forth My goodness. And My goodness will lead men to repentance, declares God. As you begin to become bold on the earth, Iíll begin to manifest Myself stronger on the earth, declares the Lord, because I need you to arise and shine so that people can see Me, declares God. There is gross darkness, but thereís a greater light thatís in you. The glory of the Lord, My glory, is resting on you. Itís time to arise and shine and watch the darkness dissipate, and watch people be drawn to the light, declares God. Do not magnify the darkness, but magnify the light. Do not magnify the problems, but magnify Me declares God, and watch what Iíll do. Because as you magnify Me, I will be magnified once again in this nation declares the Lord. If you will magnify Me, you will release Me to do great things. In your praise, thereís victory. In your praise thereís strength. In your praise, draws My manifest presence. And as My people praise Me, all the people will see My glory declares God.Ē 

July 24, 2016 -- Listen
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

"Hear, oh Israel, the Lord thy God is one. In Me there is no division. In Me there is no beginning and no end, there is only one thing and that is Myself says God. For I AM the Alpha, the Omega. I AM the beginning and the end of all things. I AM the one who starts your faith and I AM the one that brings it to fruition. For all things have their being in Me says God. All things have their origin in Me says God. But there is one who perverts what I have. There is one who twists, who puts a lie into the truth that I speak into the world says God, and he is the author of division. He is the one who steals and kills and destroys. He is the one who seeks to steal the very life that I have breathed into mankind. He is the one who devours. He is like a fire and heís never quenched, heís never satisfied, always wants more, always wants more. But I AM your source and I AM your sustenance says God. All that you need, all that you require is found in Me says God. For I AM the supplier, I AM the benefactor. I AM the healer. I AM all these things that you long after and even more. So seek after Me says God. For when you seek after Me you shall have the things that this world offers you, but you shall have them in peace. You shall have them in abundance for I AM the source. And I donít have to rob from one to give to another, for I AM able to give you the power to create wealth out of nothing, wealth out of the discards that humanity throws aside. I AM able to generate wealth out of those things. And I AM the God who dwells in you says the Lord; and I AM He that gives you all wisdom and all knowledge. Seek after Me. Seek after Me. Stop running after the ways of the world, stop running after all the things that the world has to offer. For when you find Me, you have found the answer, you have found the Source of all that you need, for I AM He declares Yahweh."

July 31, 2016 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďMy light, declares the Lord, is breaking into the darkness; and even as My light shines, the darkness dissipates. From time to time My light has shown and there have been shafts of light, but I said in My word that I will cover all the earth with My glory, which is to say that darkness shall be vanquished. For soon and very soon My Son is going to touch down. Soon and very soon My glory will fill the earth. But before I return says Jesus, My glory will be poured out on you, on My people, on My church. The church is not a denomination, the church is My people says God. Itís not the ones I have chosen as such, but those that have chosen Me over the things of the world. There will My light be. There will I shine forth, and itís happening all over. Just a bit here and a bit there and a bit over here, but itís increasing. And people that have said ďthere is no one with me, I stand aloneĒ, oh, open your eyes and see what I am doing in all the earth says God. For you are not alone. For I have many, many, many hidden, even in the secret places of this earth. I have many people in position ready, ready to do My will. Ready to do that which I have called, for there is a turnaround. Thereís a change. My Holy Spirit is breathing afresh on the earth. And for those who will get in the breeze, oh they will flow with Me. For I shall fill their sails as the ships of old, and they shall go wherever I take them. Wherever My breath blows there My ships will go. For I will cover the earth with My word. I will cover the earth with My presence. I will cover the earth with My glory says God. So rejoice, rejoice that you are a part of this. Rejoice that you are included in this. But rejoice even more that I am in the earth still delivering, still healing, still setting people free. 

(Tongues) ďItís just the beginning, itís just the beginning. This is not the end yet, but My people are lifting up their heads and theyíre looking to Me says God. Theyíre looking to Me for their satisfaction. Theyíre looking to Me because theyíve looked to the world and the world has failed, for the world walks in darkness, But I, saith Jesus, am the light of the world.Ē

August 7, 2016 -- Listen 
through Pastor Ed Bowers

ďThe Lord says I love you My children, you are so precious to Me, you are so special to Me. Every one of you is an image of Me. Every one of you bears My image and that image is being refined and that image is being changed from one level of glory to another level of glory by My Spirit that is at work in your life. And sometimes you wonder and say, ĎLord will we ever get there?í Oh, the time is coming, the time is near says the Lord when you will shine forth brighter than the noonday sun. Just as I shine you will shine. And a dark world will see the light and they will come to the brightness of the glory rising above you to inquire and say ĎWhat is that, what have you got, whatís going on?í And youíll be able to tell thatís the Lord, thatís My Father working in me. Thatís His glory, thatís His brightness. I want you to know My children youíre special, everyone of you is special. And I see, I gaze upon you individually. Oh, yes I see you as a group, I see you as a congregation, but I look at you individually. And when I look at you I see My personal plan for your life, designed to bring you up, designed to lift you up higher and higher and today you are being lifted up even higher. Yes this very day says the Lord youíre being lifted up. Iím lifting you up. Oh, for the world needs to see you, for I said if I be lifted up I will draw all to Me. Oh, but you are Me! Donít you see, youíre Me to this world? Youíre the only Me theyíre going to know, so Iím lifting you up that they may see Me in you. They come running, they know that Iím the One who loves unconditionally, Iím the one that does not condemn, for Iíve already pardoned. There is no condemnation. There is no guilt. There is no failure in Me for I took it all says Jesus. I took it on the cross for you, and no matter who may have told you differently, you may have had a parent, you may have had a sibling, you may have had someone in authority say, ĎOh, youíre a failure, youíll never be anything.í That was their words. Now hear My words today. Youíre special, special, special says the Lord, and I have loved you with an everlasting covenant love. I could no more forget you than I could forget My covenant promises says the Lord. So be assured, today Iím lifting you up. Iím lifting you up higher and higher, and the higher you go the more youíre going to see. And the more you see the more youíll understand your purpose says the Lord. But remember, from this day forward, remember you are so special to Me. I have engraved you on the palms of my hand. And yet says the Lord, I want you to understand, as My children, Iím going to have you do things that look foolish to the world. Theyíll even look foolish to your natural mind. Youíll say, ĎThis doesnít make any sense. Father, why should I do this or why should I do that?í But I want you to know I use the foolish things in the realm of the spirit to confound the wise. And I want to bring the wise of this world to a place where they understand that what they know is worth nothing, but what you know in the spirit is worth everything says the Father.Ē 

August 14, 2016 -- Listen 
through Pastor Ed Bowers

(I heard the Lord say), ďYou have joined in the assembly of the heavenly host. Angelic beings are here today and you joined in with their praising and magnifying the Lord. And as you did that there was a releasing of My power says the Lord. Thereís a releasing of My anointing. Not just for you but for you to carry it from this place out into the streets, the marketplaces, wherever you go, let this worship be a part of your traveling. Let it be a part of what compels you, and as you go, lives will be changed says the Lord.Ē 

August 21, 2016 -- Listen (at end of message) 
tongues given through Kathy Bowers
interpretation given through Pastor Ed Bowers

ďThe Lord would say unto His people, from the north, the south, the east and the west Iím sending forth a call, and Iím calling people to come to this place. Iím calling people into this area who will connect, who will unite, who will be a part of what I want done, who will obey My voice and youíll connect with them. And thereíll be a great army raised up here. And I say unto you My children, Iím going to do things that you would never believe in your natural mind. Only by expecting will you be able to comprehend what I am going to do here in this place says the Lord. And I tell you My children that you can search and see if you can find one who can truthfully say that the Lord God promised and did not fulfill. For I am the God who not only speaks but I am the God who brings it to pass. And I say to you, you are My children and Iíve called you and Iíve called you to this place, Iíve assembled you to this place for My purposes. Youíre not here by accident , youíre not here even here by your choosing, youíre here by My divine purpose and call. And Iíve assembled you together for My purpose. Be one says the Lord, as My Son prayed that you would be one, be one. Be united in spirit, be united in vision, be united in expecting Me, your Father, to do great and mighty things, to bring to pass that which I have said in My word. And you will see it happen says the Lord. For these are the days of revival. These are the days of renewing says the Lord, in which I am pouring out afresh of My spirit upon all flesh. And some will come and they will not come from the background that you may expect. So expect those to come from diverse backgrounds, and those from diverse ways of thinking, for theyíll come in and theyíll blend harmoniously. Theyíll come and blend in together and theyíll be one with you. Youíll know them, youíll know them by their spirit. Do not judge them because they donít understand all that you understand says the Lord, but as you are willing to share, and as you are willing to care, and as youíre willing to bear, they will begin to understand and theyíll get revelation, as you have gained revelation says the Lord. So expect My children, expect your God to go so far beyond what you can comprehend. For that is My heart for this place and that is My heart for you says the Lord.Ē 

September 4, 2016 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďItís time to take another step, itís time to come up to a higher level. Itís time to enter in to another threshold. Itís time to renew your soul. Itís time to renew your mind, to change the thinking from the flesh into My kingdom, to take a higher road than what youíve seen before you. But, to walk that road by the power of My Spirit says God. For I am taking you by the hand, and Iím walking you through pains, disappointments, and discouragements of the past. For in order to go where I am leading you, you must come through the valley of the shadow of death. You must come through the darkness. You must come through the blindness that surrounds this world and natural men to rise up to a higher level, a critical level of thinking, a critical level that walks in accordance with Me says God. For I donít think like natural men, and the things that disturb you donít bother Me at all. For I already know the outcome, and Iím not caught up in all these things that clutter the world. Iím not caught up in what clutters your mind, for I am free of those things. And I am calling you into a place with Me, says God, where you will be free of these things. You will be free of the annoyances, you will be free of the hindrances, because you think on a higher level, because your faith in Me has become greater than faith in the natural things. For you look to the left and to the right and you say, ďSee all these things that are coming upon me!Ē, when you need to look to Me, says God, and know that I have already overcome the adversity, where I will give you the answers, I will give you the instructions, I will give you the things to walk in, that you will rise to that higher level. To where the limitations of this world, this natural world, will pass away. Because you see My opportunities. Instead of saying ďI canítĒ, you begin to say ďI can.Ē Instead of ďI wonítĒ, you say ďI will.Ē For youíve chosen a different path. Youíve chosen not the wide path, but the narrow path that leads to salvation. Youíve chosen to renew your mind, to renew the thinking to a higher order, to a way that agrees with Me, says God. For I will bring you into that place, but youíve got to be willing to follow. Youíve got to be willing to let go of that which so easily clings upon you, and to look to My Son and to look to My glory. And you shall walk at a higher level, and experience things in a higher degree than youíve ever known before. So shake the dust off, shake off that old way of thinking, and renew your mind in Me says God. For I AM the Almighty. I AM He who has conquered death. I AM He who is life, says God, and I will pour My life in you now!Ē 

October 2, 2016 -- Listen
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďI am God says the Lord, and there is none other. There is none that can compare to Me. There is none that can do what I have done for you. And yet you sell Me short. You say all these things, you believe all these things, and yet you say ĎOh, but could it be done for me?í Yes, it can be done for you says God. For I am your God, I am not the god of all the others. I am your God. I am a personal God. I am the God who has made Himself alive on the inside of you. I am your healer. I am your redeemer. I am your life says the Father, and I have chosen, not because of who you are, but I have chosen to dwell in you and make you into Me. To fill you up, to consume all your flesh, to consume all the bad thinking, to consume all those things and burn them up and throw them away like chaff. I am the God of fire says the Lord, and I am purging My people, and I am bringing them into a higher level, and I am bringing them into a higher place than they have ever known before. For all that has gone before has been preparation for this point, has been preparation for this day declares God. For I am doing something not new to Me, but new to you. For I am calling you to enter into My gates, enter into My courts, to enter into My house declares God. For I am ready and able to build it in the earth again through My church. Thatís who My church is, itís My house says God. Jesus said I will build My church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And Iím telling you says the Father, the gates of hell shall not prevail against My church. And if youíre in the church, ohhh, itís like when the angel of death passed over in Egypt, if they were in the house, if they were in the house, the angel of death could not touch them for they were under the blood. And those who are in My church are under My blood says God. I have marked them. Iíve marked them for salvation. Iíve marked them for deliverance. I have marked them for health. I have marked them for life, says God, that they would receive all that I have. For it is the day of outpouring. It is the day. So donít live in the past, donít live in what used to be. Donít look back and say, ĎOh, I wish it could be like then.í No, wish it could be like today. For today I am indwelling My people. Today I am indwelling My house says God. And all who call on My name shall know of who I am says God. For I am revealing Myself person to person, people to people, nation to nation, government to government to where every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord!Ē 

October 23, 2016 -- Listen 
tongues given through Kathy Duckworth
interpretation given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďThe time of my story, history, that you are entering into, requires a level of obedience that My church has not walked in for some time. For youíve chosen to walk in the rejoicing, youíve chosen to walk in the proclaiming, youíve chosen to walk in all these different things that are good but youíve left out discipline. Many things that I have desired, many things that My people have prayed for, have gone undone for a lack of discipline. Even the election that is before you is dependent upon My discipline, that you would vote for Me says God. Not that you would vote your emotions or your feelings, or what you think, but it is a vote for Me says the Lord. And the future of this nation will reflect the discipline of My church to do that which is right. But it goes to a personal level. For what I am calling you into is not just an election, it is a way of living. For in My word Jesus said I command you to make disciples. Youíve made converts, youíve made those who have fallen in love with Me and want Me as their savior and their deliverer and their helper and their healer, but they donít want Me as their Lord. And so the church has become anemic, because even though Iím speaking, one will say ĎI hear, but Lord, I donít, I donít want to do that.í Another one will say, ĎWell Lord, I, I understand what youíre saying, I understand the importance of it, but I rather do it this way.í And My body is racked with rebellion, itís racked with self will, itís racked with indulgence of oneself, and I am not Lord. For in the days coming upon the earth, discipline will save you. It is a matter of life and death at this point says God. And those who will hear My voice and obey, those who will seek My will above theirs, I will use them at higher levels of ministry, higher levels in politics, higher levels in the affairs of this world, but those who choose to go their own way and choose their feelings above the discipline of My Spirit, youíll see them fall away. For discipline is never fun, and children donít like discipline. But there is a discipline of My Spirit says God. Itís not harsh, itís not mean, itís not cruel, itís not even demanding, but it is the difference between life and death. And itís time My body chooses life and understands My discipline is the road of life. For wide, wide is the way that leads to destruction, but narrow is the path of salvation. And itís that narrow way that Iíve called you to walk into says God. Itís that narrow way that will separate you from the ways of the world. Itís that narrow way where the flesh wants to rebel and the flesh says ĎI donít like this, itís uncomfortable!í It is for a while, oh, but when the glory comes, when My manifestations come youíll be glad you obeyed. Youíll be glad you accepted My discipline. Youíll be glad that you conformed your ways to My ways says God. For then you shall see My glory, and you shall see My glory where you are; not just in foreign lands, not just in other countries, but youíll see the glory where you are. For there (are) many coming into the church, but yet theyíre not coming under discipline. And they play with Me, but theyíre not disciplined. And Iíll use them to lead others into My body says God, and they shall see salvation and they shall see things, but theyíll always be on the outside of it. For theyíve not yet learned to discipline the flesh that My glory would come through. For they still seek their own pleasure instead of My will says the Lord. But there are those here that seek after My will. There are those here that will humble themselves, and as they humble themselves I will exalt them says God. For My word will come to pass and I shall see My glory poured out in all the earth, even where you are says God.

ďIíve spoken to you before says God, Iíve said that there are things that you will see, things that you will accomplish, areas that you will begin to step into that are beyond your imagination. But they come through discipline, they come through obedience. Itís more than just a gifting, itís the willingness to yield yourself to the gift. Itís what Iíve been speaking to you over the last several weeks. Itís about having a right heart, a righteous heart, that is obedient to Me says God. One that has put flesh under, and one who has set My Kingdom to be its highest goal. For didnít My Son tell you, seek first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, and all these other things that the flesh seeks after, Iíll give it to you. But by and large My body in America has not sought My Kingdom, theyíve only sought the righteousness. So they walk convinced of being guiltless and yet not serving My Kingdom. There is a difference. Thatís why I said seek first My Kingdom, My way, My rulership, to be obedient to Me, that you will walk into these other areas.Ē 

October 30, 2016 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďFor Iíve already begun to move in your midst. And itís not just when you congregate together, itís not just when you gather in My house, in My name, itís in your house in My name. Itís in your house that Iím doing the miracles. Itís in your house Iím opening the windows of heaven. Itís in your family, your household that Iím doing these things saith the Lord, and you gave testimony of it today. These are the gifts of the Spirit. These are the moving of the operation of My being among you saith God. For too long the church has said, ĎWell, when we gather together, when we come together as one then maybe God will do something.í No, Iíll do it wherever you are says God, for you are My church. Itís not only when you gather together, but itís where you are with Me saith God. For I spoke with Abraham alone, and I spoke with Isaac alone, and I spoke with Jacob alone. They werenít in a congregation, they werenít in an assembly, but they where seeking after Me. And wherever those seek after Me, there I will be saith God, for I am with you all the time.

ďI said I will never leave you. For people will gather in My name and they will come together, and there I will be also says the Lord, for I inhabit the praises of My people. But you can praise Me alone, you can praise Me in the country side, you can praise Me in the city, you can praise Me in your house. And wherever you praise Me, I will inhabit your praises saith God, and I will do the same wonders among you individually that I will do corporately. But because of the faith of the people it had to take others to come together for that faith to begin to manifest. Oh, but Iíve given you a gift of faith, and Iíve given you the faith of My Son saith the Lord, so where you are you can operate in faith there, you donít have to delay, you donít have to wait. You can receive My blessings wherever you are saith God.Ē

November 06, 2016 -- Listen 
through Kathy Duckworth
and Pastor Gordon Brubaker

through Kathy Duckworth

ďI am bringing you out says the Lord with a mighty hand you will see Me. Itís not what youíre doing, you go vote for Me like I told you to, but Iím bringing you out with a mighty hand. No one will take credit for this, no one, this is My move. This is My day says the Lord.Ē

through Pastor Gordon

ďOh this the beginning of the final great revival says God. This is the beginning of those things saith God. Itís not by the works of men, itís not even by your prayer, itís by your obedience that this is beginning to happen. The outpouring of My Spirit has begun, it has already started, but you are beginning to walk in some of the manifestations of this. For I told you two years ago itís a new wind. I told you two years ago itís a new move, itís a fresh move of My Spirit says God. Well, now youíre seeing the leaves beginning to rustle. Youíre seeing the trees begin to sway at the breath of My Spirit declares God. This is but the beginning. Itís not the end. Itís a battle in the war, but it is a battle that I have won declares God. It is a war that I have already decreed victory in saith God. Oh, there will be dark times, there will be those things that come upon the earth, but, woe, woe, woe to those who prophesy doom, death and destruction, for I am coming in My glory declares God, and you will see My manifestation beginning to sweep over this earth declares God.Ē 

November 13, 2016 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďThe horse and rider have been thrown into the sea. Change is now becoming evident in this nation. But itís not yet over. For My people celebrate, and My church shouts with praise and honor, and yet, pharaoh said he would let you go to worship the Lord. But once they left Egypt, they had to cast off the slave mentality. They had to cast off four hundred and thirty years as slaves. They had to change their way of thinking. And My people are changing their way of thinking, but it can take forty days or it can take forty years. This is not the time to be disobedient. This is not the time to say ĎWoo, we have won! Itís all over with!í No, no, no! This, this is the time to seek Me saith the Lord. This is the time to see what I would desire for My people. For I have created you to rule and to reign and to have dominion over all that you see. And My people have been displaced from politics, from education, even from the house of God. For that which is false has grown, and that which is genuine must rise to the surface. Donít let this be a Ďsurfaceí event for you. Donít let it be just a time of ĎWell, now we can go on with our own business.í No, no, no. This is the time to do My business saith God! This is the time to come together as one body, as a new man in the earth. This is the time to show My people, to show the world who I AM, saith God. So rush not out, donít be overly giddy, but rejoice in Me. For I have given you this victory. And itís by your obedience that you have won it. Itís because My people obeyed Me. And this is a new thing for My people. For again, I delivered Israel over and over and over, and yet each time I delivered them (because I heard their cry), each time they went back to their own ways and their own way of thinking, and their own way of doing things. I am preparing you for the Kingdom saith Jesus. Not just a celebration, but a Kingdom of where I rule, of where My will is done, even as it is in heaven, that it would be done in the earth. Itís a new day. Itís a day of beginnings, not a day of endings. Itís not a day of finishing, it is a beginning saith God. So begin it with rejoicing. Enter into My house with praise and thanksgiving. Enter My house with your hands lifted up. Enter (My) house with praise in your mouth for what I am doing and will continue to do. But itís still dependent upon the obedience of My people saith God, to not get caught up in the vain philosophies of men, to not get caught up in that Ďwe finally have power and weíre going to make them pay.í No, no, no, no, no! For that is not My way saith God. For My way is that all would come unto a saving knowledge of Me, that they could all enter into the Kingdom of God. For when I bless you, that blessing overflows, and that blessing flows to others. Itís not something that I have created to only bless you, but where you go the blessings follow saith God. So let the blessings flow. Let Me flow in your life and in your purpose and in your direction saith the Lord.Ē

(Given after the morning message)

ďIím sharing these things with you, that when the Kingdom becomes manifest, you will know how to work in those gifts, that you will have the understanding that many of those who operate in the gifts donít have. But Iím giving it to you, so that you can work properly in Me, that I can do the things I want to accomplish, and not just settle and lift up men, but I will lift Me up saith the Lord. And I will do those things in My time and in My way, that it will be by My power and not by the will of men. So learn these things, and set them on the inside of you, that you can walk right with Me, that the gifts of the Kingdom will flow through you properly, that My Kingdom would be established wherever you are.Ē 

November 27, 2016 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďThis is the celebration says the Lord, that in all the earth My Name is proclaimed during this season. Every nation, every kindred, every tongue begins to look to the heavens again. Theyíre searching for My angels, theyíre searching for My glory says the Lord. And yet on this season that you celebrate, I gave My Son to the earth. I sent Him to save you and to deliver you. And all the worlds, all the kingdoms look to this day and they are aware of this moment. For I have sent Salvation into the earth, and He remains among you to this day, and will never leave you and will never forsake you. This is a season of joy declares God. This is a celebration of life, because thatís what I AM. I AM life! But yet there are those who have sought their own way and their own patterns, those who have rejected Me. Oh, for this, this is a season of anguish. This is a season that they would love to squash out, for they know not life, and they only know death. And they only know the corruption of their own hearts, for theyíve not yet received the glory that I have in store for them saith God. For if they would turn, if they would cry out to My Name, oh Iíll fill them, Iíll renew them. Iíll bring them into My house says God. And many could be used for My glorious purpose, but yet they will not come. For many shall hear and many shall not come, but you are not among those Ďmanyí. You are among those who have heard, and you have come to Me says God. So take joy this season! With all the stuff going on in the world, know that I AM Lord. Know that I am above and not beneath. Know that I am the head and not the tail declares Jesus, and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that I am Lord. Some will do it with joy. Some will do it with fear. But it will be done in all the earth, that every knee will bow. So take joy! Donít look at the things going on in the world. Donít look at the things and the ups and downs. Donít follow the news too see whatís going on, for I have brought good news. And My news supercedes that of the world declares God. For it knows only calamity and only fear. Oh, but My news is the glorious gospel of My Son Jesus! Itís His gospel, that life has come and life is fresh and life is new. So celebrate in this, not just that you know Me, but celebrate that I know you! And I have chosen to make My home in you and to flow through you declares God. Take joy in this, this year!Ē 

December 4, 2016 -- Listen (at end of message) 
Given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďThere is a release of power in My Spirit says the Lord. Those in the church cry for My power. They cry for Me to do the things today that I did in times of old, but yet they will not yield their spirit to Me that I can move through them. But when you release, and when you pray in My Holy Spirit, when you begin to let your spirit man loose and let him begin to overpower the mind and the intellect and the traditions of men, there can be a power in your life that flows from heaven. And it will begin to manifest and change your life in the natural, because now you are walking in the supernatural. So follow after Me. Pursue these things of My Spirit says the Lord. Covet after them as Paul told you, and seek after these things, that you would know Me in My fulness, that I could fill you up to the fulness of the stature of the Son of God, that you would know what it is to be a son and a daughter of the Most High God.Ē 

December 25, 2016 -- Listen
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďOh, Iíve come to bring you tidings of great joy. Iíve come to break the curse throughout all the earth. Iíve come to destroy the destroyer - the one who thought he had all the power; the one who thought he could destroy humanity. I have come to destroy him and all of his work. Iíve come to restore My people, those who would call on My Name. Iíve come to restore them to oneness with My Father, the way it was meant to be in the beginning, the way that God created you to have fellowship with Him, that you would know Him. For this is life, this is salvation - to know the one true God, to know the Father, the Creator of all things; to walk with Him and be with Him. This is zoe. This is life itself. This is Who I Am declares Jesus. And I have come to bring you back into that full relationship. To this date, humanity has only stepped in a little bit of it. Oh, but there is so much more to come! And it can come to you in this new year. It can come to you and manifest itself to you in this new life that you have in Me, says Jesus. That you can walk in greater measure and greater proportion, in greater outpouring of My presence in the earth. Oh, there will be things that rise up. There will be those lies, those (deceptions). Those things that deceive will try to rob and steal the word from you, but it cannot separate you from Me. For I am with you always, declares Jesus, declares the Christ, the anointed One, Who comes to destroy all the wickedness in the earth. I have come to destroy that fear and that doubt in you, that you would walk with Me again. To know Me, says God. To be one. Let this year be a manifestation of My glory, says Jesus. Let My life possess you, to set you free of all the boundaries, all the barriers, all the doubts, all the fears. Let Me rule. Let Me have dominion in your life, and you shall walk in a greater dimension than what you can think or perceive of if you just follow Me. For Iíve got it all prepared, says Jesus. Iíve made the way. The entrance is there and it is open for all who will come and seek after Me. For those things that Iíve declared from the beginning, says the Father, declares the Holy Spirit, those things you will begin to walk in, and you will see the glory of the Lord!

ďSo open your hearts, open your thoughts to Me, says the Father, and I will show you the revelation. I will give you the understanding that Abraham had, that Isaac had, that Jacob had, that Isaiah had, that David knew. I will show you those things and I will show you more. For I will give you the mind of Christ, Who now is seated at the right hand of Power and now knows all things. Think about this.......... When Jesus was in the earth, He did not know all things, He knew what the Father revealed to Him. But now, He has been restored to His former position, and now He knows all things! And He, through the Spirit, will reveal them to you, if you seek, if you hunger, if you thirst for those things. I will reveal them to you in your time, in this age, says the Father.Ē


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