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This page is provided for those who want to go deeper into the Word of God for self improvement and wisdom.

"Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them,
for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you."

1 Timothy 4:16

1 Corinthians 12:1-11

"Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant: You know that you were Gentiles, carried away to these dumb idols, however you were led.  Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God calls Jesus accursed, and no one can say that Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit. There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills."

In July of 2013 the LORD (YHWH) started to move and speak with us at LFM. These "Words of the LORD" are reprinted here for your reading and study. Please scroll down the page for the date of the "Word."

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January 7, 2018 - "...My glory shall be poured out." July 15, 2018 - “Let My peace surround you." 
January 14, 2018 - "Let the heathen rage."  July 29, 2018 - “The earth shall be filled with My glory..." 
January 21, 2018 - “Those in low places are looking up..."  August 5, 2018 - “Praises are going up all over the earth..."
February 4, 2018 - "For men have sought after Me..."  August 12, 2018 - “I’ve desired for My people to come..." 
February 11, 2018 - "Enter in to this new realm."   September 9, 2018 - "...because their world is falling apart."
March 4, 2018 - “There are those who cry out for My glory."  September 16, 2018 - "(I have) come to deliver you..."
March 18, 2018 - “Behold, I stand at the door and knock..." September 23, 2018 - “This is not the time to be silent..." 
April 8, 2018 - “I am not confused..."  October 7, 2018 - “Now some are saying..." 
April 22, 2018 - “My word has come into the earth."  October 14, 2018 - "Who told you, you were naked?"  
April 29, 2018 - "For I am the Lord over all the earth."  October 31, 2018 - “Have I not told you that I have given you your nation back?" 
May 6, 2018 pm - “For I have called you to come out..."  November 11, 2018 - “Do not think that My glory has lifted." 
May 13,2018 - “There is a new period coming forward." November 18, 2018 - "...There are many voices that rise up..." 
June 3, 2018 - “I have set a standard in this world..."  December 9, 2018 - “It is I who set the seasons..." 
June 17, 2018 - “Those powers, those principalities..." December 23,2018 - “For I am the provider..." 


January 7, 2018 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Oh, this is a year declares God. This is a year when My glory shall be poured out. It’s a year when My people begin to come together in greater measure than they’ve been in a long time. For many have struggled with My Spirit, many have struggled with Who I am declares God, but no longer; for in My body, you will begin to come together as one. And as you come, as My Church becomes one with themselves, they will become one with Me says Jesus. And I will begin to reveal Myself again through the Church like I haven’t been allowed to in years. And you shall see changes begin to sweep across this nation, you shall see things begin to fall and some things begin to rise, because My people are assembling themselves together as one in Me declares the Christ. For I am creating a new work for you, but a work I have seen from the beginning in this earth. And I am pouring out My glory in greater and greater and greater measure. And it will be as lights. Some lights will appear to grow brighter and brighter and brighter, and it will reveal the darkness around them, because they will stand out all the more. So be prepared in this year of the outpouring of the glory, in this year of transformation, in this year of what I am setting forth, be also prepared for that persecution to come. For those will rise up against you, and their voices will be loud, and they will be clamorous, but yet they shall fall short of their mark. For they shall not come near you, but I will propel you and I will exalt you above all those things, that those voices who would rise against you will be hollow voices, and they will fall to the ground, although they make much acclaim. But they are nothing but wind, and the wind of My Spirit will carry them away declares God.

“For this is the year of the coming out. This is the year of the manifestation. For there are those who I have had concealed in government places for years, that are now in the process of being revealed, and they are coming to the forefront. And you will hear the government in high positions make declaration of My Lordship; and, you will stand back and say ‘I never thought I would see it in my lifetime.’ Well, you will! You will see it, for I declare it declares God, and it shall come to pass.”

January 14, 2018 - Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Let the heathen rage. Let them scream from their false altars on top of the mountains; for their high places are beginning to crumble, and the voices that they shout over the land are falling, void of impact. They are missing their mark. They are as the darkness shouts against the light, against that which they cannot overcome, for it is My light that they oppose. The foolishness of men is being revealed. For the foolishness of men deny the sovereign God, and to deny a Savior to come into the situation and change it. For they see the world as coming apart. And they see the world as crumbling. And they see that good is falling apart and this is their modus operandi . This is how they operate, out of destruction they believe will come a new birth, but it is out of the light, it’s out of My presence that the new birth comes declares God. For if you reject My wisdom, all you have left is the foolishness of the world, of man trying to be his own savior, his own deliverer, which is impossible. For only from above can your salvation come. Only from without yourself, beyond yourself can your deliverance come. For I am He declares God, and I am the one who sets kings in their places, and I am the one who removes kings from their places. It is not men but it is Me declares God. And I am doing it again today, that I’m raising men up, I am raising those who walk in My anointing, those who will acknowledge Me. I’m raising them up again over the earth, and the world and its foolishness shouts against it, because they have no comprehension of a Savior. They have no comprehension that I can turn things around declares God. Even when I do it in front of their eyes, even when I bring those ashes to life, they will still refuse to see what is happening; for they are consumed in their own darkness. But the light has come declares God. The light of My Savior, the light of Jesus, the light of My Son, the light that I’ve put in you is rising in the earth once again; and it will go to the four corners, and it will rise up and men shall be dumbfounded in their foolishness. And it will cause them to be silent for a season, for a time, because they can not grasp what is going on. That’s why they are fighting so hard, because in their heart they said this can not be. For this is not a work of a man, it is the work of someone else. That someone else is Me says God. For I am orchestrating events, and I am bringing things to pass once again to reveal the foolishness of men and to reveal the goodness of God. So choose My goodness says the Father. Choose who I am. Choose to walk in My light. Choose to walk in My strength and My power in these days for the darkness is waning, and the light is increasing and increasing. 

“And the light is increasing in you, in My body, in My fellowship the light is increasing; and it will continue to grow and grow and grow until it reaches that point of where the earth can no longer contain it. And when that time comes I will lift you up to myself declares God. And no longer will you look toward My coming, for you will be in My coming and My glory. My glory shall consume you and all you know will be My peace and My presence declares God. And we will rejoice. We will rejoice in that day.”

January 21, 2018 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Those in low places are looking up, for their redemption draweth nigh. My glory has been in pockets in the earth, but that glory is beginning to expand. And as it expands, it’s beginning to make contact with other pockets of glory. And there’s a connectedness beginning to occur that hasn’t been for a long time. For people are coming together. They’re not saying ‘We are of this faith or we’re of this group or of this bunch’, but they’re coming together ‘We are the children of God.’ That glory is beginning to flow from one spot to another. And it doesn’t seem to be separate or distinct, but there’s a unifying, there’s a coming together. For it all comes and flows from My Spirit declares God. For you did not create this thing, neither are you alone in what you are experiencing. But it is increasing and increasing in the earth to where it will be that even the deniers will have to submit, because it’s the way that it is. And their voice, even though they shout against the darkness, their voice will be silenced because of My glory. For when My glory comes, it quenches the evil tongue, and it quenches those who disclaim Me says the Lord. For there is silence in My presence, and there is goodness, there is a goodness that flows from My throne into the earth.

“Seek to find your way into that goodness. This is not the time of abandoning fellowship, it is the time of coming together. It is that time of coming together to renew your faith, to renew your spirit, to renew your life in Me, declares God. And it is a time when those who come together, oh, they’ll experience a flow, they’ll experience an anointing, they’ll experience all these things. And those who sit on the outside will say ‘I don’t know what’s going on!’, because they’re not in the river. They’re not in the river of life. They think if they just put their feet in, oh, it’ll carry them away. Oh, no it won’t. You’ve got to go in ankle deep, knee deep, thigh deep, until you go in over your head. For when you’re in over your head, that’s when My Spirit, My river can cause you to flow in the way that I desire. And you will find that way of peace and that will of knowing. And you will begin to do things that you never imagined possible, and you’ll find out it’s not you doing it, it’s the Christ in you that is causing all these things to come to pass. Did I not tell you in My word? Have I not spoken it says the Lord, that My glory shall cover the earth?” 

February 4, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“For men have sought after Me, they have called after Me, they have longed after Me, and I have come to reveal Myself to them says Jesus. I am the One who was before all things. I am the One who was with the Father. I am the One who came from the Father, and I have come to reveal My Father to you. Many have sought, many have cried, many have longed, but they have not yielded to who I am. They acknowledge My existence, but they refuse to bow their knee; because all authority in heaven and earth has been given to Me, declares Jesus, from My Father, until all is consummated, until all is brought together as one. And when that day comes, the Father will call, and you, with Me in you, will be caught up again into the realms of glory. For those who have called, I’ve responded to. For those that have a yielded heart, I have come to you declares Jesus. And I am making Myself real to you. And I am showing you My power, My strength, My glory, even in this present age. Those who hear, those who respond, those who seek Me with all their heart, shall know Me even as I know them. This is the day of consummation. This is the day that all things are beginning to come together. This is the hour, this is the day when I am calling My church, I’m gathering them together as one. I’m gathering them together for a cause, for a purpose, that My glory will be shown out through all the earth; that people of every tribe, every nation, every tongue, they will know that I am Lord. And they will see My hand increase and increase in these days, declares God, to where the doubter will have no more excuse. For they will have to fall on their knees, and still they will deny Me, but they will know that I am Lord declares Jesus. And they will know of My presence near to them, and they will know the salvation that they have missed. For they would rather cling to their darkness than come to the light. For My light reveals all the darkness. And there are those who would hang on to their sin, hang on to their shame, rather than come to the light to let Me cleanse them of all these things. Oh, don’t be one of them declares God. Come to Me, come to Me with a open heart, a pure heart, a heart of seeking, a heart of hunger, and I will satisfy you says God. For I am the one who is life, and I have come that you might have life in you through Me declares the Son of God.”

February 11, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Enter in to this new realm. Enter into this spiritualness as you call it. Enter into My presence, into My glory, into My person declares God. For all that I have I’ve given to you through Jesus. All I have I’ve bestowed to you, My children. All that I have I’ve given to you - the wealth of nations, the headship over kingdoms, I’ve given to you, so enter into that. Those things which you consider small, I consider a start. Those things that you consider to be of no essence, I have declared those things to be of significance declares God. Those things that you have cast aside, I declare to be the mighty works among you. For you look at the natural but I look at My supernatural; for I am above those things that you can see or hear or comprehend with the five senses. For I am greater than all of those. For have I not overcome even death itself? And have not I, Jesus, been raised to sit beside My Father in heavenly places. And I am like you, I am man; but I am more man, I am the Son of God. And I have called you to enter into My glory, to sit with Me on My Father’s throne, that all things in this world would be under your feet. But until you learn to take dominion over the small things, you’ll never rule over much. Until you begin to yield to Me in the areas of your life that you think are implausible, you will not know My greatness, nor will you know the significance of what I can do. For you still look to yourselves for the answer, when, if you had the answer there would be no need for salvation, for you would simply deliver yourself out of your situations. But you can’t by yourself, but I can says God. For I have overcome death and hell and the grave. And all the keys have been given to Me declares Jesus, and I have given you, the church, the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. So take them and enter into this new realm, this new way of thinking, this new way of living that you can live with Me in the exalted areas declares God.”

March 04, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“There are those who cry out for My glory. There are those who cry out for that which they don’t even understand. And I am pouring forth My glory afresh in these days. And you shall see it come even as a rising sun. And you shall see it come from the east and go to the west, but it shall not pass you by, for where that glory comes it will begin to reside, and will stay in the locations that receive and open their hearts to it. And when that glory comes it will bring community transformation. It’ll change My church and My people, because you must be prepared to be carriers of My glory. Don’t just be observers, but seek to become carriers, that when My glory comes upon you, it shall not only saturate you, it shall not only lift you up into heavenly places, it will not only be a blessing to you, but you will become a carrier of that glory; that wherever you go, oohhhh, like in the days of Moses and in the days of Joshua, wherever you walk I will give it to you. You will begin to mark My territory by the places that you walk, by the places that you tread over, and you shall begin to declare that these are areas that belong to Almighty God. And where you step, I will let My glory reside there, and for those who will take it up, for those who will receive it, they also will become carriers of My glory, carriers of My mercy, carriers of My abundance. And they shall begin to walk and they shall begin to carry it further and further and further. For when this glory comes, and it will come, when the glory comes, it will bring transformation to everything that you think that you know. For you will walk in greater revelation, not just in wisdom of the Word, but in wisdom of My Son. For My life shall overtake yours, and that which is lesser will yield to that which is greater, and My life will ascend and transcend all that you know and understand.

‘Oh, it’s a glorious day. It’s a day that I’ve longed forward to see. It’s a day I’ve longed to usher in, and you will see this glory for it will come in your day. And you will be known as the glorious ones, and you shall walk with Me and I shall walk with you, and the things that you declare, you will see them come to pass. And you’ll see that what I have said is true and accurate, and even you will be so amazed at what you see you’ll say, ‘More! More! More!’ And I’ll say, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’”

March 18, 2018 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock, and if anyone would open that door, if any one would open that door, I will come in and sup with him. I will come in and commune with them. I will come in to them and make My home in them, with them, and will live through them. For I have given a window of opportunity to this generation. I have given a window of chance - a window - that if they would open the door, if they would understand Who is knocking and open, I will come in to them. For every life is at a threshold. And every life is at that decision point. And when I come, I knock. The knocking is getting louder and louder and louder, to where the news media cannot even avoid it any longer. For I am knocking on the door, and they try to cast it off as a joke, as a thing to be pitied that people would have faith in Me. They say these things ‘cause I’m knocking on their door, and yet they refuse to open. But if they would, I will come in to them, and I will change their life, for then they will know Who I am, instead of just hearing what others have said about Me. For there have been false witnesses and false prophets going out in the earth, and they’ve declared this and that in My Name, but so much of it has not been in My Name declares God. For I am a God of mercy and a God of healing and a God of restoration. And yet this is not how I am presented to the world. For all they’ve heard is the judgment that is in the hearts of the individuals, and they try to put that judgment over on Me and they forget that it was because I so loved the world, I gave My only begotten Son, that whoever would believe in Him, that they would be born again, that they would be filled the knowledge of Who I am. And yet this voice, this cry in the wilderness, has been pushed aside. For men would rather declare judgment, for they believe that in the declaration of judgment, that they would justify themselves. And yet My Word says if you judge, you judge yourself also.

“So the door of opportunity is open. I am knocking on the doors of government. I’m knocking at the White House. I’m knocking in the Legislature. I’m knocking on the Courtroom door; and if they would open to Me, I will come in and I will sup with them. For the nation stands at a precipice as to whether or not they will receive Me, whether or not they will return to Me, whether or not they will lift up My values, or whether they will defend the righteousness of men who walk in their own understanding, who walk in their own condemnation. I am knocking at the door that they would know Who I am declares God. And it is up to My people to pray for the hearing of those in positions of authority that they would hear My voice, that they would hear what I am saying, that they could turn from their wicked ways and come unto Me that I could bring a healing, a generational healing into this land. For out of the United States of America, out of this land has flowed in the past a greater glory to the world. But I am preparing a greater glory that the earth has not yet seen. For this glory shall be like a tsunami, it shall be like a wave, and it shall sweep across borders, it’ll sweep across cultures, it will sweep across oceans, that they would know Who I am. For I am showing Myself strong on behalf of those who come to Me. But for those who refuse to come, I’m giving a window, an opportunity. And it they do not come, they shall receive the shame of their unbelief. And the things that they mocked, will come back upon them, and they will be destroyed for their lack of belief, for they have rejected the One Who can heal and the One Who can deliver them.

“So don’t be like them, but open your heart. Open your heart to My blessing, to My abundance. Open your heart to My ways says God. For what you would desire to see Me do in the lives of others, I desire to do it in your life, that you would know Who I am for yourself and not just what others have said; but, that you would have an intimacy with Me declares God, that you would know Me for Who I am, and you would walk in My pathways declares God.”

April 8, 2018 (p.m.) - Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“I am not confused says the Lord. The god of this world thinks that confusion opens a pathway for him, that it opens a door for him. He creates confusion, he creates chaos in order to cause a distraction to get the eyes of My people off of Me on to him and on to the situations that consume them, but in Me there is no chaos, there is no disorder. For I brought everything into line with who I am through My Son Jesus Christ. It is that chaos that manifests in sickness, in disease, that chaos that is breaking up marriages and households and governments. That chaos is not of Me, for I am bringing all things into order in My Kingdom declares the Lord. So the chaos that seems to consume you is only to distract you from who I am and what I have done. Keep your eyes on Me declares the Lord, look unto Me, for I am the source of your life. I am the source of your healing. I am the source of bringing you into the unity of My Spirit, the unity of My people that healing will break forth in that place where there is oneness of the spirit declares the Lord.” 

April 22, 2018 - Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“My word has come into the earth. And there are those who through generations have received that word, have stood on that word, have given their all to that word. My word has been tested, has been tried, and has been proven to be true over and over again. Men have used intellectualism to come against My word, and it has failed. They have tried to use emotion to overcome My word, but My word did not collapse; for it has not only endured, but it has given the true emotions of My Spirit. And there are still those who would assault My word. And they make mockery of those who would trust it and believe it and receive it and walk in it. And yet their voices are continually falling to the ground as hollow as they were when they first began. My word is still being proved this day says God. And My word, because it is truth, will overcome every adversary and every assault against it. For that word has found residence in you. And as you stand on that word, you prove My word to be true. Even in all the things that you deal with and you struggle against, yet My word keeps you steady. And My word gives you that firm foundation that no man can remove and no man can steal from you. When you look to Me declares God, you’re looking to that word, to Jesus. For My word is not a thing but it is the person of My Son. It is the essence of My character declares God. That’s why that word can not be moved. And those who come against the word will come against a hard rock. And they will shatter upon that rock. So don’t be worried. Don’t walk in confusion and don’t let care overtake you, for My word will prove itself again. For it is the only truth on which men can build and last and endure. For every other word, every word of man, every word of tradition, every word that comes against My word, shall be revealed and it shall collapse, and it shall be seen as being hollow and empty, for it can not answer the cry of man. For their cry is to know Me declares God. And My word is that revelation of who I Am. And as they cry about Me and they cry out for Me, oh, I will send them My word and it will quicken them, and it will come alive in them and it will make them in to new creatures, into new persons in Me says God. For when they respond to My word, oh My word takes root. And My word will grow and increase on the inside of them even as it has in you. And that word will continue to grow and prosper and will continue to yield fruit in its season, for that word has no death in it. It has no shadow of turning, for My word is true. So stand on that word. Don’t listen to the things of this world, but listen to My word; because heaven and earth will pass away, but My word will not fail declares God. And as long as you stand on that word, you will not fail. For I’ve made it that way. For that word is your life, that word is your hope, that word is what you have to cause you to overcome all the adversary, all that he can throw at you. That word causes you to ride in victory over him and over every area of life. So stay close to My word. Give My word place. Mediate on it this day as you have never meditated on it before. For persecution has come and is going to increase for a season, and then it’s going to pass away for a season. And those who have made mockery of My word are being shamed and being humbled even today. And it will become so prominent that they will shut up and be still, for they know that the more they talk, the more they blabber, their words fall pointlessly to the earth. Oh, but My word, I’ve lifted My word even above Myself, even above My Name declares God. For I’ve said that in My word. That word is all powerful. That word is Jesus Christ, Who has been given all authority in heaven and on earth. And until His enemies become His footstools, He will sit in heaven. But you are making the enemies the footstools now, and they are under your feet declares God. So rejoice in this, that you have the victory; not that it’s just coming, but you have the victory; because every day My people are putting the words of this world to flight, and they’re putting the words of those who claim to know so much, they are proving them to be so empty, but My word endures forever declares the Lord.” 

April 29, 2018 - Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“For I am the Lord over all the earth. I am He who has created it. I am the One Who sustains it, and it will not end until I close the door. There is one who has set himself up and calls himself the god of the earth. Oh, he’s not much of a god at all; for he cannot control anything except that I have given him authority to do it. For he only operates as I allow him to operate, and as people allow him to operate. But in these days declares the Lord, I am pouring out a fresh glory upon the earth; and this is the glory that will quench the fiery darts and it will shut the mouths of lions. For he has roamed the whole earth seeking whom to destroy, and he yells at this one and growls at that one, and because they don’t know Who I am, they have cowered in his face; and they have backed away and they have given him precedence because they do not know Who I am. But I am revealing Myself in these days saith God, that the weak shall call themselves strong and those that were once intimidated have said, ‘Enough is enough.’ For those who know their God will do exploits, and I will show Myself strong on those who have been oppressed, for those who have been pushed under, for those who seemed like they are all but gone, and you will see them and are seeing them raise to the surface now, and they are taking control because of My will, because of My Spirit declares God. It’s not through the strength of men. It’s not by a technique that many of them would suppose, but it’s because they know Who I am. And because they know Who I am, oh their righteousness makes them bold as a lion; and they walk in a confidence that the god of this world looks at and is amazed and utterly confused because he thought they had it all in control. But suddenly, ha ha ha, suddenly My children who know Who I am are rising up and they are saying we will allow and we will not allow what is to come. And they are standing in their place, as I prophesied, and they are putting the devil to flight. And those who have relied upon him are beginning to tumble and beginning to fall, not just out of favor with men, but out of favor with those in the world; and the world is looking at them and saying ‘They have no power.’ All that they have is a spirit of fear. But God has given us the spirit of faith. A spirit of life. Oh, and you shall not be overcome in these days declares the Lord. For it is My work, it is My doing saith God. And I am bringing those things to pass, and I am beginning to usher in an age in this world that has not been seen for many a year. For it is a new revival. It is a new opening. It is a new window of heaven being poured out in the earth, and My glory is covering the earth. And those who know Me are seeing Me. And those who have said that they know Me but do not, they’re just as confused as the world. For they thought it was by their wisdom. They thought it was by their eloquence. They thought it was by their own abilities and the power of their will and personality that exalted them. But I am the one who lifts up and I am the one who pulls down saith the Lord. And those who stand against Me will find themselves on the wrong side of history. And those who defy Me will see themselves in the judgement that is about to befall them. And they will be powerless to stop it, for when it comes it will sweep like a broom. Like a fresh wind that blows the loose leaves about, and those leaves will go and they will go wherever I blow them says the Lord. But as for My people, I’m establishing My righteousness in the earth. And I am establishing My people, those who are not afraid to be called by My name, I am establishing them again in Me; and the waves will come, the winds will blow, and yet that house will not be shaken for it is built on the foundation of My Son Jesus Christ.

“So take courage. Take courage in these days. Do not look to the winds, they are contrary to My word. For they will blow you this way and that way, but look unto My word and unto My Spirit declares God, and you will know the right and the wrong. You will see with clarity what others can only see in darkness, but you will see these things. So therefore take confidence, take boldness, and be assured that I am the God, the Lord over all the earth. For it all belongs to Me declares Christ.”

May 6, 2018 PM - Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“For I have called you to come out of the world and come into My Spirit declares God. I have called you to leave behind those things that have trapped My people for so long, that which is natural, that which is carnal, for you are more than these things. You say, ‘Well you have to die to get.....’ You’ve already died. You’ve already died to the ways of the world, you’ve already died to conditions of this world. You have been raised from the dead by the glory that raised My Son from the dead, that you might have new life in Him, but as long as you look and say, ‘Oh the old life is still greater than the new.’, the old life will still dominate. Begin to look that you are born again, you are filled with My Spirit says God, that you have been changed from death into life. My Son when He walked in the earth did not say, ‘Oh, this body limits Me so much!’ No, He walked by faith. He did not walk by sight. He did not walk by according to what He had seen in the natural, but He walked by what He saw in the supernatural. And that supernatural overcame the natural things. He walked on water. He could throw Himself off of a mountaintop. He could do all these things, but He chose to follow after Me rather than seek out those things that would exalt Him among men; but He sought to please Me saith the Father. So seek to please Me. And seek those things that are above and you will receive them. Seek those things that are of Me and you will walk in those things, for I desire to pour Myself out through My people, through My body, that Jesus will be realized in the earth; and you are that body. You belong to that body in the whole earth that I am bringing together and uniting in this day, in this hour, for this special purpose declares God. So do not think light of it, but understand that you are no longer of this world; for you have died to the world. And you are right now passing into the realm of the Spirit to where the Spirit will dominate more and more and more and more. Yield to Me. Yield to that Spirit. Yield to Me in you says the Father, and it will increase even more and more and more.”

May 13, 2018 - Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“There is a new period coming forward. It’s being ushered in this Monday (May 14, 2018 / USA Embassy opening in Jerusalem). As I recognize Israel declares God, as I recognize their redemption, their solidification as a people again, I am releasing new things into the earth, because it’s the coming of My Son that’s at hand. And you’re going to start seeing prophecies fulfilled that they’ve talked about for years and years and years. And yet even as they see these new ones or these current prophecies being fulfilled, there’s going to be new things that you see in the scriptures and in the Word that you’re going to go ‘Wow!’, because they’ve been hidden. Men have seen these things. Daniel has seen these things, and yet I told him ‘Close the book, don’t write it down!’, because these things are for the end times. Well, you’re coming into the end times, the end of the end times. For you’re going to see My people Israel raised up, and you’re going to see them being able to lift up God and exalt God, because every false god that comes against them I will tear down declares the Lord. Even as Samson in the temple of Dagon, and as he was there, that image of the world fell. And they kept erecting it and it fell. And they erected it and it fell; and the final time that it fell, the arms and the head came off of it. So you’ll see the gods of this world being revealed and being thrown down. And men shall try to resurrect these gods, because this is what they have their faith in is the work of men and not the true God. And they will raise this false god up again of materialism, and it shall collapse again. But the final time that it collapses you will know, because the arms and the head will be severed. In other words, the power of its hands to do work will cease to exist, and the head that controls it, that manipulates it, that sets it in a certain direction, that head will even topple. And men will be astonished. But I have these things planned says the Lord. And it is the day of them coming to pass; and tomorrow when Israel celebrates its 70th year, these things are going to become manifest. And it will appear as though time is sped up, because these things must take place in a short period of time. So keep your eyes on Me says the Lord. Don’t look to the left or the right. Don’t look at the thousands that may fall on this side or the thousands on that side, but keep your eyes on Me. For I will see you through these times says the Lord, for I am revealing My glory and My splendor to the world that no man can deny Who I Am declares God. So rejoice, take pleasure, but keep your eyes open and watch for the soon coming King! For He will manifest Himself in the earth as it was said by the prophets of old, and He will bring in and usher in wave upon wave upon wave of His glory declares God.”

June 03, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“I have set a standard in this world declares God. It is My Son, Christ upon the cross. For that sign has been lifted up that all the world may see Him and glorify Him. It is the sign of salvation. It is the wisdom of God revealed in the earth declares the Lord. For I have set all things upon My Son and I have given Him all things and I have withheld nothing from Him that He might be the standard of all standards to be lifted up in the earth. And that standard is drawing men to Himself, is drawing those who are of honest heart, is drawing those who are of clean hands for they shall enter into My presence declares God. They shall enter in to My tabernacle. For I have set that standard and men seek that standard, and yet there are those who will clash and crash and fall at that standard. For as they run to it to cling it, to cling to that, hoping that men will see their arrival, they will hit and burn for they have not really received Me as their standard, but they’re seeking to use Me for their own purposes and their own devices says God. That standard will be the cause of the rise of many in the land, and it will also be the cause of many downfall in the land. This is what I prophesied to Mary, that her son would do in the earth. And He is still doing it says God. So this is the time for My body to come together and to come to My standard declares the Christ. To come to that which I have established in the earth; and let the standards of men, let the things that they exalt be put down, and allow them to be diminished in your eyes so that you will seek out that true standard that endures forever. For those who come to My cross says God, will be saved, they will be delivered says God. They will be the ones that I will look upon that I will pour out My glory upon, for they shall be called the sons and daughters of the Almighty God. But for those who come without acknowledging Me, it will be their downfall. For it will reveal and it does reveal the hearts of many in the earth. For My Spirit is come to raise up the standard of righteousness. My Spirit is come to set up those standards in the earth says God, that can not be of men, for they are above men. They are of My Spirit. Thus, only can My Spirit establish these things in the earth or in you. For you must come to Me and give yourself to Me. This is the downfall of many, because they can not yield themselves to a source that is greater than they. For they have acknowledged that they are the source of wisdom and they are the source of righteousness in the earth but it’s not so. That’s My Son. He is that ultimate sign, that ultimate standard in the earth. And that sign is foolishness to the world. But it is My wisdom and reveals My wisdom to all who would believe on Me says God.” 

June 17, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Those powers, those principalities, those authorities that thought they had charge over all things were sorely confused at the day of the crucifixion, for they thought they had won the ultimate victory. But when I raised My Son from the dead, oh they were shaken to the very foundation. They were shaken to realize who they were, how small, how little they were, when they claimed to be so strong. For with one word I raised My Son from the dead. With one word He came out of the grave. With one word He ascended into heaven. With one word He sent the Holy Spirit. And now I have a world full of sons and daughters. And the same glory that raised My Son from the dead, lives in every believer. And that glory is being raised up again declares God. Those things that once many thought were dead are being revived. And the things that the enemy thought he had overthrown and had trampled under foot, those things are rising back up. And as they arise they are once again destroying the world that the enemy thought he had created. But he cannot create, he can only destroy. And where there is life, there is life; and life is stronger than the grave and life is stronger than the destruction of the enemy. And when My life begins to appear, the enemy shudders again, and he fears again, because he saw this come before. And he knows what his end is, but he’s going to go screaming and fighting ‘til the very end. But My people who are chosen by Me says God, I am raising them up at this time and this hour, and they are once again walking to and fro in the earth. And as they walk, the ground that they walk upon, I am yielding to them and I am giving them authority and power over those things. I am setting people in high places, and I am pulling down others who thought they had the high places, but it was only about them, it was not about Me. And I am pulling them down says the Lord. By the end of this week, you will see leaders fall. You will see changes in the earth that only a few days ago they were heralding as being immutable, as they were heralding that these people had survived the storm, but yet they are going to fall this week says God. And you will see their collapse, and the world will wonder what is going on. For once again their plans have gone awry, and once again My people are rising up with a voice that they will honor Me above all the things of this earth, above all the gods of this world. For I am rising to ascendancy again declares God. And I am coming with a wave of My glory that will sweep not from just the east to the west in the United States, but will sweep literally around the world. 

“For I will not be silent anymore in these days declares God. But I am speaking what is on My mind, and what is on My mind is the Spirit of Liberty poured out in the earth. What is on My mind declares God, is healing the bruised, the broken hearted, is releasing the prisoner from the jail, for causing the blind to see and the deaf to hear. For this is what I have spoken declares God, and I will see it come to pass, and it will come to pass quickly says the Lord. And all the earth will begin to rejoice when the righteous rule and when the righteous reign. And those who have spoken out against them will be revealed for how small they are, for how petty they have become. For they thought they’ve hollered great things, and they think that they have spoken great, great, great wisdom. Their wisdom is being revealed for as shallow as it is. For by My cross I have brought redemption into the world. By My cross I have brought life into the world, and I am bringing dead things to life again declares God. So walk in My glory, walk in My life, walk in the boldness of My Spirit says God, for this is the day of the outpouring. This is the day, this is the hour when these things are going to become manifest in the earth again, and they will begin to hear what you say even though they’ve not listened before, even though they’ve written you off as being wacko. They will give you heed this time because of the transformation coming upon the earth declares God. So don’t keep silent, but let My wisdom flow though you, that My words would become your words, and it would halt the enemy in his tracks.” 

July 15, 2018 -- Listen 
given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Let My peace surround you. Let My presence fill your life. For if you look to the left and the right you will see turmoil and confusion. For the world is falling into these categories. But I am the peace, the Prince of Peace, over this world. Those who seek Me shall find Me. Those who hunger after Me shall be satisfied, for I will establish you. When all the earth is falling, when all the world is going its own different directions, yet I will be your stabilizer; and I will be the One who plants you firmly. But you must decide to be planted in My word. You must make the choice to follow after Me and shut your eyes and ears to the cries of the world, for they are the cries of confusion. And they are the cries of the evil that is filling the earth. But yet My grace is still available and My glory is still present. And those who come to Me will be as the light in Goshen while Egypt was flung into darkness. And I will show you the way to go, and I will show you where to go, and I will tell you what to say and when to be silent. For in this period of darkness there is that running to and fro, and men and women are searching for that reality, they’re searching for that truth which they can only find in Me says the Lord. So when you fill yourself with My peace, with My presence, oh they will come to you. Sooner or later they will come to you and they will ask, “How can you be stable in a world that is in such chaos?” And you’ll give testimony to Me says the Lord. And many will come into My kingdom in this age, many will come unto Me says God, for I am opening up the door once again. And those who seek will find and those who hunger and thirst shall be satisfied.” 

July 29, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“The earth shall be filled with My glory declares God. For My word is going out and as a covering, it is coating the earth. It is coating the people of the world; and those are many who are coming into My kingdom. And there are those many who are also rejecting My kingdom. But My kingdom will be done in the earth even as it is done in Heaven declares God. For I will see these things come to pass in My own timing, in My own way. There are those who live in darkness that a great light is shining upon them and the glory of the Lord is about to arise in many dark areas of the earth. Those who have counseled Me, those who have said ‘Never here!’, oh I will go there declares God. For I long to go into the dark recesses and the dark corners of the world, that they may see the glory of My Son Jesus Christ. That I may be lifted up and worshiped in all of the world. And not one corner will be missed and not one corner will be let go declares God. For I will go to the ends of the earth.”

(From Pastor Gordon - You know the Lord has spoken to us in the past that there are those who will cling to the darkness, that they would rather sink with the ship than get into the life boat. And we’re seeing these things come to pass today. Well, I can’t get it out in words, but what I’m sensing in My spirit is God is doing a great work in the earth, and there are those that will cling to that darkness, will cling to those things that they have held on for all their lives for fear that they could be wrong.) 
“And they are wrong. They are wrong. For they’ve looked to the darkness to where they can not see the light, and the light is dawning upon them. And like in the book of Revelation, they are crying to the rocks and the stones to cover themselves, because if they would see the light, then they would have to repent. And they would have to admit that they are wrong and they refuse to bend their knee. They refuse to listen to any other God but themselves. And so they’ve set themselves up as God declares the Lord. They’ve set themselves up by their own wisdom, by their own understanding, and I am tearing those towers down says God. And I am removing them from the face of the earth. Many will be the cries. Many will be the outcry that this is not right. But it’s Me says God. For the wisdom of men is collapsing to where their wisdom no longer will work and no longer will operate the way that they thought it would. But My word will be seen as the truth. For My word is the only thing that men can build on that will endure and will last. Any other thing is sinking sand. Any other thing is rock that is crumbling beneath the feet. But My word will endure forever declares God. And those who strive to build on My word, they shall be like My word and shall last through all persecution, and shall be glorified in the end declares God. For My word will always be exalted above the things of this world.”

August 5, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Praises are going up all over the earth declares the Lord, praises for the things that I have done. For I have rescued men and women, I have saved them out of eminent death. I have healed them and delivered them from the curses that are coming upon this world. I have redeemed them to call them My own, declares God. And all over the earth, where people recognize My mercy and My goodness, oh, there is worship, there is praise ascending to the heavens. And I am inhabiting that praise, and I am filling that praise declares the Lord. And I am inhabiting it with My very nature. And where that praise goes up, oh My glory comes down declares the Lord. And when you praise, My glory will come upon you in greater measure, in greater measure. And yet so many are afraid to enter in to that worship. But that worship identifies you. That worship separates you from the things of the earth, from the things of the world. And that praise seats you in heavenly places with My Son. For praise exalts a person, and praise magnifies and enlarges Who I am within that person. So lift up your voice. Worship Me and praise Me and give Me honor that is due, because I have redeemed you from every curse, I have healed you of every disease. I have exalted you above all the things that go on in the earth, and I have seated you in heavenly places with My Son declares the Lord! Oh, so magnify Me, not because I demand it, not because I deserve it, but because I have saved you, and I have redeemed you, and I have brought you out of many, many waters.

“Don’t think that you’ve attained it, don’t think you have it all, for there (are) many things that I have yet to do in the earth. Many signs and many wonders are still yet to come. And people will see them, and they will see them come with great strength, and with great rapidity, to where the people of the natural mind set will wonder and question what is going on. For it leaves them dumbfounded now, but they shall be even more dumb later, for they shall not be able to speak or able to say anything about what they see, for it will literally shut the mouths of the lions. And those that are railing against you now declares God, silence will come upon them. For they will open their mouths and nothing will come out. They will go to slander Myself, they will go to slander My children declares God, and yet nothing will come out. For I will shut their mouths. For though they try to rail and they try to make accusations, all of their vain threats will fall to the ground. For in this day, I am pouring out My glory says God. It’s the glory that the three Hebrew children saw in the fiery furnace. It is that glory that protected them from even the smell of smoke. It is that glory that came down upon them that the fires burned all around them, and yet they were not consumed. And in that fire, there was a Fourth Man. And in that fire they saw Me, declares Jesus, and they saw me walking with My children, and walking with those who are bold to declare Who they belong to. I was with Daniel, and My glory came down, and all night long, he petted the lions. The very things the kings thought would destroy him and devour him, he petted because My glory was upon him. And yet when the accusers were thrown into the very same pit, they were devoured and they were consumed from the very weapons they had formed against My children.

“Know this declares God, no weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises in judgment, you shall condemn, for this is the heritage of My servants, of My children, declares the Almighty God!”

August 12, 2018 -- Listen
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“I’ve desired for My people to come into My presence, and yet they come in with their hands closed and their fist tightened because they’re afraid of Me. But, if you would come into My presence says God, oh, there is such a liberty, there is such a freedom in My presence says God, and when you learn that, when you discover that, you will open your hands and throw out your arms to Me and worship Me, because you have been set free. You’ve been set free of the limitations of this world. You’ve been set free of the attacks of the enemy, because you are free on the inside to worship Me. You are free to express love, sincerely and deeply, and let that love flow out from you. Oh, come to Me My children says God. Come to Me with open hands, come to Me with uplifted arms. Come to Me with your spirit opened and soul willing to be changed and transformed. Come to Me and give away all the things in this world that you’re holding onto, and let those things go and receive My Spirit that I can flow in you, and I can lift you up in that flow to a higher dimension, to a higher way of living in this life. For it will change you and it will transform you, and it will cause you to see things differently and to walk at a different level, because you’re not limited by the things that you see or hear. Oh, but you have entered into the realm of the spirit and the realm of the supernatural says God.”

September 9, 2018-- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“There are those who would say they have nothing to praise God for, because their world is falling apart. But that world that is falling apart is not My world says God. But it is the world of the world. It is the world of natural things which must cease to exist, which must be put under My authority declares God. For I have brought you out of this world to bring you into My kingdom declares God, that you would walk upright before Me. Not in the fear of man, not in the fear of the world system, but that you would walk above those things and walk in My system, that you would walk in that which I decree saith the Lord. That you would know that the Greater One lives in you. And that Greater One is above everything of this world. For I have seated My Son in the heavenly places till all authority in heaven and earth is brought under His feet. And you are the ones who are to bring this world under the authority of My Son, Jesus. For I have given you My kingdom authority. Those who walk in My kingdom are establishing a new world. You’re stamping, you’re stamping the heart of God in the earth. Men would trample that image under foot, but you are stamping that image to be indelible upon the face of this planet. And because of that, many things come against you and you look at that and say, ‘Oh, it’s coming apart!’ No, it’s coming together saith God. For I am raising up My people in this day and this time, and I have given them kingdom authority that they would put every devil under their feet. All principalities, all powers are to be under your feet. So I am establishing through you, My kingdom declares God, that will not yield to another. And many voices are crying out and they’re going hither and thither, they’re scattering, they’re going up and down, they’re crying, they’re wailing. Why? Because their world is coming apart. And that world is not My kingdom says God, and yes that world will fall; but My kingdom will rise and be established in its place declares God, through My people, through those who are obedient to Me. Through those who have sought My kingdom first place in their lives. I will use you to establish My rule and My reign in the earth.

“So do not fear. Do not look to the east and the west that your help is going to come from there, for your help will come from Me saith the Lord. And I am more than able to put you over. I am more than able to see you through. And I am more than able to cause your enemies to scatter and to flee before you, because they see Me in you. So walk with Me and come closer to Me in these days, for many things will depend upon that relationship. And as our relationship grows, so shall your kingdom authority increase and increase, and so it shall be seen in the earth as that power which is increasing over all the other powers, because they are falling to the side declares the Lord.” 

September 16, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“(I have) come to deliver you.
That if you would believe in Me
I will give you eternal liberty
And you would walk with Me
That you would be seated in Me
In the heavenly places
Oh, that you, oh that you would walk
In My authority
That you would put the devil under your feet today
Don’t give him place, don’t give him your thoughts
But put him under your feet
And you will make him My footstool
For I, I have come to give you liberty
That you would tread upon
Every serpent that comes to steal
I have come that you would have
My life among you
So bow, bow down to Me says Jesus
For I am the King of Kings
And your authority comes not from men
But from My father who reigns in heaven
That authority is beyond the earth
And has all authority over all that has been created
Like Moses pick up your staff
That I have given you
And that staff will part the seas
When you use it properly
The seas will part, the storms will flee you
And you will stand on the solid rock”

September 23, 2018 -- Listen 
tongues given through Peggy Kimble
interpretation through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“This is not the time to be silent, when the voices of confusion and dismay surround you and raise their voices. This is the time for you to declare the works of the Lord. It is a time for My body to rise up. It is not the time to be quiet. It is not the time to acquiesce, it is not the time to draw back. It is the time to push forward against the powers of darkness, that they are being revealed and they are being pulled down and they are being shown for what they are – is they are sounds, clouds without rain. They have no power in them except the power of confusion. But you have the Spirit of the Living God on the inside of you, and the voice that you speak, it will rise up and it will cause the enemy to scatter and will diffuse him and all that he has for he can not win, he shall not overcome, for I have already defeated him. But it’s time for My people to declare My victory in the earth again. To shout out, to shout out with the voice of triumph. To shout out the things of My Spirit declares God. For I am rising in the land and I have come to set people free. Not to put them into bondage. Not to put them back into the old ways but to proclaim a liberty that will set all people free. Not just a class, not just a group, not just a crowd that gathers together, but I am gathering My people and My assembly is taking authority in the earth again declares God. And I will see this to the end, for I will be with you and I will not leave you. So take heart, take heart and rise up and speak with confidence, because I am the one who is leading you into the victory and into the truth declares God. Amen and Amen.”

October 7, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Now some are saying ‘Oh, the nation has turned!’ Oh, I turned it in January says the Lord. I turned it around early this year, for I announced that this nation was turning around. And I spoke to My people and there were those that ‘Oh, I hope it’s true, I hope it’s true.’ Well, stop your doubt and start believing what I’ve spoken to you says God. Start believing these things that you say that you trust in, start believing them and acting on them, and you will see them come together even quicker than you imagined, because I’m waiting on My people. I’m waiting on those who are called by My name that they would come together as one, that they would humble themselves and pray, repent from their sins, and I will give them a new nation to live in. I will bring My promises to pass for My people, declares God, who are willing to come together, not under a political banner but under the banner of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

October 14, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Who told you, you were naked? Who told you, you are beyond redemption? Who told you that you can’t do what I’ve said you can do says the Lord? Who is it that planted that thought in your head that comes against who I am in your life? For too long (you’ve) yielded to the enemy. For too long (you’ve) let his thoughts consume (you) instead of letting My thoughts consume you. For when My thoughts consume you, oh....., you’ll be as My Son said, ‘...but you are gods.’ You are created in My image declares the Lord. You have been given My dominion over the earth and over every creeping thing. You have been given authority even over the angels in heaven, and yet you listened to the voice of a fallen angel who has been cast out of heaven; and, you let his voice speak to you with more authority than My voice says God. It should not be this way. For My people who are called by My name know My voice. And those who are called by My name will do great wonders and works in the earth. Those who are called by My name go with My authority declares God. For I’ve given it to you as I gave My Son all authority in heaven and on earth and He has given that authority to you - to every believer. So, lift up your head, for you have escaped the snare of the fowler. You have gone beyond what he can do, because while he sets a trap on the ground, you fly above those traps. For you live and move and have your being in a different realm. For you move and live and have your being in Me declares God. And as you live and move and have your being in Me says the Christ, I will lift you up above all the things of this world. And you will know who I am in you says God. And you will walk at a higher level. You will do greater things because you have listened to the voice of your heavenly Father and you do his works in the earth. Even as the children of the devil do the works of their father, so My children do My works declares God. And you are My children. And I’ve given you My works to do. To do. Not to repeat, not to just quote, but to be doers of My word, that you would manifest My glory in the earth, in your sphere of influence, in your arena, and as you release My glory, oh, that glory will become richer, and richer and richer, and the flow will become greater and greater and greater to where the kingdoms of this world will literally collapse before My children says God. And they will pass away, even as this world will pass away, but My word and those who abide in My word shall abide forever declares the Lord.”

October 31, 2018 -- Listen 
Fire Night
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Have I not told you that I have given you your nation back? Have I not said that this is the year of the turnaround? I’ve said it through many, many voices, but you need to believe it. For instead of looking at a date when everything will be made right, I have given you the land, the territory, and as Israel entered into the promised land, they didn’t get it all at one time. But that area where they would walk upon, that area that they would be bold to enter in, that area that they would be bold to claim, I gave that to them as they went. Don’t think that this is a short race, for this is a time of the outpouring of My glory. And it will come suddenly upon the world, but it’s not suddenly upon you. For you know it’s a work, and you know that it is a purpose in My heart that you would receive all the land. You’ve prayed tonight over government, over education, over business, over banking, over media, you’ve interceded for all of these areas, and yet you must be bold to go into those areas and take control of them. I have got people hidden that are entering into these areas, that they are being raised up even now declares God. And yet, it may take some time before they get into the positions of where they can actually influence things to the way that I would desire it. But they are there, and they are doing the work. For I have given this country back to you. But get your mind off of a date. Get your mind off of an event, and begin to look to Me, for the land belongs to My people declares God. And I will not let another rule it or steal it or take it away. For My glory is being poured out, has been poured out, and is still being poured out declares God. And it will continue to shake this nation. It will continue to shake this nation and the nations around the world as they see what I am doing. For there are those who said the United States could never recover, it could never come back to its former glory, it would never have the status in the world, and yet in two years look what I have done. For the allies are excited to see the United States re-emergence, and the enemies are shaking in fear because they don’t know what is about to happen. But they know America is back. It’s back because My people have turned declares God. It’s back because My people have come together as one and are still coming together, but they’ve come together as one, and I am able to do what I want to have done, because My people have turned from their wicked ways and have humbled themselves before Me. They have prayed and I am healing the land declares God.”

November 11, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“Do not think that My glory has lifted. Get your eyes off times and off of dates and off of events. For I am moving far beyond these things declares God. For remember I see the end from the beginning. And the things that I declare will come to pass declares God. But you’ve got to begin to seek and to look into the supernatural, which is above and beyond the natural things that occupy your natural sight, and see that I am working great things in this nation. For I am bringing things to pass that I’ve declared of old declares God. And I am reviving those things and I am revisiting those areas in the lives of this nation, of its leadership, of its focus. And I am digging up and re-opening the old wells again, that fresh water will flow out of those old wells. And places where the enemy has come and has covered them up, I am un-digging them, and they don’t like it. For every old well that I dig up, I am reclaiming that area for me declares God. Jacob went and opened the wells or they opened the wells of Jacob that he had dug. And as they opened those wells, it was a proclamation that God’s word is still true. It’s a proclamation that what He once owned He still possesses. Even though it may be covered, God still possesses those areas. And the enemy knows this. And that’s why even while He says that he has victory, he is still running in fear because he knows the outcome, too. And he knows he can not hold those places that he has invaded, because they do not and never did belong to him. I am repossessing those areas in this land declares God. I’m repossessing those lands in Israel. For I have moved My capitol, although I’ve established it from eons ago. I’ve established my capitol anew. Oh, and World War III was going to break out over it, and you see not even the enemy raised up their voice, because they know that this is true. They know this is the reality. So rest assured, I am moving in these complicated times; but remember, they’re not complicated to Me says God. For I am still bringing all things to the surface, and it may get ugly and it may get nasty, but don’t lose your hope in My word. For when I speak My word, it establishes a thing in the earth. By your faith move yourselves in alignment with My word, that it would have more force and more validity in you, so you could move by faith and bring those things to pass in the earth declares God. For I’ve already declared it, and I’ve already sealed it says God. This nation shall not pass away. And this nation of the United States is moving into times where it will occupy more than what anybody ever thought was possible. And your influence will not diminish, but will increase and increase and increase for the good across the earth declares God. So hold fast. Hold fast in these days, and don’t let go of your hope which the enemy comes to steal from you. Don’t get rid of the hope that I’ve planted in your heart, for those things that I planted in you may not be for your time, but it is the reality of My Spirit declares God. That’s why I said to Abraham, pass them on to your children and your children’s children. Pass them on that they may have a heritage that is established in the past, but they can see it arriving in the future, that they would walk upright before Me in all of these areas declares God. What I’ve declared to Abraham I’m declaring to you. Do not let these things pass away, but keep them and teach them and sow them into your children and your children’s children, that they may see these events and they may know this is what was prophesied, this is what was spoken years ago, and we’re seeing it come to pass in our times. Oh, let them have that faith and let them see those things that My word is true, and My word will not pass away declares God. Amen.”

November 18, 2018 -- Listen
tongues given by Peggy Kimble
interpretation given through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“For I am the Lord says God and there is none to compare with Me. There are many voices that rise up and they say, ‘Oh, here is the Messiah, here’s the deliverer, here’s the one, this one has the answer, this one has the way, this one has the wisdom.’ They don’t. For all wisdom is found in Me declares the Father. For man knows very little except what I reveal to him. And the things that I have revealed, they will take and run with them and go in this direction and go in that direction, for they seek to understand these things by their own wisdom, by their own understanding, instead of by My Spirit. For My Spirit does not bring division declares God. My Spirit is a unifier . My Spirit is come that all men would come together as one in Me declares the Father. But there are those running (who) say ‘No, you follow me and I will produce unity’, but all they do is create division, because all they can do is condemn everyone who doesn’t agree with them. That is not My unity says God. For I do not judge you and I do not condemn you because you haven’t yet caught up. But I will love you and bring you in. Those who hunger and those who thirst shall be satisfied. But if you thirst for the things of this world, if you thirst for natural things you will always be hungry, you will always be thirsty because you will never be satisfied. But if you come to me says God, oh, I have a well that will never run dry. I have manna that will feed you on a regular basis. So come to Me. Cast off the understanding of the world. Cast off the news media. Cast off those who are seeking to prophesy but with a wrong spirit, and cast them aside and come to Me declares the Father. For I will comfort you and I will draw you into My unity, and then you will begin to see things in your life and see the things around you in clarity, for I will give you light in the darkness and I will give knowledge and wisdom and understanding in the times of confusion. So come to Me and seek after Me for I am the Way declares Jesus. 

“For there is a wisdom of the world and there is a wisdom of My Spirit. And the wisdom of this world is passing away. And you see it before you, for those who have declared and cried one thing, oh, tomorrow they’ll cry and declare another thing, and the day after that they will cry and they will declare still another thing, and yet in the mist of it My word is a clarion call and it is a clear call, and it does not change, for I am the same yesterday, today and forever. My wisdom is not up and down. My wisdom doesn’t change with the times. My word that is uttered forth from My mouth declares God, through the prophets, has not yet failed. And it stands the test of your time. It stands the test of being hundreds and thousands of years old, and yet it is still just as true today as it was when it was first spoken. And it is causing things to come to pass in the earth that disturb all the earthly wisdom and understanding. For try as they may, they cannot grasp it, for it is spiritual, and it is understood and revealed by My Spirit says God. So those who do not walk with me will never grasp it, they will never understand it. For only My Spirit gives them the understanding and gives them the revelation. So seek after Me, hunger after Me and thirst after Me, that you would be filled, that you would come out of the darkness and into My marvelous light declares God. For I will show you the way, and I will show you how it’s to be done. But stand with Me. Stand with Me. Stand with Me.”

December 09, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“It is I who set the seasons. For I have put the stars in their places and I have set the moon to encircle the earth to reveal times. Men today think they control events. They do not, for I control the events declares the Lord. For I have set times and seasons into motion and into process, and things will happen at My choosing declares God, not by the choosing of men. For men are trying to establish history, and they’re trying to say ‘We’re going to make it go this way’, and ‘We’re going to make it go that way.’ Oh, but they don’t know the times or the seasons, but I do declares God. And I have set things into motion through My Son Jesus Christ; thousands of years ago I set the things into motion. And they are still yet coming to pass, for in My word it says over the birth of My Son that many shall cry, and yet many shall rejoice. And we are in the season now says the Lord, where many are rejoicing and others are sorrowing, and they are crying because they see the things that they thought they had, and they watch them falling apart. But My people rejoice for they see My day. And they see My appearing close at hand, and they see the things that I have set in motion through My Son Jesus on the cross being fulfilled even today, in spite of the will of men to stop it. Herod thought he could stop it. Oh, he did not know what he was up against, but the wise men, when they visited My Son, they rejoiced for they knew this was the Messiah. But Herod cried, because he knew this was the Messiah. So you have the two emotions. You have the two kingdoms crashing with one another, and yet My kingdom will dominate says the Lord. For men do not control the future, but the future is in My hands says God. So this is the time to trust Me and to stop trusting men, and to stop trusting those who would declare things that are not of My Spirit says God. For they shall come to naught. And all the false prophets will be revealed, and they shall look at them and they shall mock them and deride them. For they thought they claimed such high things, and yet when their plans and all their schemes fail, the world will look at them and say, ‘Who did you think you were that you could control the times and the seasons, when only God has those things in His hand?’ So as My people, rejoice! For you see the hour coming and you see the time approaching when all things, says the Father, will be returned unto Me.” 

December 23, 2018 -- Listen 
through Pastor Gordon Brubaker

“For I am the provider saith the Lord. I am the God who sees into your future, and into your future I prophesy wealth, and strength, and abundance. I prophesy into your lives more than what you can think or ask or imagine. For I am the God not only of the present, but of that future. For I hold the future in My hands declares God; and, if you would humble, humble yourselves to Me, you would seek after Me with your whole heart, Oh, the blessings that would enter into your life. You would look back one day and try to imagine what has transpired. But it’s Me! It’s Me that’s transpired in you says the Lord. It’s Me that has come alive in you. For even though men go through government shutdowns, I will never shut down declares the Lord. For I am forever and eternal, and My supply will never ever, ever, ever run out. For I am the God of more than enough. I am the God of more than is able. I am the God who has put you over from one life into the next life that knows no limits and knows no boundaries. Oh, I am the God of your future says the Lord, and I call you to walk into My presence, to walk, to dare, to dare to walk out of the flesh. To dare to let go of the things of this world and cling to My Spirit, that you have all the fulness of heaven, all the fulness of My glory in your life in this world declares God. For I have set the waters in the earth, and I’ve commanded men to dig wells to tap into that water. I’m not talking about the natural water, I’m talking about the waters of the flowing of My Spirit declares the Lord. For I have created the heavens and the earth, and I’ve filled the earth with My glory. And that glory still is here, that glory still lingers in the earth, for it belongs to Me says the Lord. All that you see is the shell that the devil has put over, the cloak of denial, of who I am says God. Oh, but I am being revealed in these days, and even in this hour says God. For those who look to Me will never see shortage and will never know shortage, for I am all they need. For I have filled their wells with abundance, and their cup overflows declares God. For I am the Lord, again, of the overflow, and I am the God of more than enough for all those who come to Me says the Lord.”

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