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This page is provided for those who want to go deeper into the Word of God for self improvement and wisdom.

"Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them,
for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you."

1 Timothy 4:16

1 Corinthians 12:1-11

"Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant: You know that you were Gentiles, carried away to these dumb idols, however you were led.  Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed, and no one can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit. There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills."

In July of 2013 the LORD (YHWH) started to move and speak with us at LFM. These "Words of the LORD" are reprinted here for your reading and study. Please scroll down the page for the date of the "Word."

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January 5, 2020 - ďFaith is never meant to be just kept within..."
January 19, 2020 - "My holiness is being poured out..." 
January 26, 2020 - "...they are revealing My nature..." 
February 2, 2020 - "...all of the earth is looking to Miami..." 
February 16, 2020 - ďFor I am an all consuming fire..."
February 23, 2020 - "There is a wind... a refreshing wind..." 
March 1, 2020 - "Oh, for I have given so much to the world..." 
March 8, 2020 - ďAs in the days of Moses..." 
May 17, 2020 - ďFor the night is past..." 
May 24, 2020 - ďThatís why cancer canít stay..." 
June 7, 2020 - ďFor the Lord would say, I am not discouraged."


January 05, 2020 -- Listen (Go to 43 min, 43 sec on MP3)
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďFaith is never meant to be just kept within the church, to be just kept within your own personal life. But I have given prophecy and faith to speak about the conditions of the world, to reveal the things that I am doing - that you are encountering - that you would have faith in Me to overcome these, because Iíve shown you the future to come that the present will not overwhelm you. So walk in faith before Me. Believe what I say and you will see it come to pass in your time. For I am moving and I am still the creator says God. And everyone who turns to Me and comes to Me, I create in him a right heart and a clean heart, and I will lead them in the ways of My Spirit that they would be My ambassadors in the earth. I do it for every person who comes to Me says God. And I will not refuse them. And I will not demean them says God because they are My children. And I will hold every good and precious gift for them says the Lord.Ē 

January 19, 2020 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďMy holiness is being poured out in the earth. Itís being poured out through My people. Itís being poured out by those who genuinely worship Me declares God. And there are those who come from different doctrines, different strains, but yet they are glorifying Me and exalting Me in this hour and in this moment declares God, all, all around the world. For the unity is not in our doctrine but it is in Me saith the Lord. Our unity is that we are of one heart and of one mind. And the enemy is trying to steal the moment of holiness from My people. For he has openly declared this impeachment to be a holy process. They are seeking a sacrifice; and they are offering up their own sacrifice of their own choosing, of their own making, and they are declaring this to be a sacred, holy moment, because theyíve brought their sacrifice to the altar. But I have already provided the sacrifice declares God. And His name is Jesus. And because of this sacrifice that I have offered says God, the sacrifice of men is meaningless. For what can you give that I have not already provided. And those who are seeking to offer this natural sacrifice to what they consider to be their Ďgodí, is an abomination in My sight declares God. And I will not receive it, and I will not let it be done. For I am exalting Me in this hour says God. I am exalting My sacrifice of Jesus in this moment. And that sacrifice was a lamb, but is now the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The lamb was slain but the lion has been resurrected from the dead; and all power, and all authority in heaven and in the earth has been given to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! And He is roaring and roaring and roaring to where all heaven shall praise Him and worship Him, and those on the earth will bow their knee to Him declares God. For He is the only true sacrifice and the only one that can forgive and cleanse and to make righteous. For I have already given Him says God. And those who refuse to come to Me and those who refuse to acknowledge My sacrifice of My own self says God, they are an abomination. And like in the book of Revelation, I will spit them, spew them, vomit them out of My mouth, for they have no part in Me. So donít let them bewitch you, and donít let them think that they are holy or that they are righteous, for they are neither of the same. But they are charlatans who have come in to steal My glory and to steal what I am doing in the earth says God. And they would take the credit for themselves instead of honoring Me with it. For that reason I reject them, and I spew them out of My mouth.

But those who will recognize My sacrifice, those who will come to Jesus Christ, I will exalt them in this day declares God. And they are the shining lights of My glory all around the earth - in every nation and every tongue, of every color, of every make-up, large and small, male and female, slave and free, they are exalting Me this day says God. And I have heard their cry, and I will not leave them alone declares God. For I will rise up and I will fight their battles and I will win victory upon victory; and the world, the world will stand aghast and say ĎWe donít understand how this could ever happení; because itís not by the will of man, itís not by the strength of men, but it is by My glory and by My word and by My Spirit declares God, in this day.Ē

January 26, 2020 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ď....in speaking forth the things of My Spirit, before they see it happen theyíre speaking it forth, because they are revealing My nature of what I intend to do. So Isaiah could speak about the coming Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God. ĎUnto you this day a child is given, unto you this day a son is born.í He could speak about those things because he knew who I am says God. And because he knew Me, oh he knew I would save the world. He knew that I would offer up the sacrifice that was the final sacrifice forever - that no other sacrifice could be given. He did not come to know this through the study of the Word as you perceive it. It wasnít in the great halls of learning that he perceive(d) who I am, but it came from walking with Me says God. And because he knew Me he could speak of Me. He could speak forth My words. He could speak forth My revelation and give to the people who were still walking in darkness, still walking in their own way of thinking, he could begin to speak to them to bring light into their darkness, that the darkness would be broken. That they would have a hope that is not based in this world but is based in My person says God. For this is prophecy - speaking forth of My nature, speaking forth of who I am; that you would call the things that are not as though they are, because you know who I am says God.

ďWalk in this faith. Walk in this revelation that Iíve given to every one of you. Every one of My children has this revelation in them, and yet it is untapped because youíre walking according to the ways of the world and not by My Spirit. For once you begin to walk in My Spirit declares God, oh, the prophecy would roll out of you - maybe not in a Ďthus saith the Lordí. Maybe not in the way that you would think as being a great orator, but the prophecy will manifest itself in you and through you as you proclaim by faith, ĎBy His stripes I was healedí, as you prophesy Ďmy sins are forgiven, I am cleansed by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.í For even though you still sin, and even though you still fall short, yet that prophecy has become real on the inside of you where you look past the natural into the realm of My Spirit, and you find yourself walking in forgiveness, walking in My grace, walking in My mercy, because youíve received that revelation of who I am. Yes I demand justice. Yes I demand judgement, and yet My mercy is greater than these. For when you receive My grace, when you receive My mercy, oh, the judgement just passes away, because Iíve already judged the sin of the world. And Iíve judged the sin - not you, Iíve judged the sin that holds you in captivity. Iíve judged the sin that holds you back from achieving all that I have desired of you. And Iíve judged you to be free from that sin. To be free from the restraint, the condemnation, Iíve judged you to be free of all those things that you would walk in the law of the Spirit of Life. That you would be free from the law of sin and death, that My Spirit of life in My Son Jesus would dwell in you. That it would resonate on the inside of you. That that glory, that manifestation of My goodness would pour forth through you in every endeavor of life and everything that you set your hands to, that it would prosper because of My anointing, because of My love, because of your faith in Me says God. I do not declare that I am the great ĎI wasí, neither do I declare that I am the great ĎI will beí, but I Am that I Am. And I am always present with you declares God. So seek Me. Seek Me out. Trust Me that you would know My love for you and know that I have set you free and walk in that liberty. Walk in that grace, that strength, that power that emanates from My Spirit within you, that you would do great exploits in this day declares God.Ē

February 2, 2020 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďIt would seem that all of the earth is looking to Miami - seeking a diversion, seeking a way of escape from the temporary things of this world; and yet all of heaven is looking at where My Son is seated says God. Theyíre watching Him to see if this might be the moment when they would stand up. When they would stand up in victory declaring that the time is at an end. And it is time for the Kingdom of Heaven to enter into the realm of the earth in a way not seen before. Theyíre looking and anticipating not an escape, but for the real reality to show up - for the saints of the past to be lifted up and exalted, to prove that the faith of men has not been empty nor has it been in vain. But the coming of the King is at hand. All of heaven is looking at the throne where My Son is seated - full of anticipation of that which is yet to come. So should My people look and have their eyes upon Me says God. For you know not the time nor the hour of the appearing of My Son. But Iím telling you itís closer than itís ever been before. And Iím telling you that that day will arrive at some point. When it will arrive is dependent upon my timing says God. But that day is ahead and that day is soon to appear when all heaven and all earth will join in one voice, in one celebration, praising and magnifying the King as He comes riding in on a white horse. As He comes upon the clouds filled with the saints of the air coming back to reclaim what is His rightfully. For Iíve already paid the price declares God. And Iíve already set My time says the Spirit. And Jesus says He is ready at any moment to come and put things in their right place.

ďFor I am not slow compared to what some would think. Neither am I in a hurry to close up all matters. But there is a time set, and men are becoming aware of that time. Thatís why theyíre clinging so desperately to their false beliefs, because they see it falling out of their hands. And it scares them, because they have no higher authority than that which they have taken on themselves. For their authority is of this natural world, and that authority is passing away says God. But the authority of My Son, the authority of Jesus Christ, I have given Him all authority in heaven and on earth, and that authority will never diminish, but as My word says it will increase and increase and increase Ďtil it fills all the earth and all of heaven with My glory declares God.Ē 

February 16, 2020 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďFor I am an all consuming fire declares the Lord. All consuming. When Moses stood before Me when I was in the bush, he saw that the bush was on fire and yet it did not burn. It did not decrease, but the glory, My glory in it, was accentuated. He knew he was on holy ground. He took his shoes off and knelt before Me as I burned in that bush. In the same way, I want to burn in My people declares God. To set them on fire. A fire that cleanses them. A fire that purifies them. A fire that makes them acceptable in My sight. A fire that literally is unquenchable. A fire that burns away sin, burns away chaff, burns away all the junk. Thatís why itís an all consuming fire, because itís not just in one place, itís not in just one locality, but My fire is all consuming. It goes everywhere. It touches every part of your being to be purged, to be cleansed. Donít limit Me in your thinking. Donít restrict Me from operating in your life, but allow that fire to go into every joint, to go into every outstretched hand, to fill you. For I will consume you, and yet I will not destroy you. But I will set a fire on the inside that puts fear in the enemy, for they know that fire consumes the wicked. But the fire glorifies those who come to Me. The Hebrew children were thrown into the fire, and yet they were not consumed. Instead I walked with them, and they knew Me, and they knew the coolness of My presence. For even Adam walked with Me in the cool of the garden. So I will walk with you. To you it shall be cool, to you it will be refreshing. To you it will be exhilarating; but to the world, all they can see is the consumption of that which is wicked. And those who hang on to that wickedness, those who hang on to the flesh, to the ungodliness, oh, the fire will burn them. But if they would come to Me, the coolness of My Spirit would let them walk in the fire without feeling the heat, because it will revive them, and cause healing to break out among My people declares God. So when you see the fire of God, run to it. Run to it, because it will purify you, it will cleanse you, it will lift you up. It will give you the satisfaction that the world cannot give, that the world cannot know. But My fire will feed you, and My fire will refresh you in My person declares God.Ē 

February 23, 2020 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďThere is a wind. Itís not a new wind, but itís a refreshing wind that is coming upon the earth. Itís a second wind. It is the wind that causes refreshment, that brings relief to the captives, to My people declares God. Itís a wind where you will get a breath of, and you will take off again as though you started the race at the beginning. It is a wind that refreshes. It is a wind that revitalizes. It is the wind of My Holy Ghost, because youíre getting ready to move at a pace faster than you thought you could move. In every race, the winner receives a second wind, a second chance. And this is it, declares God, when Iím pouring out that second wind, that wind of refreshment; and it will propel you across the finish line, and it will propel you to that place that you thought you ought to already be. But you havenít quit, you havenít given up, you havenít succumbed to the yelling and the screaming of the world, to the situations around you. But youíre getting a second breath and it has caused you to start out fresh as though you just began the race. The others will tire. The others will grow weary, and their shouts will grow stronger and stronger and louder and louder, because they have no second wind. They have no life in them declares God, so they just keep repeating the same things over and over, but yet My people will continue to go forward and My people will go on to even greater works than what they have seen to this point, for this revival is spreading out over the entire earth declares God. Youíre going to see nations, have already seen some, but youíre going to see nations turn over to Me declares God, as people of every land, every language, every culture bow down and declare that Jesus is Lord! And itís that time to not just celebrate, but itís the time to make disciples. Itís a time to bring them into the fulness of My gospel, the fulness of My Kingdom, of My glory declares God. For this is My end - not that you just die and go to heaven, but that you live in the Kingdom on earth even as it is in Heaven. 

ďSo take the wind. Take the breath of the Holy Spirit that Iím giving to you again, and refresh yourself in Me declares God. Let the things of the past go, but let the new things begin to come out in you. Let the life of My Holy Spirit dwell in you richly, that He may produce the good work, the fruit that He has created you to bear in My name declares Jesus.Ē

March 1, 2020 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďOh, for I have given so much to the world declares Jesus. Iíve offered them all that I am. Iíve offered eternal life, and there are those who will see it and turn away from it because they have judged themselves to be unworthy. Even those in My church who love Me, consider themselves to be unworthy to receive My grace. Oh, stop rejecting Me says God. Stop turning your heart away from Me and come to Me. As a prodigal son I will welcome you into My house. I will kill the fatted calf. I will put the rings and the robes and the shoes on you. I will clothe you in My righteousness, but come home. Come to Me. Receive the grace that I have offered, that you would be set free from the death and the condemnation that entangles you so easily. Receive My grace, and let My life fill your life to overflowing. For this is My will for you. And itís My choice for you says God. Will you choose Me that you can walk in My way of living?Ē

March 8, 2020 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďAs in the days of Moses when the plagues began to be poured out upon Egypt for their sin, for their violation of My people, for the things that they have done against My word and against Me declares God, the people of Israel suffered some of the effects of those plagues. But there came a time of separation where I a drew a curtain around My people, that the plagues would no longer affect them. And so I am drawing a curtain around My people declares God, in America and in the earth, that the things that the world fears shall not come upon you. For I have separated you from those things, from the things of the world, and Iíve called you to be separate. And for those like Israel that are willing to go into their house, for those who are willing to exalt Me and magnify Me and lift Me up, those plagues, those fears that the world sees and terror grips them, My people will see those things, but they shall not be affected. For My glory will surround you, and My cloud will hover over you, and I will gather you under My protection says God, to where that you will see the things come upon the wicked but they shall not come upon you. For I am your shield and your guard and I am the one who surrounds you. So take joy. Take joy in Me declares God. Not that the world is suffering, not that you are being protected from those things coming on the world, but take your joy in Me declares God, and know who I am in you, and know My manifestation and know My glory is at work in you this day forever and ever and ever says God.Ē

West Virginia Churches closed March 14, 2020
Churches reopened May 4, 2020

May 17, 2020 am -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďFor the night is past, declares the Lord, and the day is now dawning again. Itís dawning again in My Church. Itís dawning again in My people declares God. For the night has nothing to do with the virus, it has to do with the oppression against My people. The night of the virus is when My people drew into their houses, and I am declaring it is now time to come out into the light. It is morning, the light has come and we will continue to walk by faith. We will continue to walk in the Word of God because the Light has come. 
ďPentecost is on its way. Pentecost is the day of the giving of revelation. Pentecost is the time when My people begin to understand and they will look, not only to the past of what I have brought them through but Pentecost is that time when you begin to see the future of what I am preparing for you to enter into declares God. And there will be those who will keep the faith who will enter into the Promised Land, who will enter into the glory of God who is rich in mercy, who is rich in giving good things to His children. For you shall see this come in the days ahead but you will know, too, this day that I have already declared it. And I am already bringing you out to bring you in declares God.Ē 

May 24, 2020 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

(Pastor Gordon praying: .......said the farmer should be the first partaker of the fruit. God if this stuff flows from us, if You flow from us, God, Lord, itís gotta flow in us to every cell, every corpuscle, every organ, every tissue in the name of Jesus Christ, that Your healing resides within us, emanates within us in the Name of Jesus.)

ďThatís why cancer canít stay. Thatís why these things that the world is putting on you canít stay, canít abide in your bodies declares God. Itís not because youíre so awesome, itís because Iím so awesome. Itís because I am the one, the life that dwells in you. And as you dwell in Me, oh, I saturate you. Scripture talks about the fat dropping from us. Itís not the fat of the world, itís the fat of My anointing, itís the excess of My presence with you declares God. If that excess..., where you go that excess drips, drips, drips, and remains, that I cover those places. This is why I told Moses, this is why I told Joshua, wherever you walk, every step you take marks out territory for Me. (He says) I said that I will give you the land. I will give you the territory. And itís still so today says God. Wherever you walk Iíll give it to you if you just claim it, if you would receive it. Instead of being intimidated by the world, you must understand the devil is intimidated by you. It is afraid of you says God. For you are carriers of My presence. You are carriers of who I am. And wherever you go the enemy screams. When Jesus crossed the lake, He came to the shore, the man with the demons, with the legion of demons came down to Him, cried out to Him. So are these days coming, that those who walk strong in My anointing that the demons shall seek them out. And the people shall be set free. For the day of the devil is over. It has passed ....(tongues).... and this Pentecost you will see a dynamic change in the lives of many people. For the light has come. The night has passed, and all those who cling to darkness shall see the glory of the light. It is a day of decision says the Lord, where many will be forced to choose between Me and darkness. There are those who have already chosen Me, and oh, the light shall dawn on them even greater and greater. In greater dimension, in greater glory shall they walk after Me. But for those who are in darkness, they have that choice to walk with Me or to continue to walk in the way of the world. And they have an opportunity to repent. They have that opportunity to change their mind. And those that donít will fall into utter darkness. And they shall cry out, and yet I will not satisfy them says the Lord, even with death itself, that they will be forced to live in My light and the pain that they suffer, they will cry out and gnash their teeth, and they will cry for the rocks to cover them, for My glory will penetrate. And they shall see My hand at work. And it will be against them says the Lord. Oh, if only they would turn. If only they would call out My name. But instead they will curse, and their curses will fall to the floor and shall have no power in them. For I am taking their voice away from them and I am putting it back in My church says God. For the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has roared. And His roar is increasing in the earth to where it will subdue every other voice, but My voice will be supreme, declares God, in these days ahead. For you are preparing to enter into the glorious age. And you are preparing to enter into what I have prepared for My church from the beginning of the world. That you would be My body and you would be My voice in the earth declares God. This is the day the prophets saw, and you get to live in that day declares God.Ē

June 7, 2020 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

ďFor the Lord would say, I am not discouraged. I do not look at the land and see everything falling apart. I do not look at those who are howling against Me and those who are raising their voices against Me. They do not persuade Me one way or another says the Lord. But I look to My people, I look to My church, to My body in the earth. And it is a body that I have ordained for the redemption of the world. For as you preach the gospel of My Son, as you minister the things of My Spirit, truth comes in, light comes in to the midst of the darkness, and people are changed. You are the light, you are the seed, you are the salt that I have sown into the earth. And as you go, so goes the world. And as you magnify Me as you have this morning, and elevate Me above all the situations, above all the strife, above all the things that are coming out against Me, as you exalt Me, declares the Lord, My glory fills the earth. And those who rebel against Me are doing it out of conviction. For they have no answer and no hope. So they tie themselves to a movement, and they tie themselves into the facade that looks as though theyíre doing something when theyíre doing nothing but cursing the darkness.

ďOh, for the darkness to leave declares God, My light must have entrance. And as I speak to the chaos in the world, I speak My light. I say ĎLight, be! Revelation, be! My children, be!í, the voice of My Son in the earth released, that all would come to see My glory and My power in this day. For what you see now is in the process of passing away. For they will raise their voice(s), and others will say ĎOh, yes, yes, yes, yes!í, but it shall soon pass away. And all those who say ĎYes, yes!í will tomorrow say ĎNo, no!í, because they have no conviction. They do not know what truth is says God, and apart from Me, they will never know what truth is. So pray for them. Pray for the earth that all would come to the knowledge of the Son of God, that they would know the things that you have discovered, and that they would learn to walk in the things that youíre still learning how to walk in. For itís a never-ending walk, for you to grow and increase in Me. But as you grow and increase in Me, I grow and I increase in the earth.

ďFor I have the answer. I am the answer declares God. And all those who come to Me, I will deliver out of darkness and I will set their feet on a Solid Rock, and they shall not be moved, just as you are not moved by the things that you hear, the things that you see, the things going on in the earth. Youíre not moved by the shouts, youíre not moved by the clamor, but you are moved by the Word of God. For I still watch over My Word to perform it, declares the Lord. And because My Word is in My people, I watch over My people declares God, that My Word would be large within them as a witness to the darkness of this world.

ďSo take joy! Take joy that the Word is in you, that the light is in you, the glory is in you. Donít despair. Donít get caught up in the grief of the world, but know I have called you out of that. And I have called you to walk before Me, says God. And there is no higher honor than to serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. For this is the glory of My people. This is the glory of My children, declares God, that I am their Father and they know Me by name says Yahweh.Ē

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